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MyState Bank - Deposit Minimum $1500 Each Month in Nov & Dec 2022, Get $50 Bonus (Existing Customers)


Got this offer by email today - great to see existing customers are also getting a $50 offer after recent posts for new customers only!

Earn $50^ when you deposit at least $1500 per month from another financial institution, like your regular income, into your MyState account each month in November and December.

Offer requires deposit only. There is no requirement to keep the money in the account for any period of time so technically, you can transfer the money back out straight away.

*Fine print: ^This offer is only available for MyState Bank customers who receive this email as the original recipient, currently have an eligible MyState transaction account and deposit $1,500 or more per month from another financial institution into their MyState Bank transaction account in each calendar month of November 2022 and December 2022 (at least $3,000 in total).

The offer is strictly limited to one $50 cash reward per eligible transaction account, including joint accounts and is not available for offset accounts. Reward will be paid into the eligible recipient's active transaction account by 31 January 2023. Recipients must reside outside Tasmania and be 18+ and an active customer at time of reward payment. Terms and Conditions, Fees and Charges apply, and are subject to change.*

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    Still haven't receive the $50 from opening an account

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      that comes after Dec 14

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    Still haven't received the $50 from opening an account.
    I won't bite anything else from this company until I receive my $50.

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    I wouldnt jump to conclusions because the terms was that your $50 cash will be deposited in your balance within 15 days after the promotion ends. The promotion hasnt ended (29th Nov) so its not within the timeframe to get the cash yet.

    This is a reference to the recent sign ups including myself. Just waiting patiently.

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    "Recipients must reside outside Tasmania" - nice way to 'reward' a Tasmanian originated and based bank/former credit union.

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      Less restrictive where BOC ONLY gives to the young!!

  • How do people find dealing with MyState Bank? Considering opening an account for the 3.6% interest, but I have seen a lot of bad reviews…

    • My partner raised a support ticket because their system was automatically cancelling all transfers made by the app or online, that was in March 2021. The only way transfers can be made is to go online and specifically select "send as standard transfer". To date, they have not been able to solve the issue (note that we stopped actively pursuing a solution mid-2021).
      The feedback from support was that they could see their system was cancelling it, but they didn't know why. Then they turned around and asked for us to check with all the payees we were trying to send the money to … to "see if the details were correct"!? (payees were other bank accounts of which we know all the details are correct)
      We gave up chasing them in July 2021. A few months ago the issue was still there.
      This deal is a good reminder that my partner still needs to close those accounts.

      • I had the same issue. It is because the fraud department has raised a flag on the account and OSKO does not work anymore. When this happens, you cannot even send in money via OSKO, let alone send out money. I rang them twice - and it seems solved now. The first time, fraud personnel supposedly removed the flag on the account. A few weeks later, a transfer virtually locked the account out. Had to speak with fraud again and the second time around, the personnel seemed to know what was going on, and remove it properly. But fingers crossed, this was recent, so it could happen again :)

    • Just go UBank for that rate

    • Seem to have had more problems recently, especially with transfers (them being more cautious perhaps). Other than the problem I mentioned above, my debit card expired before I realised they did not send a replacement card. Had to call them and organise one - which was strange, because usually replacement cards are usually automatically sent out. Other than that, their customer support is generally polite and responsive.

      But note that their online transfer limits are low - 2.5K OSKO and 10K total per day.

  • Got this offer by email today - yes its awesome to see existing customers are also getting a $50 offer

  • Got my email yesterday 50$ was credited by them

    Hi Paul,
    Congratulations to the 2,500 people who decided to start a clean slate with MyState by opening a new Bonus Saver account over the last few weeks.

    You deposited your $50+ and you'll get $50 from us very soon. We're so excited you made the decision to refresh your finances and start a clean slate with a new Bonus Saver account.

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