This was posted 1 year 9 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Oztrail Getaway Chair, 2 for $50 (RRP $89.99 each) + $7.99 Delivery ($0 with $99 Order) @ Anaconda


Saw this in my email. It's already on sale for $39.99 for one but going for $50 for 2.

Extra $10 off if you're a member and use the code WELCOME10 if you haven't used it already, bringing it down to $40 for 2.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2022

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    FWIW, Anaconda RRP is rubbish in my opinion. Just need to sign up to their spam list “club” and they charge you much less. Was going to get a kayak for the kids Xmas and the club price was $99 (RRP was double-ish) then for the Black Friday sale they just made that club price the sale price for everyone. Anyway this deal seems pretty good.

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      Totally different chairs.. weighs like double. Bigger, better built and way more comfy

      $40 is pretty much the standard every day price for this. Occasionally see on sale for $30

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          They are nothing like that.
          Personally I buy the cheap Bunnings or Kmart chairs for the price mainly and the light weight. That lightness comes with a price though as they aren’t very comfortable and don’t last very long. And then you toss it in landfill and get another.
          These more robust chairs last a lot longer, and are more comfortable. But cost a lot more.

    • Cheapest camping chair I can see at Bunnings is $12~ and doesn't look terribly comfortable.

      • -6

        if you did read my original post i did point out when they were on special….

    • These are padded with insulated drink holders. Slightly more comfortable than the basic camping chair. Doubt there $5 anymore from bunnings.Frame is probably similar. Guess lots of people buy on image and brand name not what it's actually made of

    • If you find a better deal that is good but some chairs are not built the same for quality. I have an Wanderer moonchair and it is much more comfortable and solid compared to others sold cheaper at Kmart and Big W.

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    only the green one is on sale

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      I got 1 green and 1 grey for the $40

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        nvm my eye lied theyre all on sale but wish i could get the navy one haha


      • Yeah haha good for fishing bro

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    These are really good chairs. A bit heavy if you need to lug a bunch of them around, but super sturdy and comfortable. Plus I love the tethered bottle opener, and mini "cooler" in the arm rest, so you can have a couple of spare drinks keeping cold while you're drinking your current one. :)

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      Looks like the bottle opener only comes with the deluxe version

  • -7

    $8 Bunnings
    But obviously worse quality

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    Thanks OP snagged a pair using the $10 welcome code.

    • +1

      I signed up but didn't receive the code.
      Is it a unique code or a general one mate?

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        General. I didnt recieve anything but just chucked it into the area for codes. Its a poorly designed site but it worked out.

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          Cheers, bought 2 and used WELCOME10 do bring cost down by $10.

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    Thanks OP. Got 2 navy ones for 40 using WELCOME10. Also it's free click and collect, delivery is $7.99.

  • Damn good price. Bought the kmart knock off version recently for $26 or thereabouts.

  • Thanks OP!

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    Thanks OP. 2 for $40 is definitely worth it. Bought 2.

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    Thanks - Used 'Birthday10' to get $10 off. :)

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    Cheers OP! no stores local to me had stock available for click and collect, so paid $48 for 2 x chairs delivered, still a great deal!

  • I can't see where I can add a coupon

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      Last page before payment. Don't be afraid.

  • Thanks OP, got 2 for $40.

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    2 for $40 what a deal.

    Thanks OP.

  • Love my King Kokodas… had em for 5+ yrs now……

  • +1
  • +1

    Bought 4 and got free shipping and $10 off welcome10 promo. Great buy!

  • damn what should I do with all my $5 bunnings chair now!

    • Isn't $5 cheaper than $20?

  • How to get free shipping?

    • spend 100, or just go and pick them up.

      • It doesn't allow for pickup. Through the online store.

        • Click And Collect
          FREE on all orders
          Select a Store
          although I havent gone right thru the purchasing window.

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    Bought 2 for $40. Now I need to make an effort to use them often.

  • Cheers OP - got 2 navy

  • +1

    I got one green one blue, applied WELCOME10 total cost was $30.01 no idea why it took $10 off each chair…

  • Bought 2, thanks Op. Ended up buying a queen size blow up mattress on the cheap. 2x chairs and a mattress for 109 bucks… bargain!

  • +3

    woohoo 130kg capacity :-D

  • Thanks OP - also got 2 navy.

  • +1

    Thanks hobo123 scored x2 in blue, delivered for $47.99. Very happy.

