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Hey all,

I thought it’d be a great idea to start a forum on all of the Boost Mobile questions and whenever the next deal is posted, I can just link it to this mega thread

Last updated: 13 February 2024

Question Answer
1. Is Boost operated by Telstra network? Yes, on the full Telstra network
2. Does Boost support 5G? From 4 April 2023, 5G network access will be included as standard on your service and we’ll be introducing capped download speed caps on our 4G and 5G networks
3. Does Boost support e-SIM? Sadly not at this stage. However there are plans to do so Boost has enabled e-SIM via their updated app. Download the new app then select your mobile. Select transfer or restore e-SIM
4. Do you have to activate the SIM within 30 days? Every Cashrewards Boost cashback up to and including 30 Nov have been approved (confirmed by TA) - provided you activated within 30 days of order
5. How long is the SIM expiry? Usually 1 year, but to qualify for cashback the SIM must be activated within 30 days of ordering
6. It is showing “new customer” on Boost website. What does this mean? New customer term is only for the additional Boost data, and nothing to do with the cashback offer
7. Can I receive international text message (aka int. roaming) with this SIM by default? Yes, you can receive SMS while overseas, but can’t send outgoing to Australia
8. How long does it take to receive the SIM? According to the Boost Rep: Once dispatched, you should receive your order within the following business days: Metro Areas – 2-5 business days for capital cities – Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, Darwin, Hobart & Brisbane (order before 4pm). Non Metro or Regional / remote areas – 3-7 business days
9. Is porting in a Telstra number to Boost considered a "new customer"? From Boost Mobile rep via dm: Porting a number from Telstra to Boost is definitely considered a new customer
10. Are you able to purchase multiple plans using different names / ID (or can I purchase 4 x plans for the family using my own details)? From Boost Mobile rep via dm: Received clarification from the team and this is a tricky one since for compliance the terms is showing the customer is only allowed 1 sim per transaction but he can buy multiple SIMs and then activate them all under his name and he will then be able to manage all the numbers when he logs into the App with his Boost ID.
11. Information on what to do when the "please try again later" " or "SORRY, SOMETHING WENT WRONG" message comes up List of indicators that can affect how your order is flagged in different financial systems, which can hopefully help you understand what is going wrong. Possible fraud scenario: API returns during purchase - credit to @himalpatel. Live chat advised that if you faced the above fraud scenario message, you need to use your friends details (aka a completely different details) to order
12. Can this be used to recharge? No, this is a starter pack. Using as a "recharge" is being dis-allowed and activating first and moving the number may be allowed but is frowned upon and may not be allowed in future depending on how you ask for it.

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  • I can just link it to this mega thread

    mega ?

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    Good idea BG. In b4 someone asks if this can be used to recharge.

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    What would be helpful is information on what to do when the "please try again later" message comes up.
    I don't know how to link to info, but member 'boostmobileau' wrote some details in a previous thread on 26/11/2022 at 14:25.

    I made multiple attempts 2 days ago to activate a recent Sim. Different browsers, email addresses, forms of ID. Cleared caches, etc, etc. Couldn't get any combination of details to work. Ended up contacting Boost help, and they eventually sorted it for me (which took half hour of back and forth typing).
    There has to be a surefire way to activate these deals, otherwise people give up.

    • I had a lot of troubles recently (on my 6th Boost SIM) and found using different email helped on my 4th and 5th.

      On my 6th I tried all combinations of alternate addresses and emails but none would work.

      Eventually I decided to try signing into an old Boost ID I had from the very first SIM (no longer active) and activation worked!

      I suspect they have limits on user profiles per physical address, and also per email domain. The 4th and 5th SIMs would not activate on my personal domain but worked with Gmail emails.

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    Please note they are the ONLY supplier on the FULL Telstra network (other than Telstra obvs).

    • And JB Hi-Fi

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        Ah today I learned. Good to know

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    Whatever happened to discounted recharges…?

    • they still do, i have successfully done this twice now with mine and my wife's acct. You just have to chat to them first so can they record or whatever. We got $50 off our annual plans with them.

  • Only 150mbps on 300 day sims is a bummer..

    • Only if you activate or recharge after 4th April 2023

    • Still way faster than NBN50, NBN100, and may be equal or better than NBN 150 too

  • Seems to be a 2 per day purchase limit?

