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Buy 1 Premium/Traditional Get 1 Free from 9/1 + More @ Domino’s via App


Upcoming Deals Table

Domino’s Deals Availability Date Start Date Expires
$2.99 Pepperoni (1 per order) Pickup 12/12 25/12
30% off New Yorkers Pickup & Delivery 26/12 8/1
Buy One Premium/Traditional, Get One FREE Pickup & Delivery 9/1 22/1
40% off Traditional and Premium Pizzas Pickup & Delivery 23/1 5/2
$5 Supreme or BBQ Meatlovers Pickup 6/2 19/2
50% off Traditional & Premium Pizzas NO LONGER HAPPENING Pickup & Delivery 20/2 5/3

Key Info

Deals are available exclusively via the Domino’s App. Navigate to My Account and login then, Order -> Choose Pickup/Delivery -> Wallet.

Other Info

Can’t see the deal in your app?
Try restarting your app. It may also help to go straight to checkout then select “Domino’s Wallet” from the checkout screen.

What’s my voucher code?
You can view your single use code (if you’re curious) by navigating to the Domino’s Website then try to apply the wallet deal at checkout. It will say “The Voucher XXXXXXXX Is Not Accepted On This Device”.

XXXXXXX is your voucher code.

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  • +4

    There will be so much food around every household on the 25./26.12. They must offer cheaper prices if they want so sell anything those days except for people who have no family and skip Christmas at all!

    • +3

      Last year I got Maccas and saw Matrix 4 on xmas day with the missus.

      Genuinely the best Christmas experience I've had in forever.

      Plenty of people skip out on xmas. More things should be open. I (profanity) hate Mickey D's but it was all there was. I understand people deserve to be with their family and shit if they choose to, but for those who choose not to, which is a large number of people, I'd much rather earn overtime public holiday rates and keep on trucking like any other day. Mate of mine is keen as a bean to be working xmas day at the pub, reckons he's getting triple his casual rate.

      Point being, Domino's, like Maccas, will likely sell like (profanity) hotcakes due to the basic monopoly they'll have. And don't forget their little public holiday surcharge they don't pass along to the employees.

      • -2

        Bro, it's literally just one day per year, stop crying lol
        Have your 'missus' cook something or you surprise her

      • -1

        Dominos only have a monopoly because they sold cheap pizzas for so long, and the only reason they could do that is because their pizzas are very cheap to make (per pizza anyway). After they had their monopoly their prices wen't up a lot and they started nickel and diming people with crazy fees. Conveyer oven pizzas are crazy cheap to make and any good manager can train any group of teens to make them properly, but you can't compete with Dominos because if you tried Dominos can afford to undercut you whilst you are bearing the cost of buying and marketing your new stores.

      • Public holiday surcharge they don't pass along? They don't pay penalty rates?

  • @WoodYouLikeSomeCash you should post it near the day. Who is gonna remember this one ?

    • +7

      Just hit 'set reminder', 'On the start date' - sorted

    • The mods could highlight the deal on the front page.

    • Maybe just click on the reminder button for the deal?

  • +4

    I thought they stop selling New Yorkers? I’m out of the loop, haven’t had Dominoes since before COVID.

  • I don't mind their new yorker pizza tbh, It's better than what you'd expect dominos regular pizza to be but not by much.

    • what's the difference?

    • doesn't make sense , it's still a domino pizza

      you could get 6 pepperonis pizzas for 1 new yorker

      • +2

        It’s not just one of their regular pizzas bigger. They taste better. Well they did years ago.

        • +4

          These are not the same New Yorker pizzas as last time. The sauce and the pepperoni is the same as regular Domino's pizza.
          Tried it last night and was very disappointed. I really enjoyed the New Yorkers Domino's had last time as they were very authentic.

          • +1

            @Max Power: Same experience with the Big Hawaiian I got tonight, it's just a larger regular Hawaiian and nothing like the New Yorkers they had previously which were great… very disappointing indeed.

  • 26th wld have surcharge rates also…

    • Available for the week, you can avoid the surcharge by waiting a day or two.

  • -4

    It's a shame that their app is now absolute garbage! I have a store literally 4.4km up the road and it refuses to recognize my address.

    • Nothing is wrong with the app, if your address doesn’t register it means there are no stores that deliver to your address. Double check you’ve entered the address correctly or try verifying with the store via a call that they can deliver to your address.

      • Ever since the last update the app has been complete garbage, Have you seen all the 1 and 2 star reviews on the playstore?

        • +1

          The mentioned reviews don’t seem to be related to address issues, please try calling your local store to verify they can deliver to your address.

    • +1

      Let me guess you live in a new house.

  • +3

    I didn't realise they still did the New Yorker. It was never worth the price difference..

  • +1

    Supreme pizzas for $5 is the shiznit.

  • +3

    Domino's are great. Great when you have constipation, will blow open your bowels with diarrhoea.

    • Haha. I get the opposite effect. Eating Domino's usually blocks me up.

  • Anyone know if pizza hut tastes better than dominos, in particular the cheese and pepperoni pizza.

