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RatestoGo 20% off Hotels Worldwide Book by 7th June


Saw this hasn't been posted yet, and 20% off any Hotel Worldwide is the best I have seen in a long time.

RatestoGo is affiliated with Orbitz.

The Details-

Book now with RatesToGo and we'll give you a whopping extra 20% off your next hotel booking anywhere in the world!* Just select your hotel, enter promotion code Wow20Off on our check-out page and you'll save an extra 20%.

Book a hotel by 11:59pm (AEST) 7 Jun 2012 (or until sold out; whichever occurs first),for travel by December 31, 2012 via RatesToGo and instantly receive 20% off your total booking. Limit one discount per hotel room and one promotion code per purchase. Applies to purchases in Australian Dollars only. Applies to selected hotels only. Discounts are not redeemable for cash for any reason. Promotion codes are non-transferrable and not for resale. RatesToGo reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of this Promotion at any time without notification.Offers are subject to availability and may change without notice prior to reservation confirmation. Specific offer terms and conditions are available on the website. Rates may not be available on some peak dates.

MOD: Expiry date updated to 13 June.

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  • +2

    Any list available on …"selected hotels only"…

    Tried one hotel to go with my Expedia.ie flight deal and it failed.

  • Thanks DigitalPulse. Updated the title. Worked on all the ones I tried.

  • +3

    Is it any coincidence that the prices for a hotel I am looking at are ~20% higher than other sites?

  • I've booked two so far, thanks Spizz. Saved me about $200 over 14 nights compared to cheapest on hotelscombined. Ratestogo seems to have a pretty generous cancellation policy on a lot of the bookings.

  • Hellfire- Just double check as the price shown on RatesToGo include taxes in the total.

    daveaus- No problems.

    • Yeah I did. The 20% off seems to be off the pre-tax price too so it ends up being much more than other sites.

      I did check out another hotel and it is priced similarly to other sites so the 20% off looks genuine for some hotels at least.

      • +1

        Agreed, the price they display is the pre-tax price (eg. UK hotels) so the coupon code really just pays for the taxes (@20% tax rate).

  • Ok cool as the ones I looked at were $300-$600 cheaper for me (over a 5 night stay) with the RatesToGo 20% Coupon than either going directly via the Hotel site and or the cheapest on Hotelscombined/Wego comparison sites.

  • I find that without the discount the prices are higher.. but then when you apply the discount it's the cheapest rate (by sometimes only $5).. But being the cheapest.. it's better! I've saved $37.06 on a two nights stay. So I thank you for this post!

    • +2

      So i decided to compare this with some other hotels that I have already booked (Shangri-La in KL - haha airasia sale).. and by staying one day earlier, for 3 nights total.. I saved myself $159.76 by booking through this and cancelling through Expedia (which was the cheapest previously). Man.. that's a good saving!!!!! Yeah pretty good deal in my opinion.. Thanks OP!

  • Good to see :)

  • +1

    Hmmm… not necc cheaper.
    I had booked via another site a week ago for a hotel in KL
    and it came to $150 per night. This is after adding those
    stupid taxes and charges which they dont include in the initial price.
    I just checked here, out of curiousity and it's $220 per night here.

    May be different for other hotels though.

    Oops.. just realised it is for a different class of room.
    They dont offer the one I booked.
    But comparing the one they have to the other site,
    this site is cheaper!

  • Checked the price for hotel in Blue Mountains and the price I got is the same as if I was to book directly through hotel's web site. So where is 20% off? Look like they added 20% first in order to take it off…

    • +2

      One of the sneaky conditions says: Applies to selected hotels only.
      That explains why I don't get a discounted rate.

      Another thing which is weird is that they add taxes and fees, which Ozzy hotels do not (and shouldn't) have.

  • Bah, I booked a hotel room in Singapore just a few days ago.
    Told myself not to buy anything without consulting Ozbargain, but… here I am…

  • The RatestoGo site has a lot less accommodation options than other sites (Hotels.com, Expedia, etc). I have given the deal a positive but think the best way to approach this is to use more complete sites to find the best hotel you'd like and then see if it's available through Ratestogo as well.

    I've got a month's holiday coming up and checked the various hotels I've booked. For some, there's no difference in the price, and/or different room configurations so may require compromise. For others, you could save ~$30/night on a $150/night hotel, which is not to be sneezed at.

