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[Afterpay] Aqara Smart Door Lock A100 (Bluetooth/Zigbee) Apple Homekit $364.65 Delivered @ Wireless1 eBay


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Aqara Smart Door Lock A100 (Bluetooth/Zigbee) Remote Control/Apple HomeKey
Anti-Peep Password
Night Latch Knob
Tamper Alert
Door Left Open Alert
Abnormal Attempts Alert
Unlocking Log

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This is part of Afterpay Day sale for 2022

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  • -3

    Even at a discount, you’re paying a 20% premium.

    • +1

      20% over what?

      • International pricing.

        • Link?

        • International pricing.


          • -3

            @eug: You don’t want this lock anyway. It’s not made for Australian locks. Better off waiting for other brands.

        • Looks like about AU$360 here. US $250.00

          I'm also interested to see where it's 20% cheaper

          • +1

            @salem: Don’t forget 10% GST in cart, which is US$25 (~A$36.05)

  • -8

    Looks like the $189 job at Bunnings.

    • Bunnings doesn't even stock this brand. :/

  • Sounded good until the manual key override. Makes it even less secure than a regular lock.

    • Depends on how you see it. Alternatively, could just be seen as a normal lock with digital override.

    • +6

      A regular lock uses pin tumblers that can be raked, bumped, or picked with common lockpicks. The mechanical lock on this uses sliders which are far less common and require uncommon tools and skillset to pick. So I'd say this is as secure as the glass window next to the front door, just like any other door lock.

      • Thanks eug, didn't notice the slider key. That's certainly better.

    • less secure than a regular lock

      Guess you've never seen a lock bumped or TheLockPickingLawyer?

      Reminder that if someone actually wants to get into your house a window makes a great door in a pinch…

  • Back in stock again.

  • +4

    Just did some research, even though this is Zigbee, you can't use it with Home Assistant yet using Zigbee2MQTT, I think at the moment only pairs with Aqara hub.

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