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Apple Magic Keyboard with Touch ID - Silver $151 (Was $209) Delivered @ Amazon AU

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28% off, lowest in at least 30 days. The keyboard incorporates the Touch ID button for machines with Apple silicon.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +1

    Think TouchID works with T1 Macs as well…

  • +2

    Got one inc mouse 2 from last ebay deal for $80.

    Yet to open it

    • -1

      Are you selling it?

      • You can buy from me which will be cheaper than current deal

        • How much do you want?

    • Magic Keyboard with Touch ID?

    • +2

      same here, sold the mouse for 60, essentially got the keyboard for $20

    • +2

      same sold the Magic Mouse for $80, literally got a free keyboard

      • +1

        Yeah the magic mouse is pretty horrible. I like the keyboard more.

    • Link please?

      • +1

        It sold out very quickly, bought one for my son and went straight back in as the wife decided she wanted one too and they were all gone.

  • +1

    Does this add Touch ID to an M1 Mac Mini?

  • +2

    I always wonder what's so magical about their mouse and keyboard… :P

    • +15

      They can magically make people pay for them…

    • +1

      I always wonder what's so secure about Secure Parking's parking… :P

      • They can secure people's credit cards for them…

  • Was $80 a few weeks ago https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/731830

    I watched a video where you can harvest the Touch ID out of this keyboard and use it on it's own. Just have to 3D print an enclosure to put it in if you want.
    But at $80 it was still too much to pay just for the Touch ID sensor lol.

    • If you have an Apple Watch you can use that to unlock your mac too..or you used to be able to

      • -3

        Yeah I don't have a Mac. Or a Apple watch lol.

  • +2

    Personal preference is that MX keys mini is a better keyboard ad value for money, and yes I'm a self admitted Apple FanBoy

    • I've heard that a few times too that MX keys mini is better. Seems to be a popular opinion.

      Only real reason to get this Apple keyboard is for the Touch ID function.

      • Which is a pretty huge reason tbh.

    • I had owned both. Switched from Apple to MX Keys Mini. Now deciding to switch back to Apple. The weight, the print quality and the function buttons are the reason why. Will happily switch with anyone.

  • +1

    Does anyone really enjoy typing on these? Serious question.
    I do a fair bit of typing as a dev, and I find this keyboard really inferior to my mechanical keyboard, but other people say they are so awesome. Maybe it's me that is crazy then?

    • I like both but agree that a mech keyboard is a much better experience.

    • I use both and like both.
      I used Ducky Shine with brown switches for years and also use Logitech Mx-Keys.
      For me, one is not really inferior to another.

      • I like both too.
        I like to switch them up once in awhile. Sometimes I like typing on a mech with the deep travel and satisfying feel.
        Sometimes I feel like typing really light for a few months on a chiclet type keyboard (mine is a HP Envy Dual mode wireless which I use with Windows).

    • It really depends on how heavily you type overall.
      I hear chiclet type is only comfortable for very light typists. I type light even on a mech keyboard, so I can appreciate both.

      If you type quite heavily a chiclet keyboard feels like you are typing on a hard desk and so it can be very unpleasant and unfcomfortable.

    • Nop, but they are light and portable and works pretty well as an in-car keyboard with a tablet/keyboard mount.

      For desktop use, I strong recommend the Filco Majestouch 2 tenkeyless if you are after the small form factor and dont like to pay the price of a HHKB.

  • I kinda prefer mechanical keyboards at this price point (keychron or Akko?), but each to their own.

    • I prefer chiclet at any price point, but especially at high price point because Apple makes high quality chiclet keyboards (barring the scissor mechanism models).

  • ebay $80 one is really good, the seller even changed a new one for me when the original one has scratches.

  • interesting, i switched to a keychron Q1 though and completely decked it out. got a jelly for my gaming pc

  • +2

    I need backlight more than the Touch ID so no deal for me. I’d rather get an mx mini

    • I guess Apple prioritises battery life for external keyboards. I would like backlit too.

      • I don’t know their peripherals are weird. You would expect ergonomics to be a priority but this and the magic mouse are just bad for your body as both are too low and will hurt if used for prolonged time

        • I've got no issues. Maybe your chair is a bit too low?

          • @AustriaBargain: Nah I was talking about the wrists. The Magic Mouse is so low that your wrist also end up being way too low. Also the left and right button are so close sometimes you end up clicking the right button when you want to click left.
            Not to mention the fact that due to this low profile design they had to put the charging port under the mouse which is absurd

            • @Nedkellyinthebush: The mouse battery lasts for months, and two minutes charging gets you nine hours of use in a pinch. And as for keyboard being flat, it's less flat than the keyboard on a laptop because it's slightly raised and angled.

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