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OTG Adapter 2pk $6, USB A Male to C Female Adapter 2pk $4.79, USB A-A Male Cable 2pk $8.99 + Del ($0 /w Prime) @ Brexlink Amazon


OTG code works for 2 colors

USB Male to Male cables are under limited time promotion: https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B089CJB82V

USB A Male to C Female Adapter:
Code: JGATM44P
Link: https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B092V9WZGY

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    What is a typical usage for the USB-A Male to Male cables?

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      Edit: the listing reminded me, I've used them for external hard drives and printers.

      Other uses from the listing: Compatible with Hard Disk Drive, Laptop Cooler, Set-top Box, DVD Player, Printers, Camera (Red)

      Also can do direct computer-to-computer file transfer, but the usb cable i used for that seems to have an integrated circuit in it. Unsure if a normal cable without the integrated circuit thing would work.

    • If I needed a replacement cable;

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        I've lived a sheltered life, I never knew these even existed!!

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          As indicated above, they may not be really meant to exist!

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    I am surprise they can still be named with sex these days, hasnt any woke demands immediate change yet?

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      Usb a Apache helicopter to usb c undecided don't seem to mean jack shit in the tech world though.

    • Wait til the real question gets asked… What is a USB port ?

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      It doesn't apply here. A connector is either male, female, or other (wireless charger, magnetic charger etc).

      Plug and socket could be used instead if needed. :)

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    Anyone ever used these type of USB C to USB A adaptors. I bought some cheap ones (no name brand) of eBay once and they never fit the USBC side properly and sparked whenever tried to plug them in so threw them away.

    • i literally bought this last night and have it now.. missed out on the code.. i'm gonna DCA on this and halve the loss.. will end up having 3 spares I won't use..

      anyway they do work as it should, only thing is i had to slice a half millimeter of rubber on my USB-c hubs plug so it stays firm on the adapter.. otherwise it disconnects quite easily.. might be an issue for me alone..

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        If you're not going to use the spares then you're not halving the loss by buying more at a cheaper rate. You're just adding to it lol

    • I often found that my phone case interferes with this type of adapter so it doesn't seat fully.
      I much prefer the style with a short cable

      • The cable version is better for your port too. A rigid adaptor with another plug or usb device plugged in to it will make it stick out really far, making it easier to damage the port with the added leverage if the cable is dangling or it's bumped by accident.

        A small one like this is easier to keep tucked away in a bag though. Just gotta remember to be careful when using it.

  • I use these on the back of my iMac (USB-C) so I can plug in older USA-B devices.

    Thanks OP

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    I've always wondered why they use the terms "male" and "female"

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      Think body parts.

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        male body part goes into female body part? why?

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          male body part goes into female body part? why?

          Don't worry, once you're a big boy you will learn why that happens. ;)

          (in case you were serious, one sticks out and one doesn't)

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            @eug: LOL. This is how you can tell that the OZB website are mainly frequented by the ones that sticks out variety only. Also the juvenile banters say it all. 😝

  • Funny that with all the chatter about archaic naming terminology, nobody (can I say nobody? is the word 'body', although gender-neutral, unacceptable? should I say noperson?) has pointed out that op got it totally backwards in heading wording compared to image shown!

    • What can I say, we all don't have a gender bias. :)

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    With everything I write, I have an a gender, hidden or otherwise. And it's always biased.

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