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[PC, Epic] Red Dead Redemption 2 $26.72 @ Green Man Gaming

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Historical low. For those who like to game on the cutting edge.

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    Note for console games, EB Games is selling preowned copies for $23. I picked up a copy today and it's great so far

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      great deal, granted there is no next gen patch as of yet.

      Going to wait on a Steam Key at this price

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      You can pick up brand new ps4 and xbox copies at target for $20

    • I got mine with Witcher 3 GOTY second hand in a EB 2 for $44 sale a year ago. My copy didn't have a mark on it. Love Red Dead havent got far in Witcher 3.

  • Tiny bit of cashback from cashrewards if you are a new customer. Existing customers get even less.

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    Hoping one day Epic will give it out for free like they did with GTAV.

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      Might have to wait 7 years from release like we did with GTA V…

      This is a good price, many hours of gameplay and replayability. Can easily sink 200hrs+ if you're trying to complete the game in its entirety.

      • Just three more years until we progress the cutting-edge! (xkcd)


  • argh been holding off for ages, always looked cool in benchmark videos haha

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      If you haven't played it you need to

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      if you like to sit on a horse for hours and hours then you will love this game

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    Not paying a cent to GMG after the Age of Empire V fiasco…

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      There's a fifth game?!

      Reverse xkcd

      wololo wololo

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      Yeah I'm burnt by that as well, don't trust green man…

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    Hey guys just wondering if this requires to install rockstar launcher? I bought GTA 4 from steam and having constant issues not being able to autosave etc.

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      you’ll need epic launcher

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    I must be hungry as I thought this was a red rooster deal, opened the link and found a game. Got the game and off to red rooster.

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      These are nearly as different as two videogames can be.

      • -4

        still, so boooooring

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          You're the only person in history who thinks RDR2 is boring, I don' think your "opinion" is valid.

          • @smartazz104: Tbf, lots do say that the start is quite slow, which isn't 100% false. But when you get further in, it definitely does pick up. Wouldn't call the game boring by any means either.

          • @smartazz104: So wrong. Now the circlejerk has died down you can find hundreds of people on reddit wondering what the fuss was about.

          • @smartazz104: the only person in your version of history. personally, I know only one person who finds RDR 2 interesting, and even he played it like twice

        • I don't know that "boring" is fair. "Slow", on the other hand, is certainly a valid descriptor. It's a huge slow burn of a narrative (and not ideally paced, IMO). However the game is huge and beautiful, and probably the best example of quantity plus quality I've seen in many years of gaming. Its undeniably and objectively a massive achievement in game design and development.

          And @Obsidiate

          hundreds of people on reddit

          The game has sold some 46 million copies since release, I don't think a couple hundred Redditors outweigh that.

          • @johnno07: yes, quite possibly. but hey look at Death Stranding - majority of people think it's a boring walking simulator, I don't, this is a well balanced and beautiful game, breathtaking in quality and with a great story

            RDR2 on the other hand.. what's the story again? Wild West? okay, and here I thought that Western movies were all rage in 1960's last time I checked.

            well, if you think it's a great deal, it's your choice. I don't, and that's mine.

            • @shabaka:

              Western movies were all rage in 1960's

              So were sci-fi movies. I also find it interesting that you mention Death Stranding, as Hideo Kojima definitely draws inspiration from Sergio Leone's spaghetti westerns of the 60s when making his games.

              He even said in a tweet last year:

              When I first entered the industry in the 80's, I was told that westerns would never sell in arcades or consumer electronics. That's why the spaghetti western game project was not accepted. Red Dead Redemption, the sequel to Red Dead Revolver, changed that negative notion.

              I mostly took issue with you saying "RDR2 is boring, play Mordhau instead". They are just completely different things.

              • @johnno07: if a game is boring, the first logical proposition is to play a game that's actually fun, and Mordhau is the definition of fun, how is this an issue? :)

                I am though pulling your leg at this point. each to their own

                also "draws inspiration" doesn't mean "produces same quality". RDR 2 is nothing compared to Death Stranding story wise

          • @johnno07: A couple hundred is indicative of many more. There's a simply fact out there that the game is, by any relative measure, incredibly slow. Particularly by most any other "AAA" large world game. GTA. Witcher 3, etc etc etc.

            • @[Deactivated]: If a couple hundred redditors is indicative of more people who share the view, what is universal critical acclaim astronomical sales indicative of? GTA and The Wither 3 are also brilliant games but quite different in style and scope.

              • @johnno07: You probably think Skyrim's hype is also justified.

