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Went ahead and bought the Russell Hobbs 1(RHK550). My Kmart one finally died after about 4 years. With 3% marketplace discount from...
19/09/2021 - 06:47
Excellent price for the blender! I was waiting for a sale for few months and didn't come across one. Sigh. I bought a temporary one (NUTRI...
18/09/2021 - 12:14
Failed to add to cart. I think it is now finished.
17/09/2021 - 08:47
I run almost same setup(27" 4k portrait on left, 43" 4k on centre and 27" 4k portrait flipped on right), but with a Quadro P1000 that I...
14/09/2021 - 21:47
Do you have recommendations for a unit that can scan as well?
10/09/2021 - 16:01
Hi mate, I tried that link and I am not seeing an option anymore. Is there a trick to it?
08/09/2021 - 16:50
Agreed. (1440p 60fps front + 1080p 30fps rear version) is the way to go. This deal is poor value in comparison, and not recommended.
07/09/2021 - 15:09
1 google search is showing 100 nose clips for $2.91 from Amazon delivered within 3 weeks. Not sure how hard that was:...
06/09/2021 - 09:40
So have you not worn the mask? It is pretty obvious there is a gap. Weeks ago people said there is a issue with nose wire/gap. The best you...
06/09/2021 - 09:37
"Please feel free to throw us solutions, ideas and even contacts that maybe able to help with supply of the options." Woah!
06/09/2021 - 09:33
Yeah I tried that. Doesn't seem to work. The problem is not only hot air blowing out, but outside air entering via that gap. Maybe the wire...
06/09/2021 - 09:26
I received my masks and seems like they are well built. I have one problem though - since it doesn't have nose wire, some air is entering...
06/09/2021 - 09:15
Sold out in 40 minutes of posting? @OP, any plans to add more in stock?
03/09/2021 - 20:44
And off course, dog act from PCCG. I have bought 2 full builds and a case recently. Will make me think twice on my future purchases.
02/09/2021 - 20:41
I don't believe the story of delivery driver/StarTrack. These drivers deliver 400-600 parcel a day(took this number from a recent StarTrack...
02/09/2021 - 18:41
Looks like this credit may not be an instant thing, and might need some human intervention(maybe for some cases?). My order status is...
31/08/2021 - 10:50
Ha! I also just signed up with $1 but have not received my $10 credit yet! I feel duped Josh :D I am $1 poorer, in an attempt to buy a...
31/08/2021 - 09:30
Yes you can. Just black out your shipping details with a black marker. ParcelPoint will print a label/attach according to the Chat.
23/08/2021 - 16:04
Mine came in an envelope. I cut it open, so it was not re-usable.
23/08/2021 - 15:58
Return is via ParcelPoint. Check your nearest location from your home address : Also, if you don't...
23/08/2021 - 15:55
Item was delivered today. Received a 5700G CPU.
23/08/2021 - 15:50
Thanks for the review mate. I was expecting much higher quality with RRP of $90 for 5($18 each). Got too trigger happy and bought a 10 pack...
19/08/2021 - 19:35
Hi @timetoquit, Has your order arrived? Keen the hear the quality/comfort of it.
19/08/2021 - 17:35
Looks like it's sold out already, missed out.
23/06/2021 - 16:46
Showing A$478.65 now. Pulled the trigger. Thanks OP!
22/06/2021 - 08:00
Amazon has now updated their price as $449 now as well. Might be cheaper for someone to buy using discount vouchers via Macquarie/Suncorp...
02/06/2021 - 12:02
I was lucky to garb one from that deal. I don't think it has come under the $299 since that deal.
07/05/2021 - 12:32
General question for someone who has had experience with treadmills. Can you use them if you live in apartments - how is the noise for...
13/01/2021 - 14:22
How is your product better than the Kogan one 262-Piece Colour Marker Set @ $99.99...
08/01/2021 - 14:24