    But that anaconda mobile site is a dumpster fire haha.

  • just ordered 2,,, nice find!

  • +1

    Woot, $46.98 for 2 chairs delivered (-$1.01 from Cashrewards if successful)


  • $47.99 delivered - thanks OP

  • Beware that they will refund you if it's OOS, choose your store wisely to get a better chance :)

  • thank you - was just thinking yesterday it was time for some new ones! Bought 2 delivered for $47.99

  • Went to the site then saw quite a few bad reviews about this chair, holding off now. Wondering if anyone compare this with the $6 Kmart camping chair? Looks very similar, I am after the quality and the comfortable level, thanks

  • +1

    thanks ordered.

    pity about the odd number amount being charged $40 each, but welcome code work which was good.

  • +1


    • … don’t want none?

  • Good one, thanks OP!

    Two cheap chairs for the kids. Just a heads up for others, the stripy one is sold out.

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    Thanks, bought 2 chairs, yabbie net, hand reel, owl bird scarer & 'D' shackle for $62 delivered…not sure how it calculated the free delivery? maybe using RRP?

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    Thanks Op, great deal! Went a mile further and purchased giftcard with 5% cashback from shopback

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    Good one thanks OP, my friends got a bit drunk at a party and threw my last chair into the fire lol.

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    cheers OP. got 2. been looking at getting camp chairs for a while now!

  • Thanks! Ordered green and navy.
    Of courses CR tracked 2.1% instantly!

  • +1

    Awesome. Ordered 4 for $90 after applying WELCOME10 (which I actually thought I had used before). (2 green and 2 blue - it says no stock of the others). Qualifies for free delivery. Winner. Thanks OP!

  • Got cancellation emails for out of stock. Bugger!!
    Anyone else??

    • +1

      Yep, ordered 2 this morning, website said local store had stock. Just got an email saying they can't fulfill the order and cancelled it :/
      I rolled the dice again just now and paid the $8 shipping. Welcome10 still worked thankfully so still worth it

  • Do these fold up like a tripod into a thin pole shape or like a flat square shape?

    • +1

      They fold up like a tripod into a cylinder 👍

  • Cheers op. Ordered a green and blue from rockingham WA as said there was only 1 blue in stock… just been to collect and there are about 30 blue ones put on the shop floor so traded the green for a blue… there were loads behind the counter and they were bagging more up for click and collect as i was buying. So probably wont have stock for long

  • Welcome10 code didn’t work.

    Had to order for $50 :(

  • Bought 4 with welcome10 to get the delivery. Not as good as 2 for 40, but no c&c stock near me

  • nice. these will go well with my $50 coolcabana 8)

  • My order got cancelled :(

  • -2

    Bunnings have a similar chair with less bells and whistles for $8…

    • quality wise they are not even close!

      • I guess you pay for what you get.
        Hopefully the $8 chair lasts afew camping trips XD

  • +1

    Bought 2 and had one refunded. Looks like the wife and I will be fighting over who isn’t sitting on the ground.

  • got 2 blue click and collect this deal is still going got an email from them this morning to confirm and still works this morning maybe can remove the expired tag

  • +1

    Picked-up yesterday.
    It's a little bit bigger and lighter than my 7yrs old fishing chair that I bought from reject shop.
    Even my old one has only one drink holder…
    Time to say goodbye my old chair.

  • Anyone home delivery order still stuck on processing and no info/cancellation? Mine is :/

    • Only 1 got delivered for me and the order info says order complete.. the packaging slip says only 1 was packed…

  • Just received mine…. only 1 was delivered. After checking my emails - i had an email sitting in junk. Telling me that items were potentially coming from different locations. Hopefully the second is yet to arrive.

  • So dumb - I’m in Sydney and they have posted one from Glenorchy tas and the other from cairns - both floating around australia post land not being scanned or delivered anytime fast !

    • +1

      I got one chair from Tas to Sydney after 3 weeks. The other one from cairns is still missing in action. What’s so frustrating is I was at chullora anaconda and they have pallets of these chairs. I ring anaconda twice head office and they won’t price match in store, won’t send a replacement, their only solution is they will ring australia post and ask them to move the parcel along faster LOL - as if…ridiculous.

  • Still waiting…

  • received 1 of the 5 I have ordered, one tracking number only provided that is now marked delivered.

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