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    My experience using VoWiFi Internationally.

    Incoming calls are not diverted to MessageBank if set to divert after x seconds because as soon as the SIM card registers as being overseas the calls are directed to that location. Because I do not have international roaming turned on the call just drops out. My MessageBank is set to kick in after 15 seconds but it doesn’t even get to ring for 1 second. Taking the SIM card out of the phone does not work as the network remembers where it was last registered. The solution is to divert all calls to voicemail straight away. To Divert all calls - Key in
    and press the call icon. Now whenever anybody calls they get diverted straight away. I receive a TXT message every time a MessageBank message has been received.

    As mentioned TXT messages are received in every country that I have been to even when I do not have roaming enabled. There is no need to change any settings for this to work.

    As for the calling and TXT over WiFi service while out of Australia I need to do the following to get it working. First I need to restart the phone. Then turn flight mode on and reboot the phone again. There should be no mobile data and no Wi-Fi active. Now turn on Wi-Fi and connect to a local service. If I do not do this reboot process it appears that the phone does not recognize that Wi-Fi has been turned on and comes up with an error message when trying to make a call. After this is done both outgoing and incoming calls and TXT will work. On some occasions I have found that toggling WiFi on and off will also help the phone to recognise that WiFi calling is available. As soon as I change network settings, eg. turn flight mode off and on again, VoWiFi will stop working. Other people have suggested that turning off and on the VoWiFi setting on the phone and putting a +61 in front of the number have helped but this did not work for me.

    I’ve never been able to get VoWiFi working with mobile data no matter how many settings I change.

    My phone is a Pixel 4a.

  • Is this auto recharged using the credit card that I bought with? Or is this automatically not recharged by default, so I can throw them away after 30 days without worrying about further charges?

  • I'm with Boost now, can I keep my number to get cashback if I activate within 30 days?

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    1. It’s not a recharge. But you can ask a CSR to use the starter kit as a recharge. I think technically the service is activated on a new number and then your existing number/account is migrated across. The outcome is basically the same. Voicemail greeting needs to be recorded again. I’ve done it before and plan to do it this weekend.
    • Just received my sim card and this isn't the case. I've called them up and they've said that "you have done the process wrong, you should have recharged your current SIM card instead of purchasing a new one".

      • Have you tried Live Chat?

        • Yes. That's what I tried first, and they said they couldn't do it on live chat. They said to call up, and I'm currently on the phone with them now. Thanks for the quick reply btw jeez, you literally took 30 seconds

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            @Zackeroo: I'm at work in front of the computer with time to spare.

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              @sween64: LOL, how very productive of you :)

              • @Zackeroo: did it work for you? i called them as well they said they cant active the sim card (i am currently with boost) and keep my exisitng number. needed to do the recharge option through the app.

                • @karl1993: This method is kinda ozbargained. So their CSO will probably not do it now.

  • Say I have activated my sim within 30 days of purchase. Cashback has been tracked, but has not yet been approved. Will cashback be void if I were to port the number out now? I do not see this answered in the T &Cs

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    It appears that Boost are cracking down on swapping an existing Boost mobile number to a new SIM starter (point 12 in OP's table). Just tried to do it twice via Live Chat (which I have successfully done in the past), and they said they can no longer do this due to recent changes to their policies.

    • So what my options now. Activate another sim card with a new number under the same account? Can you have multiple numbers on the same account?

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        The classic approach has been to port out (maybe a $2 Vodafone SIM), then port back in using the new starter pack.
        Voilà - new customer.

        • Any suggestions for a cheap sim starter pack to port out and port in, my current boost 200 expiring end of this month. I would like to buy another boost 200 and use your method ( classic approach ) thanks

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            @btissa: Grab a $2 Vodafone sim - readily available at 7-11, Officeworks, Supermarkets…

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          How can you complete activation on a $2 sim without selecting a prepaid plan during activation?

    • I had the same issue - they’re not doing this via Chat, but I was able to make this work by activating the new sim (and going through the full id verification process), then getting their call centre rep to transfer the number from my old device to the new one. Same result, just took a little longer.

      • so you activate it with a new number?

