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Nongshim Shin Ramyun 5pk $4.50, ½ Price Tegel Take Outs 1Kg Portions $7, Red Island Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1L $9 @ Woolworths


Special starts Wednesday 11th January as part of the weekly Woolworths catalogue. Note Shin Ramyun is already on special and will be $4.50 until 17/01/23

Nong Shim Shin Ramyun 5 Pack $4.50

Tegel Take Outs 1Kg Portions $7

Louisiana Style
Nashville Style

Red Island Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1L $9

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    Dear Woolworths,
    All I want is half price Tegel Take Outs Louisiana Style Burger.

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      I don't think they even sell the Tegel Burgers anymore.

      I checked a few Woolworths, and I don't see them. Also has been Out of Stock for months on their site

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        Heart breaking.

        • The only place I've seen the Tegel Burger is at Costco - $27 for 1.5kg (standard price).

      • This hurts!

      • I got lucky and got the last at my Woollies last week.

        Looks like you can buy on line.…

      • they are stocked again in stores

    • Never had these. Worth the hunt?

      • best frozen chicken I've ever had.

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    Shin ramyun already 4.5/pack at the moment at woolies

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    isn't this the regular price at the asian stores that is right next to woolies?

    • Not all woolies have asian stores next to them and they have been more like $5.5 lately from what i've seen

    • Yeah, you'd think with the buying power Colesworth have that they can undercut the Asian stores but every real Asian instant noodle (not the westernised crap) is so overpriced in comparison

  • Tegel Take Outs chicken portions are very good and even better when on Special.
    However, I ordered quite a few last month 11 Dec, and noticed the ' USE BEFORE Date was Jan' 23'.
    Woolworths didn't seem interested in providing any answer, but keen to refund.
    I'm always cautious when it comes to Chicken products. I contacted TEGEL via their Customer Care e-mail, to enquire about the dates and how best to interpret them, and also what is a true 'safe to consume' date, for these specific January dated products.
    Does anyone here have an opinion on this?

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      They're frozen so I'm sure they will be still good for a few months after the 'best before' date.

      Quality won't be as good 2 years later but will still be safe to eat if frozen.

      • Thanks JimB. However, it's not a 'best before' date.
        It's a ' USE BEFORE ' date.
        It seems to me that Tegel are clear on their stipulation to purchasers, to consume this product BEFORE the specified date.
        I would still welcome clarification from Tegel.
        I might try to contact them again.

    • -1

      Bacteria growth is slowed but not stopped when frozen. Listen to the little voice in your head…. "Roll the dice, it's totally worth food poisoning - those chicken patties are delicious"

      • Maybe I have misinterpreted your post?
        Not a fan of food poisoning and which
        Chicken patties are you referring to?

        • +2

          Foodstamps is making a joke. His joke is that the Tegel burgers are so good it’s worth risking any food poisoning for. Now laugh at his joke

      • What bacteria can grow in freezer temps?
        They require liquid water to reproduce.

        • I think he means it's dormant and not completely dead. So long as you don't leave it to thaw too long it should be fine. In general, I would interpret the date as USE BEFORE the end of January 2023.
          Quality may diminish as it nears the use by date.

  • I'm seeing $14 for Kegel?

    • +11

      Should have gone to specsavers

    • Starts in 2 days (Wednesday).

    • +4

      Freudian slip? Kegeling is free, you just need a lot of practice to make it work.

      Tegels on the other hand isn't half price yet because the promo hasn't started.

      • have you been trying Kegels for some time? would appreciate advice

    • User name checks out

  • Cheers OP, went to Woolies just for the chicken, bought a pack of each to try, and some Shin Ramyan while i was there.

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