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Apple TV with a Bonus $20 iTunes Gift Card for $108 at Harvey Norman


Apple TV + $20 iTunes gift card = $108 at Harvey Norman, offer ends 22/07/2012

this deal is $1 cheaper than last month DSE deal. just in time for Mountain Lion release, which supports AirPlay.

EDIT: Model: MD199X/A

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Harvey Norman

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    if only atv3 Jailbreak was out yet :(

    • -1

      it wont be long mate… it'll be jailbroken before you can spend the $20 on itunes :).

      • +2

        Ummm last I heard they were saying it next to impossible an I've nothing to change that since?

        • Yeah I've heard the some. Something about being unable to inject files. If you're looking for a JB, I'd wait on the purchase until the JB is confirmed or get something like the WDTV.

        • Yeah…. impossible?

          Gimmie a break. If they havent cracked it before the end of year I'll be very surprised.
          DVD burning, impossible.
          BluRay ripping, impossible.

        • +5

          I said next to impossible not impossible. The lack of apps on the AppleTV makes its extremely hard to find exploits.

          The only reason the ATV2 could be jailbroken was because it had the same bootrom (hardware) as the iPhone 4.

          All jailbreaks for iPhone 4S/iPad 3 have been user land (software based), hence not portable to ATV3.

          Your prediction went from "not long" to "end of year". Truth is you have zero idea on the progress (nor do I). So giving any timeframe/hope to someone considering buying the device for the sole purpose of jailbreaking is just attention seeking and unhelpful.

        • Exactly, he's clearly a big Apple fan or something.

          For most people the device is near useless without JB, and the JB might never come or when it does come there will be something else better.

          Its better to assume it will never come and only buy this device if it already serves what you need.

  • +2

    Great deal but unfortunately ATV3 is not able to be JB (XBMC) at this point in time. Without XBMC playback for other media can be done but it requires workarounds such as an iPhone with airvideo.

  • own 2 of these and love it .. one 720p JB, great with plex, the other 1080p purchased in prep for Mountain Lion + Airplay .. still completely useful with Netflix .. can't wait for the JB eventually

    • Quick question, do you use a VPN to trick ATV3 into loading USA version of iOS with Netflix built in?

      • You change the store to USA and then Netflix will show.
        You then trick Netflix via DNS settings to make it think that you reside in the USA.
        I use unblock-us for this (free month trial and then $4.99 Candian dollars per month - or $49.99 yearly).

        • Ditto to this…have had my Netflix account for nearly 2 years… even if you only watch one film a month it's worth the $7.99 a month. Craps all over DVD/Blu-ray rental and Foxtel combined.

  • Just bought my second unit, thanks OP.
    Itunes card is always handy for those special 99c apps.

  • Any idea what gen this model is?

    • +1

      MD199X/A, 2012 model.

  • -1

    Although JB wouldn't match the deal with an iTunes card they instead threw in a free HDMI cable (rrp $37)
    Personally I preferred that.

    • +5

      Do you know that nobody here want to buy one that more than $5 for a standard 1.5m-2m cable?

      You can probably sell the gift card for $15 then get a $5 cable and pocket $10.

      • +10

        To be fair the $37 one is probably insulated with unicorn leather.

        • $37 for HDMI … wow. Jipped!

        • Went into Harvey's last week to get a hdmi cable for the ps3 cheapest they had was $40 sales guy said he could do it for $30 I said no thanks will get one from eBay for $5 guys says that with the cheap cables u lose definition. Ended up getting a cable for $2.99 and the ps3 looks great on the HDTV even with the loss in definition:)

        • +1

          There is no loss. They are digital, so you either get perfection or nothing. Only thing that can change is speed.

        • +1

          Exactly. A sales person that says otherwise is either completely ignorant or lying to your face. Since its Harvey Norman, could be both.

        • Because he's Ez.

        • it depends. upto 5m , a good shielded hdmi cable wont have any issue.
          run it 10+ m and you'll see funny issues passing thru electrical cables.

      • Even $5 is too much if you are patient…

  • Guys, can someone pls confirm if I get this unit I can play video from my new ipad to my smart TV?

    • +4

      Yeah, something like that.

      • Thanks Scubacole for your reply… I did some research but it mainly talks about how it can play from the icloud, I wanted to see if anyone have managed to play directly from their ipad (recorded clips)

        • +1

          Yes, you can via airplay. Any iOS (iPhone, iPad) device can see the Apple TV and send the videos from that to the ATV. A lot of video apps can send the video to the ATV so you can watch a heap of stuff.

        • Great thank you stubatman :-)

        • Also don't forget that Mountain Lion comes with Airplay support for Macs too.

  • Thanks OP.
    Will try for a Price Match at DSE for the extra 5% off with staff discount.

  • Me and my Apple TV 3 have been living together for 3 weeks now. I have a popcorn hour in one room and the apple TV in the living (There is always confrontation).
    I must admit that I don't feel too sad about the jailbreak…as there are apps like Beamer and Air video and life with ATV3 is not that bad.

    I love the seamless airplay capability from the new Ipad to ATV3. I have most of my catchup TV content available on You Tube so airplay is fun and convenient.

    Yes if you are buying in hope one day you will have a jailbreak for this then don't.

    Get a Model B Raspberry Pi(Though I am still waiting for mine)and make your XBMC dreams come true for less than $50.

    • I've got my Raspberry Pi and RaspBMC rocks on it.

  • Nice deal, but as I refuse to purchase any iTunes cards with less than 25%, I'd consider the $20 Gift Card more like $15. ;)

  • Just today we picked a Apple TV up from Harvey Norman Brown Plains there were two left grab one so one 1 left

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