      • just wondering if it'd work to get the cashback?? does any1 else have any "real" experience of getting the cashback approved using this method? thanks in advance.

        • I did, but via Cheddar (now closed).

        • Yes as the sim is activated and kept active.

    • I didn't see your comment before I tried via live chat this month.

      First I asked "I just activated new BOOST sim plan and would like my number moved across please."

      Agent: "Port is only for a number from another provider going to Boost. By chance do you mean to change SIM for an existing Boost number?"

      So I said "sorry, if I confused you. I want to use my old BOOST number with a newly activated BOOST sim."

      Agent: "I see, thanks for confirming that. May I ask why you wanted to change SIM for the old number?"

      Me: "The plan expired so I bought another."

      Agent: "Just to set expectations, we do not recharge using a new SIM, there are four ways to recharge with Boost.
      1. On our app
      2. Online via
      3. Dial #111# from your phone
      4. or by using vouchers

      Please use this moving forward as we will be removing the option to recharge using starter SIM from hereon as they are designed for new customers new activation request.

      However, I understand that you already have and paid for the new SIM to use and in fact activated it, what I can do to help is to deactivate the new SIM and transfer the credit from that new SIM to your existing SIM and number which means you continue to use the old SIM.

      Would you like to proceed?

      Me: Yes

      Agent: "To reconfirm you will use the same old SIM from here, are we clear on that, before I proceed transferring the credit to your old SIM?"

      Me: Ok

      So, what did we learn? There is an customer service option for "change SIM for an existing Boost number" and that they will not allow this in future for recharge purposes. So now we need to use a different excuse for needing to change the SIM. e.g. Losing my old phone and wanting to keep my old number.

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        Clarification to the above: My activation of the new sim was done after logging into existing Boost account. Therefore avoiding ID verification steps.

        Realisation: I think I've lost my cash rewards rebate though because while I did activate the new sim, it isn't active now. I should have insisted on keeping the new sim. I do have the activation email though, so I will show this to cashrewards and see what they say.

      • @BargainsGrabber Please update point 12 to reflect that using as a "recharge" is being dis-allowed and activating first and moving the number may be allowed but is frowned upon and may not be allowed in future depending on how you ask for it.

    • I was able to activate on a new number and transfer my old number across today. They complained a bit but eventually put it through. They said that after a year I wouldn't be able to do it again and needed to recharge through one of the normal means.

      • What was your reason of transferring?

  • So what's the best way to "recharge" my current boost plan. I just got the new Sims, are people still having no luck with the CSR? Or should I do as the post above me suggests and activate the new number then ask them to transfer my old number

    I've never done that before, didn't even know it could be done.

    I have mime and my partner's number I need to transfer over from current boost plans about to expire.

    • What did you end up doing? I tried a couple CSRs with no luck. I just bought a $5 Aldi sim to port to and then port back.

      • I haven't tried anything yet. I guess the csr route is out of the question

        With aldi you just need the Sim and no need to buy a plan? I haven't done this method before.

        Let me know how it goes, I'll probably do the same

        • +1

          The $5 Aldi sim comes with $5 pay-as-you-go credit, so it'll work but any usage while you're on Aldi will consume that credit.

          Looks like Gomo are doing free 30 day trials if you use esim. That could be a convenient placeholder..

          • @senorclean: According to their chat there's an issue with esim links and they're telling me to get a physical Sim which costs some money.

            Looks like I'll be doing the Aldi route. I've just used up all my boost data.

        • +1

          I just did mine 30 mins ago - I called CSR and was told they will help me do it as this is my first time recharging via a new SIM, (they said they need to get the manager to authorise this for me), it was a 10 mins call so it wasn't too bad.

          Worth giving it a try and if not successful then go to Aldi.

  • FYI watch out for this rookie error: I ported out of Boost to a $2 Vodafone SIM then tried to activate a pack as a new Boost customer online on the same day. Got rejected and am currently in a 6-day limbo with Telstra. Wish I waited :(

    • Is there a waiting period? This is news to me.

      This whole process is not worth the $25 saving.. 🙄

      • +1

        Yeah imo definitely not worth the savings. I'd recommend waiting 24 hours between each port request, just to be super safe.

  • Considering switching to Boost.

