[PS4, Pre Order] God of War Ragnarok Launch Edition $78 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Releasing November 9th, this is slightly cheaper than the JB $79 deal.
The PS5 Version is now available for $98, matching that of Harvey Norman.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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Amazon AU


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    Free PS5 upgrade?

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      No, $10 usd, so maybe $15 aud

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        Prob $20. Death Stranding was $10 for the rest of the world and ended up being $20 for us. Australia yayyy.

        • digital import tax brah

          wait what?

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      Horizon Forbidden West is the last first party game with a free PS5 upgrade.

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      It's Sony, of course not.

      • -10

        *It's common sense, of course not.

        I'm all for getting things for cheaper but it's silly to expect a free upgrade for a product that is superior and would obviously require more time and effort spent in creating it.

        It's like expecting the same price for an IMAX film compared to what your local cinema gets.

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          If price was related to how superior a version is, then PC versions of plenty of games would be the most expensive (they're actually always at least $10 cheaper than their console version counterparts).
          The reason Sony is charging more for exclusives is because they can, consumers don't have a choice if they want to play it. Same reason why you have to pay for online features on PS/Xbox platforms and not on PC.

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            @cmdbash: i disagree, for way too many pc ports that i've played, it needs to be a steep discount or they refund me the game cost. lol.

          • @cmdbash: Ahh yes I remember having this argument back in the day of Xbox 360 vs PS3, where MS was charging for live and Sony was free online…

            The amount of Xbox people simping for Microsoft was ridiculous! B-b-but ms server are better!! That's what we are paying for… Hmmm no you aren't… 90% of online games were P2P hosted (i.e the player in the lobby with the best connection was the host) and the few first party games that did have dedicated servers… So did a few Sony first part games, I believe that was funded on a game by game basis, nothing to do with live subs…

            Anyway, the war is lost… Sony realised the masses had been converted into thinking paying for online was "normal" and too much of a cash cow for them to ignore.

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          Xbox don’t charge more for series x version. It’s one version for all consoles.

          • @piston3461: Didn't say Xbox charge more for SX version, I said they charge for online.

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              @cmdbash: Sorry was meant to reply to the guy who said its reasonable for sony to charge more for the ps5 version

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          This is a terrible take. What Sony is doing is equivalent to charging PC players to unlock 60fps+ and Ultra graphics / High res texture pack.

    • Does ps4 version work on ps5?

      • It does but it'll be 30fps and locked at whatever resolution the PS4 Pro is.

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    Will this be available on Xbox Game Pass?

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      username checks out

    • No, but it will be on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Fake News PS Plus Diamond subscription.

      • How do I get it on my DS Lite?

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          Jailbreak DS Lite, hack the Web browser, convince Phil Spencer and Satya Nadella to buy Sony, then play through xCloud.

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          duct tape

    • come back next year to check again

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    GOW: Boy 2? 😃

    • +10

      Disappointed Father Simulator 2

    • +1

      Haha only real Cory Barlogs will get this joke 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

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      GOW: Uncle Roger


      • You mean fuiyoh~

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        OP stated

        PS5 Version also available for $99, which is identical to the price offered by BigW & JB

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    PS5 is $98 at Harvey Norman

    • Comon Jeffy, price match so don't have to deal with Gerry!

      • -1

        stack with discounted bigw/amazon gift cards and you don't have to?

      • They did.

        • Good job Jeffy.

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    Ta, but ima waiting for the EB two-game trade-in price, which I'm sure won't be too far off.

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      They haven't done those for months so not sure if they will.

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    Ah the $100 era for PS5 game has truly started huh?

    Anyway I’d rather go to JB to buy this Day One as Amazon seems to be 100% late recently for Day One delivery.

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      At least release date for this is a Wednesday. For once not a Friday. I can wait a day or two for Amazon to deliver as I don't expect to have time to play it properly until the Friday night.

  • I am surpriced they still make new games for PS4

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      not everyone still has a PS5… and a lot of them are still on the PS4 pros.

      it makes more sense to do a PS4 one since the market share is significantly higher than PS5 at this stage.

      • I’ll probably end up playing it my PS4 Pro. It’s still good especially if you upgrade the internal storage to an SSD

        • +2

          it's good, i upgraded from the Pro. but i had overheating problems (which i later on fixed and replaced with new thermal pads etc)… managed to get a good trade in price, thus i jumped into the ps5. paid ~$300 additional for the disc version.

          tbh, i wasn't that wow'ed by the new game selection for ps5.. i eventually ran out of games i wanted to play on it. the new features demoed by the astro bot game are very rarely implemented in these other games.

      • -2

        Usually what occurs with Sony, (and I have been in with playstation since the PS1) they will release a new console keep the old one till they run out, then after about 2 to 3 years they will stop releasing games for the old cosole aka the ps4. We are around that time and they are still releasing for the ps4 which is very odd they want to keep the ps4 going longer than usual.

        • +4

          you need to consider the abnormal condition for these 2 years where there are shortages of the new console, it wasn't this big of a problem for PS4/PS4pro.

          catering for this deviation, i'd say the timeline has been stretched out by another year or 2.

        • +5

          The pandemic has slowed things down in terms of both availability of new consoles and the development cycle of these cross-gen games, so the transition period is a longer one this time around.

