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[NSW] 3M N95 Mask $1 Each Pack (2 Masks Per Pack) @ Bunnings (Marsden Park)


3M N95 masks clearane at Bunnings Marsden Park NSW.

Sale at $1 a pack (2 masks per pack). Located at the timber area next to the trade cashier.

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    3M N95 Masks $1 for 2pk @Bunnings Marsden

  • I wish they were available online. It's there a similar deal for bulk n95 masks online that's affordable? Unfortunately I don't have a bunnings near me

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      I'm buying Powecom KN95 masks in bulk from aliexpress, around 50c per mask.
      The masks are certified and excellent quality. I find them more comfortable than 3M. There are several colors and designs to choose from, I prefer grey with around-the-head bands:
      You can also find them on ebay and amazon, but probably a bit more expensive

      • Thanks

      • I appreciate the link. I'll check it out, thanks

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        You won't get a proper seal with those ear loop masks

        • Can you please elaborate?

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            @OzBoganYeah: N95s require a tight seal to be N95 - otherwise they aren't dissimilar to an ordinary mask in terms of protection. It requires the tight seal so that the air you breathe is filtered through the structure of the mask; otherwise you are just entraining unfiltered air around the sides.

            People that complain about wearing a standard mask for half an hour should try wearing a fit tested N95 for 12 hours straight!

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        What are you using the masks for?

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          For not getting covid. And I haven't, which means the masks must be working.

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            @doperst: Are you joking?

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            @doperst: You must be one of the lucky ones where they 'worked'. Guess the rest of the population wearing masks was just unlucky.

            • @m0tyrider: N95 masks offer pretty good protection against covid when fitted properly.
              Most people wear loose medical or cloth masks.

      • I find them more comfortable than 3M

        Isn't that simply because KNs are not as tightly sealing as N95s so you do lose a bit of efficacy in terms of filtration?

        • It's not very clear by more comfortable. If it is more breathable it may not be a good thing.

          • @slackme: It is a good thing for comfort, but a bad thing for efficacy

        • I can tell the seal is good because my glasses are not getting fogged. They are more comfortable because there is a soft foam strip at the nose bridge, and the bands that go around the head don't hurt my ears.

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    All gone. Had to get a trolley there were so many left.

    • did you catch what model they were

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      Quite a commute that is!

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      Woah, the OG Broden?
      We are in esteemed company fellas.

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      User name checks out

    • Well idk about other states but it's still mandatory on NSW public transport and recently saw someone cautioned/fined over it.. considering what my ancestors have been through I think I can wear a small piece of fabric for a few minutes. That and I don't want some "local police hero" fining me $200 lol.

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        someone was cautioned/fined? oh my let me just bubble wrap my ahole

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          Make your farts truly pop :)

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      Masks have always been recommended when working with things such as fibreglass and asbestos.

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          I'll tell that to my colleague with emphysema who ended up in hospital on a ventilator for 4 days due to a rhino virus (not covid)

          You're right, why listen to his lung specialist who recommended mask.wearing near people when some random on the internet says he's a hypochondriac and a victim of plandemic propaganda.

          I find it bizarre that some people get so offended what other people wear. Nothing to do with you.

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              @ldq: The vaccine was never forcefully put into anyones body, and never was (and still isn't) mandatory in any part of Australia.

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                @[Deactivated]: Quote a few people were forced to have it if they wanted to continue their existing employment. Eg police, health care, teaching

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                @[Deactivated]: That's a crock and you know it. Lots of employers and industrys mandated it for their employees.

              • @[Deactivated]: hahahah get a brain,not everyone has a stash of cash in the bank to quit their job, if you don't know the reality, many people live on pay packet to pay packet, with no savings, low rates and debt traps were all part of the plan for years. so many unlucky people took it, the plan was always to force people to get it that was the whole idea, what better way to force it than threatening to make you unemployed?

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                @[Deactivated]: Ah, then it must have been a mere misunderstanding that my employer struck me with a show cause letter for refusing to take the needle. Thank you for explaining that!

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                  @ldq: You had a choice.

                  • @[Deactivated]: Of course. Get raped or have my throat slashed… sorry, I mean get the poison injection or be deprived of my livelihood. Is this your notion of choice? Then I wish you to be presented with similar choices all the time. Good luck, choose wisely.

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                      @ldq: You had a choice.

                      If you dont care about others, they wont care about you. Cry harder. Cope.

                      • @[Deactivated]: I can only hear "Stop living to save lives!".
                        Plenty done exactly that judging by the elevated excess deaths.
                        Little new in your sanctimonious cult though, human sacrifices have been around forever.

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                          @ldq: Over 95 percent of people got the jab. Cry harder. Cope.

                          I bet you have a driver's licence. Paid for it like a real good boy. Did the training, didn't you. Drive the speed limit. Don't you. Good boy. Goooood boy.

      • Requires N95?

    • You have a smooth brain :)

  • Thanks grabbed heaps to protect me against monkeypox

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      You need a chastity belt for that

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        Just tell prospective partners you're an ozbargainer.

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      im going to wear three to protect you against tomato flu(re branded hand foot and mouth disease) haha

  • Any pics of what model they were?

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    Stop with the mask deals the sham is over already!

    • What the sham that fine particles or spraying agricultural chemicals can damage your lungs? Or that hayfever is a myth?

      Fair enough.

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      Bushfire season is coming up

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    Sorry this deal is expensive! .50c a mask N95 they have gone down significantly over the last 6months!

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      So please share with us a supplier of N95 masks that you feel is much cheaper.

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