    Does it support Visual Voicemail on iOS? I can't find any mention on the website and a google only shows a thread on ozbargain from 2020.

    Does Boost currently support visual voicemail?


    • Relying to my own post…

      I switched to Boost.

      Visual Voicemail IS supported, yay!

      • Has anyone had trouble with Visual Voicemail not immediately alerting that there is a new message, I have had delays since I upgraded to iOS 14, often there's no alert for a couple of days though sometimes the message alert comes straight away, the fallback was to regularly ring 101 to see if a message was sitting there - I've been on Boost for a few years now.

        • No it’s been fine for me so far since switching to boost. I did need to reset network settings though.

  • @BG

    you want to update
    2. Does Boost support 5G? - aka Speeds capped at 150 Mbps unless you recharged before 4 April 2023 ??

    • +1

      I had it in the table previously but because a power user edited HamBoi’s deal to remove that line

    • For what it's worth - I last recharged in August and see speeds over 150 Mbps.

  • Hello, What happens when I get a faulty sim card? I have done several of these deals and this time I got a faulty sim card, which can't be activated. (says already activated). Just got off the chat to boost rep, and they asked me to get a $2 sim and then will get the data transferred over to the sim card. That wipes off the bonus cashback I would have received. But most importantly, if i do this, will I get the original cashback, so at least I break even and not lose the $17 I paid. Thanks

    • Hmmm. Very dicey situation.

      • +2

        I contacted them again and got a refund instead of following their $2 replacement sim suggestion. I'll just get another cashback sim since their are so many regular deals

  • How many days do you have to port out for?

    • Just as long as the porting takes - with a bit of luck, you can be done in an hour.

      Last time I went over to an amaysim esim for a month.

  • I keep getting sorry, something went wrong error message when attempting to buy boost sim card online. Has anyone got a solution? Support was useless and told me to buy a sim at a retailer.

  • For those wanting to 'recharge' with a starter SIM, I got this today from online chat regarding number transfers - "due to changes, our management took out our access and it was solely given to our voice team."

    • So you have to call if you want to recharge with the starter sim? Did you have any success calling?

      • +1

        Yeah there were no dramas. They even told me to hold off a few days and call back to use up the last days of current SIM.
        Ph No 1258881, option 5 for faults.

        • Beauty, thanks mate.

          • @Tobleroneaye: Be careful the way you word it, I tried this morning, but in my case it was due to a fault in my SIM (I couldn't make or receive calls all afternoon) so I was asking to move my number over to a replacement SIM instead of asking to "recharge" existing SIM with new starter credit.

            I think it ends up being the same thing but I got the spiel about them not being allowed to do this (apparently some ruling by the ombudsman) and only this one time and a note being put on my account that any new sims I purchase/activate will be on new numbers. Load of malarkey.

            So lesson is if you want to try do this, don't phrase it as a replacement/port/faulty sim.

            Also FWIW, on the 1258881 phone menu, I said "yes" to the first "calling from a number on existing account" prompt, then chose 6 for faults, then 5 to speak to someone.

            • @fleetoiler: Sorry yes, 6 then 5.

              Just did my switch this morning, didn't get any comments about it from the agent thankfully.

  • Just ported over to Boost with a 365-day SIM. What do Boost loyalists usually do when their year is expiring?
    I tried to look at "Recharge" section of their website but cannot find any pricing info whatsoever.

    Is it considered best practice to port out via a burner SIM (e.g. $3 Kogan) then port back in using another 365-day SIM deal?
    Or are there customers who stick with Boost non-stop? - or is this 2nd option not Ozbargain/eceonomically good?

    • There's usually a decent saving by using another 'starter pack' rather than recharging.

      This time, I ported out to an Amaysim e-sim for a couple of weeks, then back on the new boost sim. I just recharged my wife's to save the headaches.

      You'll find plenty of stories of people being allowed to 'port' from their old boost sim to a new new, but it's usually a "just this time - we're not supposed to do this" kind of affair.

  • I've reached 15 services on my account, is there a limit before a new one won't activate?

    • 35

      • and then what do we do?

        • +1

          Can live chat to cancel old numbers then activate new ones.

  • -1

    Boost Mobile October 2023 purchases have now been approved. Received all of my $5.05 profits! :)

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