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[Prime, Waitlist] Sony WF-1000XM4 Truly Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones $229 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Fantastic price on this excellent pair of Sony earbuds. All time low for a brand new set

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Features & details

  • Industry-leading noise cancellation
  • World's First Truly Wireless headphone with Hi-res Audio Wireless and LDAC
  • Smart feature – Speak-to-Chat
  • Precise Voice Pickup technology for clear hands-free call
  • IPX4 rating for all weather listening. Frequency response(Bluetooth communication): 20Hz - 20,000Hz(44.1kHz sampling) / 20Hz - 40,000Hz(LDAC 96kHz sampling, 990kbps)
  • Up to 24 hours battery life & Quick charging
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This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2022

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  • +1

    snagged one instantly! Thanks OP

  • +1

    Woohoo great price, grabbed a pair as well :) Cheers OP

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Grabbed one. Don't need it but who's counting 😁😁

  • Was deciding between these and the Liberty 3 Pro's all morning. Went with the L3P 20 mins ago. Dammit.

    • +3

      cancel that order and buy these or vice versa before they get exhausted.

      • did the vice versa!

    • +1

      If with Amazon Cancel order? Should be able to. Doubt they'd picked it yet.

      • +1

        Bought direct from Anker $150 - emailing them now.

  • +2

    Thanks for sharing op! Anyone know how these pair on iPhones? Will see AirPods Pro 2 if it’s better

    • They pair with my iPhone 12 just fine.

      • How’s the lowest sound setting on them. I tried to pair with my jabra active elite 65t and it’s very loud

        • You can change loud sound setting in iPhone

  • Ok pulled the trigger

  • Hard time deciding between these and Pixel Buds Pro (which haven't been on special at all interestingly). Not sure if the better sound and ANC is worth the heavier and worse call quality.

    • Same thought. Bought anyway 🤣. Will decide later.

  • +1

    How does it go with Google Assistant?

    • Can only use Google Assistant on an Android device.

      Google has nerfed it on iPhones via external head/earphones.

  • +4

    Have had this since launch. Fantastic pair of earbuds.

    • How's the call quality?

      • +1

        Personally have not had any problems with it and have not had any complaints from the other end either.

  • +1

    Come on Shopback, your turn. Quick!

  • Wow. Amazing price. I love mine. Next Gen coming out or something?

    • +1

      I've heard April/May for WF XM5

  • Great deal! Kinda holding our for the Bose QC earbuds 2 though

    • $200 a few days ago from Bose

      • That was the older 1 unfortunately, not 2.

        • New ones are almost double the price.
          I don't think they are worth 2x the price..

          • @congo: That's where waiting for a deal comes in…

            • @sidoz: It will be a long wait for them to be $220 odd.

              • +1

                @congo: Of course. Having the same deal threshold would be incredibly ambitious LOL

  • Nice, just a few dollars more than I got them from Sony as a discounted replacement for my XM3s

    • Why/How?

      • Just by asking support. My XM3s started making a screeching sound occasionally when turning on. I also wanted wireless charging.

        • +1

          Mine did this
          Give them a good clean including the case
          I just used a cotton bud and they are like brand new

          In saying that i still bought these lol

          • +1

            @xr8td: Glad to know I didn't screw them up somehow :)
            I have given them a good wipe over but I'll give that a go. It's hard to know how to clean something so intricate, especially the foam. There's something about the XM3's sound that makes it feel more immersive, it's hard to describe! With Dolby Atmos on in my Samsung's settings it just goes hard, and after I first got them I found people had the same sentiment here. Definitely less detail and balance in the sound than the XM4s with LDAC on, although I think they sound tinnier at the loudest volumes. I always change the EQ to "Excited" in the app.

            • +1

              @Techie4066: Yeh to be honest i thought i screwed it up as well
              It was a loud high pitched screech everytime i put them on and when i Googled i couldn't find anyone with a similar issue

              I literally just cleaned them thinking I'll keep using it while i wait for something go on special and then over the next week it started improving and that sound went away completely

              Couldn't agree more re immersive. I will try that eq setting

    • +2

      $259-$239=$20 cheaper?

      • -7

        30 actually but amazing price would be under 190

        • +1

          You can get some factory seconds for under $200 but they may come with earwax.

        • -1

          Might want to check your method again, especially when correcting someone.

        • Get a price match from sony, buy 3 pairs, make use of Amex spend $500 get $100 back, comes to < $200 ea.

  • +1

    this or AirPods Pro?

    • +1

      Bought this instead have the headphones v2 and v4 amazing products let’s goooooo

    • +3


      AirPods Gen 2 seem consistently better across all categories

    • I have airpods pro. They don't seamlessly switch between devices if you have two devices paired. You have to manually switch them. Even when one of the devices is out of range or turned off, if the pods were last connected to that device, it will not connect to the other paired device even when it's right next to it.

