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Bavaria 0.0% IPA 330ml 24-Pack for $44.96 (Was $54.95) + Shipping @ Shift Lanes Drinks


I emailed the guys at Shiftlanes for a promotion on some of their beers for international beer day as the wife's work place is carrying on from dry July. They have responded by discounting Bavaria 0% IPA and other beers till Sunday 7th.

Price was $54.95 and they've discounted it down to $49.95. With the promo code above it comes down to $44.96.

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Shift Lanes Drinks
Shift Lanes Drinks


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    $45 for a case of non alcoholic beer?

    • +4

      If people keep paying it they'll keep charging it lol.
      Should be significantly cheaper with no alcohol tax .

    • And what price should they be paying?

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        As much as a slab of coke. So say about 28

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    I'll stick with the $14 for a 6 pack of Guinness, thanks!

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    The stupid tax on this one is high.

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    each to their own, but if you gonna drink (near) zero, this is the ozbargainer price range: https://www.liquorland.com.au/beer/uberbrau-ultra-low-alcoho...
    (and the reviews are pretty good too!)

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    No way it should cost that much if they're not paying excise on alcohol

    • +2

      Yep. Excise is about $20 on a case of regular beer. Plus gst.

  • ‘More’… ‘beer’

  • Found this in the fridge. There was some sort of staircase behind it.

  • Bah wouldn't pay this much for the real stuff, no deal here

  • What in the world is this, am I missing something?

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