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[StudentBeans] Nintendo Switch Neon + Mario Kart 8 Deluxe+ 3 Months NSO $379 (+ $30 Credit with C&C) + Delivery @ The Good Guys

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2022

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys

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    All retailers are trying to get rid of old stocks lol

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    No deal here

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    Don't buy old model

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      This isn't OLED? Wow. Not a bargain price then

  • Geniun question: everyone said dont buy old model, but how likely will the oled version drop to this price, verses the risk of not getting the promised xmas gift for kid?

    • The cheapest the OLED switch goes for is around $450, except for those ebay plus limited deals where it drops to around $410. and that's the console only so then factor in a game which would be average +$60. They're the same internals, just the screen is different. If it's a gift for a kid I reckon this one would be great, you get mario kart with it plus 3 months of nes/snes games! …unless your kid is old enough to be tech savvy and want an oled but yeah, they all play the same games and this is a solid price/bundle.

      Kmart also have it for $399…

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        not exactly same internals. Oled has 64gb instead of 32gb and also network port if you consider playing online. I agree not huge difference for small kids

        • I am not up to date with Nintendo ports. Can’t you add extra storage? Also a USB network port?

          • @Pricebeat: you probably can? but then you’ll end up spending around $400 which is around oled deal prices anyway…

            • @Vitorll: Most would have an SD card sitting around and a network adapter is around $8-$9 on Ebay

              • @Pricebeat: you are still missing the oled hahahahaha. Point is, as I mentioned before, for kids doesn’t matter much, for $20-$30 difference it goes to personal preference.

        • Unless your kid is a Competitive smash player, they don’t need to worry about having a LAN port built in.

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          Isn't the battery meant to be better as well? Or is it the same as the V2 non OLED

          Edit: turns out the OLED version battery performs way better than the V2 on medium-max brightness settings:

          Ok so the differences between non OLED and OLED have gone from "just the screen" to:

          Double the storage
          LAN port
          Much better screen
          Better battery life

          • @Grish: I believe apart from looking better the OLED screen is bigger too, 7" instead of 6.2" (correct me if I'm wrong, not a Switch user but seem to remember reading)

      • tks for the suggestion, bought!

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    Anyone else extremely dissapointed in the switch deals for black Friday? The way this is going i wont be buying one at all.

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    Well guys, how is the battery life on this model coz original model has poor battery: 2 to 6.5 hrs whereas newer version has 4.5 to 9 hrs? Thanks.

  • Can I use coupon instore?

    • Online only

      • Did you have store cash activated? After sign up nothing happened. No SMS. Is this right?

  • Did anyone try to stack it with the 12% Cashrewards?

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