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Extra 40% off The Lowest Marked Price + $8 Delivery ($0 with $100 Order) @ Puma

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Take an extra 40% off lowest marked price. Use code 'HOLIDAY40'.

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  • +27

    I can finally afford to Puma pants

  • -1

    Thanks OP

    Picked up 2 sandals and 2 sneakers for $110 posted.

  • Some good deals. Got 2 shoes for $60 delivered

    • Which ones?

      • +31

        Hopefully a Left and a Right.

        • Username checks out..

  • Had difficulties with an incorrect order and no communications on the last Puma deal. Had to dispute via PayPal. Just my experience, not sure if it's common

    • -3

      Just pay with a CC why paypal?

      • +8

        Pay with CC via PayPal for an extra layer of dispute.

      • Noob ozb, comment above is correct for every purchase 👆

  • Thanks OP I bought some golf shoes that I never would have paid anywhere near full price for.

  • fanks OP

  • Cheddar has 10% cashback, not sure if this code will have it invalid though

  • Don’t forget to check their Vegan section

    • +1

      No pumas were harmed?

      • +1

        I hope not I just spent $200 bucks lol bargain

  • +1

    No Melo's

    • Good to know

    • Weirdly the kids Melo Slime's which just dropped can be had at 40% off. $86 delivered.

      • Shame the adults ones aren't!.

        All sold out anyway.

  • +2

    As expected, the good stuff are excluded :(

  • +1

    When does this end?

    • +1

      Doesnt matter when it ends as stock is running low.

      So if you want something now just get it.

  • perfect timing… thanks Op!

  • +2

    Where to use the code? Cant find the place to enter the code at checkout.

    • +2

      not sure why this got negged… not seeing it either

      • +1

        I'm using a mobile browser, maybe it’s the case

    • AT the check out

    • +1

      Apply it at the "cart" before you checkout. Have to click "View Cart".

  • +2

    IIRC the same deal is currently in store at their clearance stores at DFO. If you can’t find what you want online it might be worth taking a trip in store..

    • +1

      Great tip thanks

    • Hey @sharing is caring, does this work instore, too?

      • I am not sure. I used it online…

      • +1

        In store they just had signs up saying “take an extra 40% off lowest marked price”. No code required.

  • Thanks OP. However I didn’t get the free freight for my order over $100.

    • How come? Was your order total still over $100 after applying the code?

    • Same - seems promo code means you don't get the free shipping for orders over $100

      • +2

        I got free delivery and used promo code.

        • +1

          Yup, can confirm.. free delivery with my spend just over $100

  • +1

    Thanks OP - i just tried this with cashrewards and it seems to work as well.

  • -2

    Having your carted item sold out from under you kind of discourages looking around for more stuff :(

  • +4

    Just did some research on Puma Basketball Shoes
    Since MB01 or MB02 shoes are NOT part of the sale…

    TRC Blaze Court Basketball Shoes seems to be great especially when taking further 40% off $102 colourways - bringing it down to $61.2 a pair
    - Youtube reviews seem to think that the best thing about this shoe is the bounce, traction is pretty good
    - Since I'm not sure on sizing, I've purchased two different sizes and will return the one that does not fit (this also gives you free shipping; saving of $8)

    Another shoe that is worth taking a look at especially with 40% off $96 - bringing it down to $57.6 a pair - is the Court Rider 2.0
    - Youtube reviews says overall a decent all rounder shoe however there is nothing special that is making it stand out but for $57.6; you cant complain

    • Both Court Rider 2.0 and TRC Blaze Court are amazing for $57.60

  • I gotta ask. How wide a fit are most of these ?

    • +1

      I’m usually a US 9 but find 9.5 better fitting

  • Great if you were after some of the football boots - typically excluded from promotion but most seem to work with the code this time

  • +2

    Awesome thanks, picked up 4 pairs or runners, two tea shirts and a hoodie for the price of a pair of Nike's in Hype lol.

    • +2

      Morning or afternoon tea?

      • +1

        Lol, I can't edit either..

        • I did it on purpose so it'll be immortalised. Hahaha

  • Puma Shoes 👍🏻

  • +1

    got my kids carlton gear. Thanks!

  • Cheers OP ..2 shoes, 3 tank tops, a pair of shorts 127 delivered.. not bad at all

  • Does anyone know how long this deals last

    • following, looking for answer pls…

      • Still working now.

  • What is the default size "international conversion" when buying shoes? UK or US ?
    When opening the Size Guide, the US one is in bold font. But it is not clear that this is actually the default.

  • +2

    Attention runners - this code actually works on the well regarded Nitro range. e.g. Liberate Nitro for $108 and Velocity Nitro for $120 delivered are pretty good value

  • +1

    Has this shipped for anyone?

    Radio silence since putting the order in…

    • +1

      Order Date: 23 December, 2022
      Order Status: In Progress

      Still nothing for me.

    • Shipped and received on the 30th of Dec.

    • Received my items without issues.

  • Still haven't heard anything about my order placed on December 23 too…

    • bought dec-23. Delivered today

      • Just got a shipping notice yesterday - finally!

        • Did you get a confirmation email for your order?
          My partner made the payment so I used her email address but she says she hasn't had a single email at all.

          Shipment arrived today - or part of what I was expecting. The deduction to the bank acount suggests there should have been more items, as I was expecting.

          Everything delivered is a poor fit, so I was wondering how much I actually paid on a couple of the items before I decide to return them or live with them - impossible to know without an email.

  • Already expired I was processing a return as the size is smaller than other brands

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