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6 Weeks Free with Eligible Hospital & Extras Policies + 3 Weeks Free in 2024 & 2025 with AIA Vitality Silver Status @ AIA Health


Details from website:

Take out an eligible combined Hospital & Extras policy before 31 October and you’ll be eligible to get up to 12 weeks* free!

*On eligible policies.
View Full terms and conditions.


You’ll get 6 weeks free in your first year (as a cashback refund) if you maintain continuous membership until 23 January 2023.

Then simply activate and engage with AIA Vitality, our science-backed health and wellbeing program, and maintain AIA Vitality Silver Status or above and you’ll get a further:

3 weeks refunded in January 2024, and
3 weeks refunded in January 2025.

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  • Access to the Vitality program is a fun gimmick to incentivise getting healthier, but I've done a comparison on my end and even with the monetary incentives, 12 weeks free cover and other savings (e.g. 50% off gym membership), its still more expensive than my current health insurer with less benefits (extras, hospital cover).

    Also be warned that as OP mentioned, 12 weeks is only actualised if you stay with them for 3 years, whether you want to stay with them for that long should probably factor into your decision.

    • It's the opposite experience for me. Saving money on my health + gym expenditure, and the weekly/quarterly/periodic cashbacks and vouchers have kept coming into my bank account. Looking forward to seeing if the discounted flights offer has any merit once I reached Platinum status.

      • That's actually really good to hear, was looking forward to joining AIA before I did the maths. Can I ask how your experience has been with them insurance wise? A lot of focus is on the Vitality program but curious about how you use the extras and hospitalsl.

        • Haven't needed to use Hospital Cover, and only done a dental visit on the Extras. Probably got a little less back compared with my previous insurer HIA (I was on a grandfathered plan from ~10 years ago) but I was aware of that going into AIA.

          They have a cashback promo running with 9Saver at the moment too: https://9saver.com.au/offers/health?utm_campaign=health_mult… Ends tonight, but it seems to come around again every few months.

      • Used the 50% off Virgin flight benefit a few times. Was a fairly straightforward process.

    • Didn't like it when they created a new tier for AIA Vitality… which gives less bonuses unless you are on certain plans.

      Also when they removed QANTAS (looking back might be a good thing now), then Anytime from their offerings.

    • So who is your current provider? Sounds like you found a winner!

  • Anyone know of a way to reduce hospital waiting periods when upgrading tier (going from the highest non-gold tier to gold)?

    I get they don't want people upgrading/downgrading without paying their dues and would happily back pay to have more peace of mind with upcoming (out of pocket) surgery if anything goes wrong and costs balloon.

    • +1

      I think there is only a waiting period exemption if it's for psychiatric care.

  • Thank you for the explanation, I am still searching for a health insurer excess only that's budget friendly, and good benefits. I'm very new to this so am unsure which one to pick if anyone has any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

    • This is the best way to compare policies.

      • Thank you appreciate that, I'll check it out

  • Apart from the six weeks free, I would recommend to go with GMHBA which offers Vitality program but with better extras.

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