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[VIC, Preowned] Haworth Zody Chair Red $50 (MEL Pickup) - Delivery by Quotation @ Sustainable Office Solutions


At Sustainable Office Solutions we are bringing back the $50 Haworth Zody deal for a limited time.
Used RRP $125-$250 each, now only $50 each.

If you are after a delivery, please contact our office on 03 9312 6341 for a quote.
We still have over 1000 in stock. (only available in red seats)

Chairs don't include arms.

We are a second hand furniture reseller and all items for sale are second hand.
Pickup available from 52 North View Drive, Sunshine West.
Delivery available from $100 (30 km from Sunshine West)

Best to call ahead as we only stock limited numbers on the showroom floor. (03 9312 6341)
All items are second hand/pre-owned and may show signs of wear (i.e. scruff marks and scratches)

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  • +5

    Lol $100 delivery within 30km. I hope it comes with something else too

    • +12

      They're in Sunshine, so need to hire an Armaguard van for delivery.

  • +3

    They seem armless.

    • +1

      They are! 🦾

      (+confirmed previously)

    • +2

      thats why they will send Arm-a-guard.

  • +8

    Scent included for free

    • thats why you need a mesh seat

      • Cushions work better for some.

    • Their fabric is pretty good. I’ve got a decent chair almost new.

    • +1

      Good point. adds 12 units to cart

      • Then they charge $100 delivery per chair…Bargain

  • +4

    Sitting on one now - very comfortable.

    Make sure you check every feature of the chair before you take the chair, particularly gas lift.

  • Preowned. How many asses have been on these?

    • No sure how many donkeys have been on them, but plenty or arses - lol

      • arse/ass, pOtato/potAto. I consume alot of american content

    • all of them.

    • And how many have had a bit of office action on them

  • +2

    Bought one at $75. No arms needed for me. Fantastic chair. Very comfortable. Highly-rated.
    Use a steam cleaner on the seat pad if you're squeamish or bum-phobic.
    Or buy new for about $1000? No brainer.

    • No arms needed for me.

      No arm done….

  • Hi OP, any fern?

    • Dont think most companies buy ferns for office use. I ended up buying one from Officeworks at full price last week. That foam seat definitely heats up my butt.

      • Aren't they both foam seats?

        • Have never used Zody for long, just tried at officeworks. So not sure. My room temps around 28C and definitely heats up my butt compared to a cheapo 20$ chair I picked up from FB market. If you live in the southern states, shouldnt be an issue at all. I live in North QLD.

          • @John Doh: This is why I prefer mesh seats.

            • @fufufu: You need to try mesh too. Not all mesh are created equal and some complain about tail bone pain etc. For me, I can tolerate anything, but I need upright seating. And only soji and fern were good. This heat is fine. I turn on AC for sometime. I would have picked up soji as its more upright, but when the seat if fully pulled out to the front, it creates a lot of gap where my arse pops out. Same with fern, but lot better.

              • @John Doh: Hmmm interesting. I've been sitting on an aeron for a year and while it is fine I didn't feel it was anything special over my cheaper mesh chair I was using previously. I'm now trying another cheaper (I think? Not sure brand) mesh chair with headrest and I feel it may be a little more firm so getting some bum numbness over the day.

  • +1

    Try one at officeworks before you buy these. These seats have a slightly more recline in the standard upright position. So if you need perfectly upright position chair, this isn't the chair for you. Also zody supports a lean forward position which gives good upright support but you cant use that for long. If that's alright, these are very nice chairs.

  • We used to use these in the office.

    • +3

      Our office had different chairs.

      • We now work standing up.

        • +1

          we are on those exercise balls now. Just bounce to meetings as well

          • @rsop: Next financial year, we are going to trial scuba.

            • @jv: well If you can’t scuba, then what’s this all been about? What are we working toward?

              • @rsop:

                What are we working toward?

                to explore strange new worlds… to seek out new life and new civilizations… to boldly go where no man has gone before…

                • +1

                  @jv: So office jousting in the break room?

  • Just collected 3 from the warehouse. They replace dining chairs for WFH. They had Herman Miller too, which were very comfy, but damn ugly and knackered.

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