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Arkadia Vending Chai 1 Kg just add water ..

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Arkadia Spice Chai Latte Tea is a natural product that is totally free from artificial flavours and colours. Spice Chai is the most popular Chai in Australia with over 20,000 cups a day served in Australian cafes. It is the most popular for one simple reason, its tastes better than any other chai.
Arkadia Spice Chai is a traditional aromatic Chai tea recipe savoured in India for over 5000 years. It is a delicious secret blend of black tea and exotic spices with a touch of sweetness . Simply add hot water or milk. For sensational recipe ideas see below.
This 1kg Arkadia Chai Spice pack equals 50 plus serves
A word about the ingredients - Arkadia Chai is Gluten Free
" No Gluten ingredients - Contains maltodextrin that is corn based
" Contains tea antioxidants
" No Preservatives
" 98% fat free
" No nuts or eggs - produced in a clean nut & egg free environment
Chai Latte (Flat white)
Mix Place 2 to 3 teaspoons of Arkadia Chai Tea with 180mls of milk then heat and stir.
Chai Latte
Mix 2 to 3 teaspoon of Arkadia Chai tea with 180mls of milk then heat using a steaming wand in a stainless steel jug. Froth the chai café style and pour for a rich creamy result.
Chilled Iced Chai
Mix 5 teaspoons around 40g of Arkadia Chai into a long glass together with 250mls of cold milk. Top off with a scoop of your favourite ice cream
Smooth Chai Frappe
Mix 5 teaspoons of Arkadia Chai and a 350mL cup of ice, with 120ml of cold water or milk for a creamier result. Place all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth.
Rich Kahlua Chai
Mix 4 teaspoons of your Arkadia Chai with hot steamed milk and a shot of Kahlua. Give it a little stir and sprinkle with ground Cinnamon. Delicious.

Arkadia Chai Tea/Latte Vanilla

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