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Sony WH-1000XM4B Noise Cancelling Headphones $335.75 ($285.75 with Latitude Pay) + Delivery from $8 ($0 C&C) @ The Good Guys


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Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones
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  • +2

    Great deal!

    It's a shame the Sony Noise Cancelling True Wireless Earbuds WF1000XM4B aren't part of the Goodguys HOUSE10 deal.

    • Maybe tomorrow?
      Or is this the last day?

  • +1

    I really dislike these.

    When connected to my PC they will frequently just cut out and play no sound, only way to fix it is unpairing them and then reconnecting them.

    The touch controls are really annoying because you can sometimes turn on really annoying "features" like speak to lower music volume and disable noise cancelling.

    Recommended the equivalent Sennheiser or Bose ones instead. They also sound better.

    • +1

      It generally regarded that Sony sounds better than Bose. Bose are known for their ANC and comfort not sound.
      Which Senn are you referring to?

    • +1

      Dunno but you seem to be in the minority. Pretty much every review I've read say these are some of the the best, if not the best, noise cancelling headphones on the market, even better than the Bose 700 headphones, and sound fantastic. Over 8,000 google reviews with an average score of 4.6 stars.

      Maybe yours are faulty?

    • Bose NHC700 in our house, as well as the XM4. The Bose don't sound better than Sony out of the box. They have better noise cancellation though.

    • Bose QC45 user here. Previously had the XM3s. I can say without a doubt the Sony's are better IMO. My only gripe really being the touch controls on Sony are a PITA. BUT the Bose noise cancelling is so much worse than the Sony that I'll be returning for XM4s. I'll put up with the touch controls for the good ANC

    • I didnt like them either, sold them in 3 days.
      My issues were the sound. But i think the issue is $250 on wireless headphones doesnt leave much for good speakers, nor good tuning out of the box evidently.
      The way people go on about them i thought there was something magic. Nope, they just sound like bass heavy $100 wired headphones….

      Would like to try the Sennheiser (with some EQ tuning also as they seem to have pretty similar frequency response on the low end). I suspect the mids will sound a lot better though.

      All that said, i think the WF1000XM4 are fantastic earbuds. Not sure if its expectations, or that i use them for different things, but after a quick EQ tweak i like using them, not the other way around like the WH.

      Windows Bluetooth is far from perfect also, im sure that was part of it. An external box would probably be a different experience for you.

      • I just picked my pair up and got home, trying them now I find them very comfortable and the sound quality excellent. There is a full EQ of presets, 2 Custom EQ spots for your personal setting and a full manual setting. I also have Tidal so the 360 degree sound is pretty cool. The touch volume controls on the right earphone takes a bit of used to (physical buttons would be easier) but noise cancelling is great.

        Overall very happy!

    • +1

      May not be the case, but I actually got a defective pair of these, and they did something similar to what you're describing. They would play for some time, then disconnect. I'd have to turn them off and reconnect (didn't have to actually unpair). I returned them and got a new pair and they worked perfectly

  • +1

    I just got these from GG ebay, I absolutely love them. They are very comfortable, the charge has held really well, I've only charged them once in 6 days with around 2-3 hours use per day, and even then it was on 40%. The noise cancelling is fantastic although I do experience a slight need-to-pop-my-ears pressure at times.

    I do find the touch controls really intuitive with the exception of the settings changes as another user mentioned. If you cup the right ear it dims your music and enhances background noises, however if you do this while the music is paused it enables speak to pause which is a godawful feature.

  • +1

    thanks, just ordered one

  • Pulled the trigger on these. Deliberated on the Sony seconds deal a few days ago but for a few dollars more this was definitely the better option

  • +3

    Gonna get in trouble with Mrs for buying this, but at this price, the doghouse will feel a little bit cosier.

    • +2

      when the Mrs starts to "sing"[shouting] at you, time to test the ANC,…just kdg :D

  • +2

    Anyone order form good guys and not get a email ? I ordered at midnight and still nothing

    • Same. No order confirmation from TGG, only from Latitude.

    • Got an email straight away

      • From TGG or Latitude?

        • The good guys, then got a dispatched email about 20 minutes later

          • +1

            @redfox1200: Damn. Not a peep from TGG at all. Don't even know if it has gone through to them.

            • @danielkcheung: Did they take your money?

              • @9hundred: LP has. Will call TGG to follow up.

                • @danielkcheung: Any luck? I tried to contact them and no phone for web store. Tried my local they couldn’t find anything and tried to put me onto admin but call disconnected.

                  • @Gristy: Yes.

                    Call 1300466348 (this is the actual customer service number). Give them the invoice number from your LP and they will be able to raise a ticket to let "IT" know that something has gone wrong (because they can see that the order has been paid but not allocated to any store).

                    If you call in the morning, you'll get your order confirmation from TCG by the afternoon (from my experience anyway).

                    Mine is apparently on its way from Albury.

                    • @danielkcheung: Legend mines been allocated will try get on to store later to find out what’s going on

  • I'm completely new to LatitudePay, so I'm sorry for the question. There's the FOMO PROMO offer on at the moment for payment over $150 the TGG, when does that get applied?

    • +1

      when you are at the LPay payment screen, it should deduct $50 automatically, if that what you asked

  • +1

    Thanks! God a pair. The good guys invoice shows the regular price which is pretty horrifying, but certainly doesn't in latpay!

    • 5th get paid the full price latitude is the promo basically.

      Bit concerned I still don’t have a email last night

  • Thanks, ordered. Was contemplating buying the seconds off sony ebay the other day - good thing i held off!

    • the seconds are new also, just a dented box, so it was a better deal actually.

  • Will the 4% cashback stack if I also use the gift cards I bought at 3% cashback?