                Cyberpunk also sold plenty. It was a buggy mess at launch.

                Yes, they are different in style. Because they aren't slow and boring.

                To quote men in black : " A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky dangerous animals and you know it."

                • @[Deactivated]: I'd prefer you don't suggest that I "probably think" anything, particularly as you're wrong.

                  I was extremely hyped for Skyrim pre-release. Though the cracks started to show after a time, and in hindsight, I'm not that big a fan - as it's too much of the Bethesda "quanity-over-quality" approach. I don't enjoy it as much as most other people seem to - I'm OK with being in the minority.
                  Cyberpunk was a buggy mess and literally everyone acknowledges that. It was lucky to make a motza off pre-orders. There is still a great game there, but it's not necessarily what was marketed/hyped.

                  You speak as if there is huge silent majority of people that agree with you on RDR2 being just an average game - but I cannot find any evidence of such a cabal. And why isn't there room for fast (GTA), medium (Witcher) and slow-paced (RDR) open world games? Surely you don't want everything to be the same?

                  To quote Men In Black 3: "Let's agree to disagree"

                  • -1

                    @johnno07: Stop projecting. Nobody said its a majority. But there is a huge swath of people saying it was straight up boring in a way not said about other open world titles.

                    Cope. Jesus christ. Disconnect your identity from other peoples opinion of video games.

                    • @[Deactivated]:

                      projecting… Cope… disconnect your identity

                      I'm not sure any of this means what you think it means.

  • I finished this on release on PS4. I was thinking about picking it up on PC but do I need to complete the whole story again to free roam all of the map? Don't think I can be bothered tbh.

    • +2

      Yes you will need to start the story again. I have completed the story campaign on both Xbox and PC now. Was worth it tbh.

  • +1

    Bought for $31 off Gamivo not too long ago. Really enjoying it so far!

  • +1

    Lots of hours of gaming in this one.

  • +8

    Greatest game ever made

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    Wow this is terrific for such a quality game, always wanted to play it - here's my chance! Thanks OP!

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    Is the Ultimate Edition worth it? Do I need to play the original game, or is the story stand-alone?

    • +2

      Story is stand alone and there was no DLC for the single player part, in assuming that anything that comes with the ultimate edition is for online, which is essentially dead now.

      The single player is incredible and was worth it at full price, it's a no brainer at this price here.

    • +4

      Even though this is number 2, it's actually a prequel to the original, so it's fine to play with no prior experience of the series. In fact, the original game's story continues directly from number 2's ending, so you can play them back to back for the whole story. That's what I did, and I find the original still holds up well (though I'm quite tolerant of older games).

    • Not really, a couple of early guns, an extra treasure map and a horse or two.

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    Has online improved? I played this years ago Online and while fun, it was really lacking a lot.

    • +1

      Probably not, and it’s now been officially abandoned - still running but no enhancements or new features will be released.

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    oh my god this is so worth it.

  • Not steam no add ons

  • +1

    I thought this game was boring to be honest

    • +2

      It took until you leave the snowy village before it took off for me. Still a masterpiece though

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    Epic Games is the deal-breaker

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    Dislike green man gaming. Made a purchase. They started spamming me, unsubscribe to mail and spam continues. Ask them to delete my account. They said they did but spam continues and I can still login. They continue to say they deleted it but I can still login. I had to pretend to be from EU and threaten privacy laws for them to actually delete it.

    • Lmao that's funny! :-D

    • thanks! I'll be using that tactic of pretending to be from the EU

    • I am in habit of using of anonaddy and revolut these days.

    • Halló

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    Does GMG just sell you a Steam key? Been a long time since I used them.

    edit: sorry, clicked the link & saw it's an Epic Games Store purchase.

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    bought it finally. cheers op!

  • +5

    Just finished it 100% complete - Definitely the best game I've ever played

    Thats mah booaaaaaahhhhh

  • +1

    One of the finest games ever. The start is a little slow and hard-going, but some of the effects make even that worthwhile (e.g. the visual and physical impact of trudging through deep snow).

    The online is pretty pointless these days, but you have access to the full map if you just wanted to explore.

  • +3

    Red dead redemption 2 is and always will be the most realistic game ever with out mods.

    But the online lasoo trolling and hanging you while your alive trolling is almost up there with the worst toxic communities award.

    Until GTA 6 arrives.

  • Damn. I paid $38 on the weekend.

  • -1

    In before it's free on the Epic store over Christmas any bets….?!

  • Down to $25.53 now. Some cashback from cashrewards.

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