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$1098 Renegade Industrial Tools Package


Pretty solid deal i guess.
Some fairly useful tools at a good price.
2yrs warranty.

Kit Includes:
1 x RI2901 - 115mm Angle Grinder
1 x RI5402 - 185mm Circular Saw
1 x RI5811 - Reciprocating Saw With Quick Release Blade
1 x RI5801 - Jigsaw With Pendulum Action
1 x RI5701 - 1/4" Hex Impact Driver
1 x RI5701.1 - 1/2" Drive Impact Wrench
1 x RI5222S - 13mm Hammer Drill Driver
1 x RI5215S - 13mm Drill Driver
1 x RI5705K - 1/2" Heavy Duty Impact Wrench
1 x RI5502 - Bright LED Torch
2 x RI5304.5 - Battery Chargers
3 x RI5S2P13 - 18 Volt 2.6Ah Lithium-ion Cordless Battery Packs
1 x Large Heavy Duty Nylon Carry Bag
2 x Small Heavy Duty Nylon Carry Bag

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  • A well known brand no doubt… :)

  • so, username, is this your company ?

    • Apologies for submitting a deal.

      • No need to apologise… he was just wondering if you are a rep?

      • … bought the package on Friday. Was itching to tell some mates - didn't because i wanted to save face (dont want to known as a cheaparse). So I'm telling the www.

        Nope. not a rep - was just seeking some tools and stumbled across this.

        • If these tools were such great quality as you make it out to be, why would you be embarassed to tell them what you bought?

          Oh that's right, you didn't want to be known as a cheaparse, because this is a no name brand and you know it.

      • fair enough then. thanks for clarification.

  • Is it just me or does this sound like a kit for a bank robbery? especially with the:
    "1 x Large Heavy Duty Nylon Carry Bag
    2 x Small Heavy Duty Nylon Carry Bag" for the cash
    and the tools for breaking into the vault
    the "1 x RI5502 - Bright LED Torch" for when youre in but its pitch dark
    and "2 x RI5304.5 - Battery Chargers, 3 x RI5S2P13 - 18 Volt 2.6Ah Lithium-ion Cordless Battery Packs" for if its taking longer than expected.
    Someone find a balaclava for $1 and you've got yourself a full set for under $1,100.

    Disclaimer: Intended as a joke only. Don't actually go and rob a bank

  • Looks like OK value on the face of it, but I actually have no idea as to the price of these sorts of things… I always am surprised when walking through Bunnings at how cheap power tools are these days…

  • they are marketed as trade tools, so they should take a fair beating.

  • I wouldn't call it a bargain. Eg Why would anyone need 3x impact drivers?

    Also the main point is to have a whole range of tools that take the same batteries, eg the ryobi one+ range I use has everything from torches to chainsaws and vacuums.

    It would be better to buy buy a small kit with batts, then add tools as and when you need them.


      Because it costs more then twice as much doing it that way. I do agree though that 3 impact drivers? not sure if most people even need one! I rarely use mine as an Electrician.

      • I don't think it does cost any more. I bought a drill kit with a couple of batteries for $200, then each tool after that is $50 to $100, and you don't need to buy them all at once, and only buy what you actually need, and keep an eye out for deals/ebay.

    • It warms my heart that a battery powered chainsaw exists

      Agreed about buying the tools you need as you go for most people

  • Never heard of 'Renegade' - its a lot to spend on an unknown brand.

    Who needs 2 battery chargers ? More than 3 batteries would be more useful.

  • This is the problem with OzBargain.

    Too concerned about the bottom cent that they lack any sense.

    All i find on OzBargain is $1 keyboards and $9 printers. I want to buy purposeful items.

    Any welder, machinist profession would know Renegade is a solid brand.

    Trust a OzBargain member to recommend 'sold-out' names such as Mekita.

    Relatively to the quality, tools, and service (in-store ppl know what thye're talking about). This is a bargain.

    This bargain is not for John who works in IT.

    I'm sick of buying $1 masking tape and $2 burgers.

    • Hey ThisIsAUsername, I agree with you to a certain extent… The are plenty of negative-nancies/keyboard warriors all over OzB (all over the internet for that matter).

      That being said, if you had of put "Any welder, machinist profession would know Renegade is a solid brand.
      Relatively to the quality, tools, and service (in-store ppl know what thye're talking about). This is a bargain." in your original post, you probably would have eliminated most of the hyperbole/sarcasm which has followed.. just a thought!

    • Can never get enough $2 burgers mate


      Keyboads and printers serve a purpose (how are they not purposeful items??), 90+% of people here use keyboards more then any of these tools, hence why there is many more deals for them.

      If you don't want to buy $1 masking tape or $2 burgers then DON'T, no one is holding a gun to your head.

      How about giving us some links to show these are reliable? word of mouth from one person that has only just bought them means below nothing to me.

      P.S how do you know that John from IT doesn't build cupboards as a hobby on the weekends?

      Member Since 13/07/2012, you still have much to learn!

      P.S.S I would LOVE more tools deals on OZB! Can never have enough tools ;)

    • I have +ve you as you got a point. The thing is that most people here are probably IT (or office) related (as others do not have time to lure around here during work hours).
      Such deal should have been advertised with this in mind - i.e. this is a great bargain for whoever use the tools for business (i.e. not the Joe who is using it once in a year in their shed). And also pinpoint that Renegade is a reputable brand.
      But hey, don't worry much about the nagging people. You know better if it is or it is not a bargain. Most ordinary blokes (me included) probably never heard of it, and would never have need for such large kit.:-)
      Happy posting!

    • So you sign up here just to whinge about how stupid everyone is on here and how they lack sense ? And how crap all the deals are? And how you have no self control and we are forcing you to buy cheap keyboads, tape and burgers ? Lol what?

    • Now I'm suspicious after that uncalled-for rant.

      These so called "solid brand" renegade tools have only been around for a few years and are predominantly only being sold at a certain online retailer. Hmmm.

  • I am after a cordless impact drill 18v with lithium ion batteries. I am looking to buy a reputable brand, any recommendations about the brands and cheapest place i can get it. its for home use so not looking to spend big $$ on it.

    • I brought the Milwalkie 18V hammer drill and driver set with bag 2 batts and charger from amazon US for less than $270 a year ago, also needed a step down transformer for $30 on ebay, same kit is oz is $1200.

      Accesories like bits etc are a fracton on amazon as to waht they are here in oz

      I use it for work and has never missed a beat having said that when drilling into reinforced concrete i get the bigger 240V big berthas out.

  • Have never ever heard of Renegade brand! No deal for me! If it is marketed as a trade brand then it needs some trade cred (which this "brand"does not!)

  • If theses tools are anything like the rest of Tradetools 'exclusive' brands then its a thumbs up from me. Had nothing but quality from tradetools.

  • This is a no name YumCha brand. No name Chinese tools are always going to be cheap.

  • I have not heard of this brand before but I think i would just get the ozito stuff from bunnings over this which could be less if you just buy what you need or about the same prob if you get all of it.

    my 2 cents is i think this guy is a rep and i would be getting a better brand from amazon us over this at possibly the same or cheaper price.