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Baseus Windshield Wiper Blade Refurbish Restorer A$9.75 Delivered @ eSkybird


Simply way to extend the lifetime of your Windscreen Wipers.

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Baseus Auto Truck Windshield Wiper Blade Refurbish Restorer Details As Follow:

Placement: FRONT
Material Type: Full Metal
Item Weight: 0.04kg
Special Features: Windscreen Wiper Blade Cutter
Item Width: 1.3cm
External Testing Certification: CC
Item Height: 6.5cm
Type: Wiper Blade Scratches Repair
Material: Aluminum alloy
Applicable models: Wiper blade repair of various models

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  • +3

    interesting, has anyone tried this

    • +6

      Not really, from what I heard, only if your wipers are in a very bad state. Completely cracked with the edge falling apart.

      A more effective way to refresh most wipers is to simply clean them, isopropyl alcohol does a good job to remove contaminants.

      • +4

        cleaning the wipers is only part of the equation, i find that using claybar on the windscreen makes it last longer.

        I avoid using rain-x on windscreens.

        • That is a very good point, a windscreen claybar is also a great idea.

          • @FuRyZ: used to detail cars as a hobby/side hustle… a lot of people don't do this :P

        • How much is a claybar? Any recommendations?

          • @chinaman: Claybar kits are usually around $20-$30 from Supercheap. Can be cheaper when on special. There are Meguiars and Bowdens options for sale.

            • +4

              @FuRyZ: Heaps of options to choose from:

              In terms of how to use clay bars. This is a good video breakdown. Some people use specialised clay bar lubricants, but using super soapy suds is all you really need, so don't waste money on lubricants. You can make your clay bar go further by breaking off smaller pieces and squishing them very flat to maximise the surface area. Also if you drop your clay on the ground, throw it away immediately, dont bring it anywhere near your car as its very sticky and will pick up heaps of grit off the floor. I like this method the most:

        • +1

          What is the purpose of using a clay bar on a windscreen? Is it only to remove particles from the surface or does it perform some other function also, like applying a layer of something to the surface?

          • +1

            @bboz: It only removes contaminants, but you also have to use it with a cleaner that acts as a lubricant, otherwise it can scratch.

        • I avoid using rain-x on windscreens

          Will the clay bar help leave the windscreen clear when it rains?

          • @Ughhh: this is subjective (use of rain-x), i normally state that i don't use them and avoid discussing more about it. it's been over a decade or so since i willingly participate in a 'discussion' around rain-x.
            if you think rain-x works for you, good. if it doesn't, try something else.

        • I use the three-cloth method with the scouring pad and plastic paint scrapper on mine; it's cheap and works flawlessly and won't scratch.

        • +1

          So once you Claybar, what do you suggest instead of rain x? My bottle has just finished and I want to try something new.

    • +8

      has anyone tried this

      Two people in Yarrawonga and a person in Kyabram have.

  • +12

    I bought one and tried it once. It does pretty much nothing. Don’t waste your money on this rubbish! Just go get a pair of new wiper blades for like 30 bucks.

    • -2

      That's not the OzBargain way!

    • +4

      Don't know why people neg your comment but a true Ozbargainer would rather spend the money to buy new blades than having visibility issue during heavy rain dates and end up in an accident. I guess those whoever not willing to fork out $30 (and never clean their blades) may not care about their car road worthiness.

      • +1

        true ozbargainers get a good deal on good quality wiper blades (or whatever else) rather than buying cheap junk more frequently.

    • +3

      Don’t waste money for a wiper, I usually buy a new car

  • +5

    Yeah I think it's just 2 types of grit sand paper with a guide to shave back the edges slightly. Don't waste your money

  • +2

    uhh, I have tried this.
    Save the bucks and buy yourself a couple of drinks instead.

    • or maybe some new wipers from autobarn

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