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25% off Full Priced Items Storewide at Toys "R" Us (4 Days)


25% off storewide. Need to print the voucher and take in store.
Friday 8th June - Monday 11th June.
PS: My firs post here :)

Edit: Can't download the pdf at the moment. Hopefully will get fixed soon.

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  • wonder what the exclusion list is..

    excludes purchases on game consoles, nappies, baby food, bugaboo, baby formula, ipods, itunes cards, gift cards or non-merchandise goods and servies.

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      and anything discounted… :(

    • Also items already on sale i would guess. (Not in conjunction with any other offer). They have Lego on sale there too so doubt if we get 25% off on top of the exiting sale

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        ToysR'Us often jack up prices on lego above retail anyway

        • But Toys R Us also stock lego sets that are hard to find elsewhere - some exclusives every now and then.

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      I really wish stores would stop using the term "STORE WIDE" when they have some pretty significant exclusions.


  • Can someone tell me why some comments apear with a box around them ?
    For eg. nghori's comment above has a box around it, none of the others do .. ??

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      It's because he is the person that posted the deal.

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      The poster of the deals comments are boxed in grey so you can find them easiily
      Your own comments are boxed in orange

      • Holy crap, I did not know that. Thanks.

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      Deal posters get special treatment, being put in a grey box.

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        I tried the same with my children when they misbehave.

        Did not go over well with the missus…

  • Doesnt seem to work for Babies R Us? ….

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    The Iraqi government is subsidising this sale:

  • Also, perhaps uses code "TOYS$15" for $15 off on over $50 purchases (received via PayPal Promo email)

    • Thought this code is for online use only whereas this offer is in store? Unless the 25% store wide extends to their online store?

      OP mentioned this needs to be printed and brought into the store to be used.

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        On the voucher there's an online code too: SAVE25%

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          Correct, and I believe 15$ off 50$ is a bit over 33% off, just depends on how much you plan on spending there ie between 50-60$ use TOYS$15, but above 60$ use SAVE25% for maximum saving

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  • does anyone know if we can order on-line and pick-up in store at toysrus?

    • Nah u cant

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    weird thing - we bought a heap of toys at half price and a few non-sale items, but when the coupon scanned we got 25% off the entire bill - so our half price items got reduced by a further 25%!

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      went back today… i think they caught-on as the same didnt happen - oh well, back to returning a heap of the stuff i bought today and using $5 'survey' coupons to beat the half-price sales… however i did still get 25% off nappies, which is supposedly excluded from the 25% storewide coupon.

      For ppl's note, the $5 coupon can be found here: http://www.toysrus.com.au/thanks9900000062408/

      I did a previous post ages ago with the same thing, but the stores (at least now) seem to really check that you've got a receipt beforehand (one of the requirements to redeem the voucher) - and those that dont just check, actually cross and mark the coupon section of the receipt so it cant be used again.

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