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Logitech G502 X PLUS LIGHTSPEED Wireless RGB Gaming Mouse (White) $154.95 + Delivery @ The Gamesmen


Cheaper g502 X plus lightspeed I have seen. Bought mine last night and got posted confirmation today.

Couldn't find any working vouchers.

White only from what I can find but at 40% off I'll adjust my preference

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The Gamesmen

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  • $154.95

  • +1

    Damn they really don't want to put the black version on sale, unfortunate

  • It's on eBay for a few bucks more too

    • $173ish? i thought i saw a post about this mouse not long ago but cannot find it now.

  • question:. it say this has 5 Onboard memory profiles.
    is that means i can customise all the buttons on my personal laptop (with the GHUB software installed), then without GHUB or anything (just connect bluetooth), i can have all that setting on my work laptop? (i cant install any software into work laptop)

    • Yes, it's no different to changing the DPI.

      • wow.. yes just google it, very cool feature
        Use Logitech G HUB to save your settings to the on board memory on the mouse and take them with you. Your saved settings will work on any PC without additional software or any login required.
        even better it has 5 profiles so i can create one for work ie copy and paste (in excel) into separate buttons.

        damn now i regret didnt buy g502 lightspeed at $71 few weeks ago

        • Yeah, it's pretty great. I have a G604 with a similar features. Use G-hub to set it up at home, then take it around to various places I work, plug in the dongle, and can use the additional features, buttons, etc.

          • @Ezuku: I will just BT as not gaming.
            By the way would this causing wrist issues? Im using lift vertical now and the pain has gone.

            • @CyberMurning: Honestly I mostly just use mine for productivity, I'd like to pretend I use it for gaming but honestly I'm a bit too busy for that these days. I like having loads of buttons and prefer removable batteries so I use a g604. I do use the dongle which uses the lightspeed connection at work as it saves me need to pair it which is useful as I'm constantly using different computers. Much better than using rubbish quality work provided mice. At home I bluetooth if I'm too lazy to get out the dongle. Haven't started the g-hub app in ages. There was a very frustrating period where g-hub broke scroll wheel functionality and it took them a month to update.

              RE: wrist issues, no pain form my side. Having the correct height of desk and chair helps a lot, but honestly it's a very individual thing. I use a palm grip and have large hands.

  • Worth upgrading from Razer Naga Pro?

  • Sold out now but they also sold out last night so keep an eye out

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