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Invicta Watches ~75% off at Amazon USA - about $10 Shipping


If you like this deal, please feel free to use my affiliate link

I got:

Shipping & Handling: AUD 10.33

Which still makes them cheap!

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  • Are there any that aren't massive in size?

    • They all seem pretty big, just look through the pages I guess.

      Any specific size you are after?

      • Around 3cm diameter give or take but for men, not women.

        Great find nonetheless.

        • How do you adjust the band if it doesn't fit you? Is it easy to do?

        • I have a watch similar (different brand etc) but the links are removable and mine came with 2 extra that any watch shop can put in/take out in no time at all.

        • men wear 30mm watches? ;)

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    not much of a deal, they are always around that price.

    • The ones I have checked against, they are still cheaper than other retailers.

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    http://camelcamelcamel.com is your friend.

    Nonetheless though, these watches somewhat seem like they should be much higher priced!

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    No wonder those have a huge % off, they look hideous! Judging by the reviews from some of the watches, it would seem that Invicta watches aren't built that great in terms of durability.

    Not sure where these ridiculous RRP's are coming from either…for example this watch the OP linked has never been near its RRP of $1266, the highest it's ever gone being $200.

    • Plenty to pick and choose from though, some of the reviews I read state otherwise.

      Maybe it was the original rrp at release, who knows.

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    These watches are absolutely garbage, the company has very bad QC and customer service. The prices are not special either as they always massively inflate the MSRP. For the money Seiko, Orient, Deep Blue and a whole slew of others offer a lot more value.

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      I wouldn't say they are absolute garbage, but the Invicta I was given is ridiculously heavy.

      I mean this thing must weight close to 300g. It's goddamn ridiculous, it's a beautiful watch but theres no way I can wear it without noticing, and that's generally a bad thing for a watch.

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    Pretty ugly watches. I got a Timex Weekender for $40 shipped from Amazon a couple months back which I'm really happy with.

  • Invicta watches these days are pretty well "supermarket", low range quality standard of watches. Seems like the company is always trying to promote a better image. In the States you see them for sale everywhere, usually substantially discounted. But hey I guess they tell the time!

  • Invicta watches are what you would call 'Walmart Watches', an equivalent of Supermarket bicycles compared to a brand name bike.

    Better off looking for Orient, Seiko and Citizens if you want some Japanese timepieces.
    Steinhart, and Christopher Ward aren't bad for Swiss made watches that won't kill your budget! If you could spend a bit more, consider Hamilton and Tissot for lower end Automatics.

    • Agree but don't forget Casio.

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