    From a more personal perspective, I was dreading finding I'd just lost out on a lot of savings for booking early via alternative websites. For almost every hotel I've already booked, I'm still in front because of the better AUD:USD exchange rate and advance purchase lead-time, or the hotels I wanted (and am willing to pay a premium for due to their location) are unavailable on the dates I require. Phew! I'd have been very sad otherwise…

  • I was on the site earlier and the price for a room was A$153 and then after a few hours research went to book the same room , the price was now A$182, while others site kayak still has a room as the original price…so why did the price go up..so apply the 20% get me back to A$146 doller ..almost no better off…its the weekend not sure ow the price of the AS or even the EURO changed since Friday…any ides out there why this occured?

  • -1

    I checked out their prices for Vancouver Tokyo Osaka and none of them were competitive with Hotels.com

  • Thanks cancelled my Booking.com booking and booked through them.

  • This is a great deal if you use it well. I needed different accommodation in Singapore, and I used a combination of the Zuji 15% code , the Otel Facebook 10% deal, and HotelsCombined to get the best price. Depending on which hotel you're looking at this code can get you a good deal.

  • +1

    Just booked a hotel for 2 night stay, saved over $80. Checked rate against others on the net and ratestogo.com was the best rate i could fine before discount, so a great deal after discount!

  • Glad people are saving some money here :)

    Beware that prices fluctuate with the Currency in which the hotels are located as I have been watching this with the US hotels creeping up in price as the Aussie $ goes down. And as the dollar is expected to go down more I expect price to go up so get in while you can IMO.

  • managed to save a few $, thanks OP.

  • +1

    Anyone know where the cheapest to book 5star hotel at malaysia?

    • i have found hotels.com to be the best when using the 10% off code in combonation with buckscoop caskback, I recommend the royal chullan for a good value 5 star in KL.

  • Saved $500 on a hotel in Koh Samui! OP, you have my thanks

    • Excellent.

  • will be great to use with the scoot deal I got :D

  • Just saved myself over $100 for a booking in HK, cheers

  • Thanks, saved around $60-$100 for a Paris hotel.

  • Thanks Spizz, you saved us heaps!

    • No problems.

  • Expires midnight tomorrow June 7th :)

  • Dont know if this is still working as I've been trying for a few hours now sorting through prices in Singapore(for instance)and nearly(actually every) every room price is cheaper at sites like Agoda and Hotel.com, cheaper by a considerable margin too.

    Have tried using promotion code but it says that its been applied and the price is still dearer as I said.

    Anyone having success with this now?

    • Still working here, and still cheaper for the USA (just checked again) and prices also came down a small bit as the Aussie $ went up. It ends at midnight tonight so 4 hours to go.

      As for why the Singapore prices are not coming out cheaper I can't answer that one. Just make sure you are comparing the same type of rooms at the Hotels and the prices included taxes in the total.

    • Worked for me, for Singapore, but does depend on the hotel. Like Spizz said, are you sure the prices you're comparing includes taxes? Agoda in particular quotes without taxes and does not add it up for you even on the booking page so it might seem cheaper but not really.

      I found ratestogo was about 5% more expensive before the discount, so abt 15% cheaper with the discount applied - but shop around!

  • FUUUUUUUU coupon expired, 50 min early!!!

    • Yeah I know, same happened to me. Just ring them on their 1300 number on the website. The lady on there said something about their system screwing up with the timing so they will put it through as the full amount and then refund the 20% to your credit card.

      Lucky while I was on hold I found this $50 off promo code which ended making it cheaper: 50OffPacific so I hung up and used that instead.


      Book a minimum 3 night hotel stay anywhere in the Pacific by 11:59pm (AEST) 12 June 2012, for travel by December 31, 2012 via RatesToGo and instantly receive $50 off your total booking. Maximum stay: 28 days. Limit one discount per hotel room and one promotion code per purchase. Applies to purchases in Australian Dollars only. Applies to selected Pacific region hotels in Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, Fiji, Tahiti, Cook Islands, Samoa, Tonga, Vanuatu, Niue, Solomon Islands and Norfolk Island only . Promo code amount cannot exceed the value of the total room cost. Discounts are not redeemable for cash for any reason. Promotion codes are non-transferrable and not for resale. RatesToGo reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of this Promotion at any time without notification.

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