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[SUBS, XB1, XSX, PC] Immortals Fenyx Rising, Tinykin, Immortality & More Added to Xbox Game Pass

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    Fenyx rising is a fantastic game.

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      Hades is a phenomenal game.

      • Yeah I did enjoy that too.

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        Eh it was alright. Repetitive dungeons with lacklustre modifiers made it a bit of a slog after a while.

        The storytelling was great, but having to slog through repetitive dungeons didn't make it seem worthwhile.

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          Agreed, and as a trophy/achievement hunter it’s even more tedious, so much so that I just started skipping the never ending dialogues.

          I just 100% the game last week knowing it would probably leave this week and I was right. Hehe

          • +3

            @Red Pandas: Username checks out

          • @Red Pandas: What's the hardest game you have 100%ed?

            • @Contrice: Not sure about hardest but so far Hades is definitely the most tedious.

              Will be starting Octopath Traveler and Final Fantasy 13 after I do Spiritfarer and I know those have a couple of really tedious missable achievements that also require multiple playthroughs

              But if you’re looking for a challenge and super rare trophy, go play Sine Mora Ex and if you’re on PlayStation it doesn’t even have a Platinum trophy which makes it even more ridiculous

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    Oh shit. Myst is leaving. I've been leaving that one for too long because I wanted more time to decipher the puzzles. Whoops.

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    Wow massive leaving list, isn’t it usually like 4-6 games but this month it’s 10…!

    • +2

      And mostly great games.

  • +2

    Not Hades! I’ve still got some loose ends to tie up in that game.

  • -1

    awesome month

  • +4

    Happy that I didn’t buy Fenyx yet.

    • I jumped on it a couple of weeks ago thinking a major Ubisoft title would never come to game pass. Lesson learned.

  • +2

    Hades leaving - Nooooo! 😀 got 450 runs atm

  • -2

    Glad I ditched the ps5, duck PSN.

  • Midnight Fight Express looks fun

  • thought 12 minutes was a day-1 gamepass title haha

    • +1

      It was, I played/endured it on release. But it’s not a Microsoft title, so it won’t be there indefinitely.

  • +3

    Death Stranding has been teased by Game Pass PC too……

  • I'm ready for Immortals. It was on my list of games to play. I was really hoping for assassin's Creed odyssey after playing origin for the first time. Somehow missed this genre.

  • +1

    Yikes 3 title to finish before they leave

  • No one mentions Elite dangerous? I’m so sad it’s leaving, it’s a great game especially paired with hotas and/or vr

    • +1

      Almost like a really, really long demo by putting it on gamepass, it's the kind of game that you either play 1 hour or 5,392,618 hours going by the people I know.

      • Yeap, I'm definitely toward the other end xd

  • I used to love the Commando's games… really looking forward to the HD remake, thanks OP!

  • I'm shattered at Spiritfarer, just started doing a second playthrough but 2-player this time. Hopefully they run a sale price before leaving (beyond the standard 20% off), otherwise I might wait for a good steam sale, seems the save is transferrable

  • Fenyx Rising not showing on GamePass yet.

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