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          then after about 2 to 3 years they will stop releasing games for the old cosole

          Bro you said it yourself, 2-3 years. We aren't up to the 2 year mark yet, PS5 launched on 12th November 2020.
          And of course there's the supply chain and COVID situation as well.

          But I reckon your original statement will prove correct: by the end of 2023, new PS4 games will gradually die down.

        • +1

          The system architecture between the PS4 and PS5 as well as Xbox family is far closer than it used to be. Before they had to build to completely different hardware sets, such as a PS3 Core processor and x86 PS4.

          Along with the fact PS4 has a lot of units out there, there isn’t the same technical or distribution bottlenecks that there used to be. It’s not as big a burden to support the PS4 and from an end user perspective, backwards compatibility means people can buy a PS4 comply today without being left with a game they can’t play if they swap the hardware in 12 months.

          It’s probably not hard to justify ongoing support for the previous gen unless your game is designed exclusively around current gen capabilities.

        • Nothing odd about it! Where have you been the past 2 years?

          Besides why would they stop support for a massive revenue making stream, when they have they have a massive base of ps4 owners?

          I think its good they still support previous gen for a few years and and hope they do for years to come, not everyone does or can afford to move with the times. So its good that they are still catering to the majority of their market.

          I get that people want more next gen games pushing the ps5 to its limits, but I don't think catering to previous gen hardware while development was during the previous gen cycle is really odd or affecting this..

    • +1

      117 million PS4 consoles sold and this is probably going to be a must purchase game, last game sold 19.5 million copies, so it is crazy not too. I'm gonna put low estimates of $40 (USD) per unit with 5 million PS4 sales, that would be $200,000,000 (USD) in PS4 sales plus what they sell on PS5.

      As a PS5 owner I was fine playing PS4 games at 60fps, but now I'm playing my XBox Series X more with Game Pass because the PS5 games that I like seem to have dried up.

    • I am surpriced you dont have spell check

      • don't

  • +6

    I'll wait for it to become $9. Just like the last game.

    • +1

      I was hoping Spider-Man Miles Morale would end up $20 like the original. Doesn’t seems to go below ~$50

      • give it time.

        • The first Spider-Man was $20 within a year
          We might have to wait a while for GOW Ragnarok to reach low prices if it's like the Spider-Man sequel

  • -2

    free day one on PS EXTRA?

    • +2

      Doubt it will be free day one.

      • it's really a bad move from SONY… if it's day one.. then they lose a lot from selling the game. if it's not…. then why sub?

        I loved the last gen and expect this gen to be close. Would pay around $50 maybe (2nd hand) 1 month after release…

        now with the sub. you better pay nothing for games and wait patiently,…

        • As much as we want Sony to offer day 1 games like Microsoft, the reality is that Sony doesn't need to respond to that yet. Series X, so far, for this new gen, we are basically talking about Forza Horizon 5, Halo Infinite. Forza Horizon 5, Hot Wheels expansion is not free. We'll need to wait till Bethesda and Blizzard Activision day 1 games for that pressure to ramp up. Also, I have purchased both FH4 and FH5 VIP packs, at day 0, so with GamePass Ultimate, being a Forza Horizon fan, FH4 and FH5 aren't really free to play for me.

          If you buy physical disc version of the games, as long as you don't get too attached to them, finish them quickly, trade them in or sell them, you can enjoy them early and not actually paying a lot. With birthday bonus + EB level 4 or 5 bonus, I have traded in games and ended up getting profit.

  • +2

    Thanks didn't know about JB, will go through them instead 🇦🇺

  • +4

    I will wait until its $19 bucks. I have patience . 😐

    • i'll be waiting for Royal edition, GOTY or Directors cut or whatever the hell its going to call nowadays, because i ain't getting burned so many times.

    • Seems like a trend in OzB, lots of HODL-ders….

      • $99 is a lot of eneloops… so there's that

  • +1

    What if we order from turkish playstore? For 699 lira?that is around 50$ aud. Same as we bought PlayStation plus subscription

    • +1

      Much better value of course. Insane how pretty much everything is ~50% cheaper via a turkish account. If I didn't already have a price protection CC then I would've stopped buying discs altogether when you can pre-order a game from turkey for the same price you'd get after waiting over a year after a game comes out in Aus on sale.

      • How are you ordering from the Turkish store?

    • I’ve bought all the new ones coming out this way. I prefer digital, thorough the Turkish store it worked out cheaper than buying disc versions here.

      • How are you ordering from the Turkish store?

    • How are you ordering from the Turkish store?

  • I wonder how much is the upgrade on the Turkey PS account.

    I've jumped on a Turkey PS account Deluxe which costed me under $40 a year

    • it is for ps5… 55$

      • Is that how much it’ll cost to get the digital PS5 version from Turkey PS store?

  • yes 699 lira to aud

  • +2

    I'll stick to my impossibly long backlog until it drops to a sane price.

  • +1

    Fk a preorder. I swear Gamers are masochist numpties.

  • $48 for those of us with the discounted ps+ deluxe

    • Deluxe? For aus account?

  • Just got ghost of tsushima directors cut for 62$ on amazon too, only 2 left in stock

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