Razer DeathAdder V2 Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse $99.67 Delivered @ AZ eShop Amazon AU


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Also available:
Razer Halo Infinite Edition DeathAdder V2 - Wired for $73.70

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    Great mouse. I use BT for work and 2.4Ghz for games. Only gripe is I wished it came with a charging dock.

    • You can get a knockoff charging dock on aliexpress which is what I bought. It works fine, can sometimes get a little finnicky to line up the pins correctly but I've read that is what happens with the legit dock too.

      • Which one did you get?

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          if you type 'razer chroma charging dock' on aliexpress, the second listing is selling for $15 plus $5 for shipping. I can't link rn cos I'm at work, I paid about 20 for mine and unlike this one, my one doesn't have the lights at the base if you're into that.
          So it's about $90 for the legit dock separate from what I can see or about $20 for a knockoff and snail mail delivery. I imagine most people here wouldn't care if it's a knockoff and are not in a rush to get the dock delivered.

  • What is the difference with Razer Viper Ultimate $95

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      This mouse is more ergonomic and comfortable for long uses (for right hand user only). However, I prefer razer ultimate since it's better for fps gaming and suits my grip style better in general (flat design).

      Also ultimate is lighter. Not sure about the battery life for DA but ultimate really good.

      DeathAdder a pretty good mouse since I used the V2 version.

      • also comes with a charging dock

      • Used both, deathadder had a lot more battery life for me, but a bit heavier and a lot bigger once you've used the RVU. Both feel really good though after you get used to it, if you use fingertip I'd recommend the RVU, anything else DA.

    • RVU is too small for my hands. Norrow in the middle which causes cramping.
      DA V2 Pro was the only good upgrade I ever found to G703.

  • +2

    I'd get it if it came with a charging dock. The dock on its own is nearly the same price of the mouse, like come on.

  • V3 announcement is only days away, so unless you really love the current shape, you might want to hold off.

    V3 is going to be around 62-63g, less flare at the front to accommodate more grip styles.

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