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Linsar 82" 4K UHD Smart WebOS TV 2022 LS82UHDNF2 $999 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ The Good Guys


This TV has been on sale at this price in Nov 2022


Appears that some OzBargainers purchased it back then. Would be good to hear your review/feedback/recommendation.

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys

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  • +3

    unreal price
    make we wonder why my 55" has not break after 8 years of usage

  • +10

    Toilet wall sorted don’t have paint it

  • +10

    Was 899 the other day during TGG promo. Credit to: RogueWolf

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      Use Paypal's 4 payment and you get $100 store credit. Not as great, but still $100 back.

  • +3

    Yeah interested to hear thoughts of those (on OzBargain) who have owned it for a bit.

    • +2

      I have a 65” Linsar. Solid tv, I use built in Netflix and YouTube for uhd content. Owned for 1 year pretty happy with it as I paid only $450.

    • +2

      Also own 2 Linsar 65'' TVs. Use them both on a daily basis. Paid ~$500 more than a year ago. Picture is very good (although not on the same level as my high-end Hisense), built-in sound not that great. Have added a $80 soundbar for each. Work great together via HDMI ARC / CEC.

      • Which soundbar did you get?

        • +1

          Got these cheap Blaupunkt soundbars at Coles a while back for $80 each. Do not be confused; these are not the Blaupunkt (German) brand of the 70s / 80s … however, they do the job at hand to a satisfactory level.

          • @rosinger: Yeah I've wondered if those real cheap ones from kmart/bigw/coles were much of an improvement over the built in TV speakers. sounds like they are though

            • +1

              @booboo: Absolutely, they are. You can hear the difference before and after you turn the soundbar on. If you connect soundbar to TV using CEC, and into the ARC input, the soundbar will turn on automatically when the TV turns on.

          • @rosinger: where are Blaupunkt made?

  • -4

    This is better than the Samsung TV posted earlier. Cheaper and bigger screen size.

    • -2

      bigger is not always better. its how you can use it…

      • -1

        "Well, they say size doesn't matter, but I bet it would be pretty impressive if you could use a microscope like a telescope."

    • I think the issue is the picture quality, particularly when you aren't directly in front. Typically these cheaper screens are rubbish when you aren't directly in front. Other factors can be very slow smart tv functions.

      • +2

        True, but panels are rapidly improving in quality. I recently bought a 75 inch TCL, VA panel, has great colour and viewing angles.

        If you aren't buying an OLED I don't see why you would pay $1000's more for a brand name at this point

      • +1

        The samsung tv posted earlier is edge lit lcd. It not 500 AUD better as it won't be universe apart better to a grandma eyes. The difference will be minimal as best.

        The Chinese LCD OEM are already on par on quality with LG and SAMSUNG LCD division. It already a convoluted area for the big name brands to differentiate themselves. Even a TCL TV is a viable choice.

        • Sure, but not all the LCD panels from China are of the same technology, nor quality. There are significant differences in quality coming from the same production line. This applies to LG as well. I think the price/quality difference is going to be subjective and use case dependent.

  • Goodluck if it is faulty.

    • Did you have problems with TGG's on one of these?

    • Then I will have paint it

  • +1

    So many tv in the house now made me wonder how cheap these will ever go down to…..Ran out of room to put TVs now

    • I can do favour for you and take 1 75" or higher tv off you for free. Make your home lighter.

  • +2

    I bought a Linsar 55" non-smart 4k on special for $288! That was at least 2 yrs ago & it's been great. Blackest blacks & whitest whites. We use it for TV & PS3/iView (yep, old school- lol) plus have a PC attached for YT.

    The reviews on TGG site for this 82" are positive.

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  • +1

    Not bad value and has a 3 year warranty with it

  • Pardon my ignorance, but any side-loading of apps on this one?

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