      When you open the case, it detects that the case has been opened, but it won't connect to them automatically. You have to go to BT settings and connect.

      Terrible implementation from Apple.

  • +1

    Sweet been waiting for this.

    I bought them a while back as refurbs, but they had issues and I had to return them. I think the price was around this price.

    Hopefully a new pair will be OK as I liked them a lot more than my WF-1000XM3's

  • +4

    No point getting these if already got AirPods Pro 2?

    • +1


    • how is that even a question?

  • +1

    Was waiting for other Sony over ear options but will give these a try since noise cancelling is a thing I am after.

    Thanks OP.

    • +2

      They're fantastic, remember to turn on LDAC if you have a flagship Android phone

    • If you don't mind open headphones without NC, these sennheiser's are a good deal.

    • +1

      If noise cancelling is the main thing, over ears do a better job.

      That said, I travel all the time and these are what I usually use on the plane. It's way easier/convenient to use these than over ear and they do a good job, although not as good as over ear.

  • What do I do with a second pair???

    • +1

      get a second pair or ears? probably there is a sale on amazon next month boxing day

      • Sounds like a deal … tell me more I am all ears

  • Can these connect to multiple devices?

    • +1

      25 Oct, 2022
      Multipoint Bluetooth® connection is also being brought to the LinkBuds series and the WF-1000XM4 headphones via a software update to enable simultaneous connection of two devices with seamless switching between them.


  • Are these less bulky than the XM3? They were too big and fit poorly

  • +1

    YAY finally a good deal for these. thank you for posting!!

  • How is the fit on these? Are they bulky?

    • bigger than other buds.

    • They may sit wider compared to Airpods since they don't have the stick, but they're very snug in the ear canal (best paired with silicone eartips imo) and I can sleep on them.

    • I think the fit is great but I also swapped out to third party silicone ear tips (AZLA SednaEarfit Crystal). Pricey third party tips but definitely worth it and comes in tons of sizes for getting a good fit.

  • Silver or Black ?

    • Only Black available now at this price.

    • Silver deal is 100% claimed, so looks like black for you!

      • +1

        10 times more black units than silver.
        So guess Black is the more popular version.

  • a b*llocks forgot to use Cashrewards/Shopback
    Thanks OP though

  • Is there any cashback currently available on Amazon?

    • +1

      You will get 3.5% via CR or SB. Approx $7.28 CB

      You can click the Cashback button just below the main product image link, then expand the categories ~ Electronics 3.5%

  • Does Amazon accept returns for tried on headphones?
    So hard to get a good fit.

  • Price matched at good guys pretty easy, They didn't check/confirm the price

  • These are really good. Bought some from the refurbished eBay sale.
    Have paired with everything and they work fine, except my Samsung TV, can pair, but no sound comes out…

  • Aiyo…..Already has Linkbuds S.
    Else I'll grabba pair as well 😄

  • One Amazon commenter said Sony broke the noise-cancelling effects on these after a firmware update. Can anyone here verify?

  • Noise cancelling on these rival over ears. However, sound quality is subpar compared to MTW3, which I managed to pricebeat from OW for around $250.

    • However, sound quality is subpar compared to MTW3

      Is that with LDAC on and the EQ adjusted?

      • Yes, MTW3 has more clarity and depth with less muddy bass IMO. Even with EQ adjusted it just doesn't sound as good.

    • What price you used for pricebeating mtw3? Current price in OW is 299

      • +1


        • i ordered MTW3 from Costco when JB refused to price match. Totally forgot abt getting OW to do the same :S
          Oh well….still a darn good price for the Senns

  • This or AirPods Pro 2 for my daughter? She is using iPhone 12 if that’s matters

    • +5

      How old is she? She’s likely going to prefer AirPods as there would be peer pressure to “fit in”. Does it suck? Yes. Does it exist? Also yes. And I say this as an unashamed Apple fanboy. They’re probably better than AirPods but the functionality you get if you’re in the Apple eco system wins IMO.

      • +1

        She'd probably prefer Airpods pro 2 because Apple.

      • See my comment below RE the RTings rating. Seems like AirPods are better overall, including for sound

      • Starting prep after Christmas.

    • +1

      AirPods seem consistently better when compared

      Not sure about the comments above

      If she has an iPhone, then it seems a no-brainer to go with AirPods Pro Gen 2


      • +1

        +40% battery life on the Sonys. On the whole, not a lot separating the two looking at the sound section.

        • Except the treble response on the Sonys are total garbage.

  • Damn. Grabbed one at $270 on TGG commercial a few days ago. This is a steal!

  • Great earbuds, only made better by the Comply TrueGrip Pro Memory Foam Replacement Ear Tips.


    • That expensive!

      • There are three pairs in a pack, but I agree, they should be cheaper.

        • +1

          I will wait for them to drop to $20 or below

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