    They're double the price at pizza hut.

    • +2

      Pizza Hut quality is awful these days, sadly.

      Well below Dominos, IMO.

  • Thanks OP.

  • Anyone else having trouble with the wallet offers not showing? I opened up the app and it showed the $2.99 pepproni deal and that it should be in my wallet. When I open my wallet nothing is there even on the checkout page.

    Tried closing the app and reopening and still nothing there.


    Ended up logging out of my account rather than just closing it then logging back in which fixed it.

  • Anyone able to get the code for 30% off New Yorkers?

    • This code is live and should show up in your wallet.

      • It's now showing up! Yay!

  • Is it just my local Dominos who have removed the mini meatballs from their menu, or is it everywhere?

    • The chicken mini meatballs? My local store has them.

  • I've applied the new yorker offer from my wallet. I'm on the menu. No new yorker. East Perth, WA

  • Hey is the 30% the new normal discount for the traditional large pizzas ($10.5) ?

    Sad inflationary times

  • The 30% off New Yorkers is not on my app :(

    • +2

      It should still show up for today, try restarting your app.

      • Don't Dominos have the extra large pizzas anymore ?

        • +1

          Yes, they should show up?

          • @WoodYouLikeSomeCash: Not available on the website.

            • +2

              @dryandra: Please try selecting a pizza (e.g Hawaiian) then select “Size & Crust”, does Extra Large - Classic Crust show up as an option?

              • @WoodYouLikeSomeCash: When I pick size and crust it only shows crust type, no sizes. There use to be a separate menu for extra large pizzas, I use to always get the pepperoni extra large pizza, but that menu is not there now.

  • +1

    why do you need an app!?
    what difference does it make using an app. can't you offer these deals to those who don't use apps..

    • +1

      so you can only do it once??
      not like it stops us but yknow

    • +3

      Literally to try and stop people using more than one per person. That's the only reason. They've advertised it as a quality-of-life feature (when in reality does the complete opposite), but it's just plain old DRM of promos.

      • Can you create multiple accounts though if you have more than one phone??

        • +2

          I can confirm you don't need more than one phone/phone number to create multiple accounts.

  • $5 supreme! Damn it ozbargains, you’ve convinced me to buy takeaway again. Love me some supreme pizza. February cheat day.

  • can't complete the order on the app. After clicking on "Finish Order" nothing happens

    • edit: Found that this promo does not work at the local Domino's

  • +2

    The delivery service fee cap is set to increase from $4 to $5 (+$1). And the Sunday surcharge is also set to increase as well as the prices of value range pizzas starting January 30th 2023. Just a heads up guys.

  • On the 40% off pizza go for the custom made 4 topping pizza will only cost you $12.99.

    Depending on store.

  • +2

    Here’s an update to my previous comment regarding price adjustments coming up.

    Starting Friday 27th January 2023

    • All menus in store are replaced with menus that show no pricing/a QR code to view the menu. — this is in anticipation of future price increases.
    • Value XL Pizza upgrade increases from $2 to $3.

    Starting Monday 30th January 2023

    • Value Range Pizzas increasing from $5 to $5.99 (however will still remain $5 via the app only).
    • Delivery Service Fee Cap increasing from $4 to $5.
    • Sunday Surchage increasing from 10% to 15%.
    • Choc Lava Puff Rolls launch from $4.99.

    Starting Wednesday 1st February 2023

    • BBQ Meatlovers pizzas $5 pickup/$10 delivered between 3pm - 5pm (app only).
    • If they think this is going help the slowdown in sales well, good luck, also they had choc lava puff rolls before but I guess this time they won't be made instore

      They also tried $5 online and 5.95 instore for value pizzas before and gave up on that quick

    • Value range is actually $5.99 via the app now too.

    • Hey there, I have a Domino's Insta Gift Card but I am unable to use it to pay on the Domino's App. I want to use the $5 Supreme Pizza Deal on the App but it doesn't let me pay using my Gift Card. Could you please suggest a solution or provide an alternate coupon code that discounts the Supreme Pizza to $5 on your OLD CLASSIC URL where the Gift Card payment option still works?

      How do I pay using my Insta Gift Card on the App, otherwise?

  • Hmm more inflation yet my income remains the same. Shitty.

  • Anyone confirm if you pay online do they charge you credit card surcharge at checkout?

    I selected ‘pay in store’ option and was charged extra when I arrived at the store. The amount charged was different from what us shown in the app and what is on my receipt the store printed as it includes a surcharge

      • +2

        Thanks for that ^^

        So looks like:
        If you pay online - no surcharge
        Pay in store - may be a surcharge depending on the store

        Very shady of them not to disclose this upfront though and in fact none of the receipts or confirmation screens I have show any form of surcharge

        • +1

          I've always selected cash, but pay by debit, when in-store. The manager suggested that…👍

  • I got a notification for "2 for 1 Tuesday" (Buy 2 Get 1 Free) today, upon clicking it it's added the voucher to the cart…couldn't find it noted for today anywhere else.

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