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[Refurb] Sony WH-1000XM4B (Factory Seconds) $259.00 Shipped @ Sony via eBay


Sony WH1000XM4B (Seconds^) WH-1000XM4 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones (Black) WH1000XM4B-92487210-GDB4

REFURBISHED: This item is manufacturer refurbished.

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    The code is linked to your account.

  • Anyone who got these, how are they?

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      Mine came sealed in box as if they were new.

      No refurb stickers or anything.

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        same here, very happy with them

        • Same here no way to tell it wasn't a new unit, my mx5 not so much.

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        Would say they're probably indistinguishable unless you can just tell they're not new.

        Only thought I had was that the battery was charged to 100%, usually they shouldn't be.

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      I can't remember if my box was sealed, but they were definitely like new. Recommend.

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      Same as everyone else. I got mine yesterday and the box was shrink wrapped and not a mark on the headphones or the case. Definitely happy.

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      Sony 'refurbished' products always seem to be brand new presumably so that it stops Gerry Harvey having a cry that the wholesaler is selling them under his cost price.

      That said, can you actually sell refurbished headphones, which to me, would be a OH&S issue..

      • I assume something like this must be the reason for the 'refurbished' tag given they sell with the same warranty. Maybe there's a new model on the way

        • wh-1000xm5 have been out since may i think

  • Cheers OP got 2 for $498, personalised codes populated when I went to the page.

    • No codes appear for me.. wonder why? The OP's code also does not work for "Looks like that's the wrong code. Please double-check and try again."

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        I was using the mobile application at the time, also reading the t&c's it seems that its only for Eligible users unfortunately, you might have been unlucky.

        • right, thanks

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    Have these and ears feel hot after using for some time

    • Try the WF XM4s, they're great

  • Purchased a pair of the refurbished silver ones recently, they came in the original box all wrapped up and feel/look brand new compared to my black ones I’ve had for two years. Literally they’re indistinguishable from non-refurbished!

  • thanks OP, just got one for myself.

  • Code says its wrong ?

  • Silver run out

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      Was faffing about trying to get the discount code on the checkout page.. lesson learnt. This is twice now though that I don't get ebay codes others can get. I had to make a new account, but now it's happened with this one too.. what can it be down to?

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    Probably good to wait for another two weeks till the Black Friday deals. I bought this brand new for $285 (from GoodGuys with Latitude pay $50 off). That's only $25 more for a brand-new one.

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      if not wrong that was the deal I posted :P
      this one

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        Yes, thanks for that :)

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    OOS :(

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