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3kg Bandito Labs WPI $99.95 Delivered @ Amino Z


Just saw this 3kg WPI flash sale in my email and thought I'd share the FOMO I had 23 mins ago (their payment page is ass, please enter manually and not a form-fill from your pwd app)

Pretty damn good at $26.65/kg ($33/kg w/o the credit), while most PPs are hovering around the ~$35/kg mark on sale.

Am actually never gonna unsub to their newsletter now, actually useful 🤙 enjoy

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    i saw this email too but cbf posting it :-P. Upvoted

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    Is it really a deal if we don't get a specialized Jay video? @AminoZ

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      LOL :)

      • Jay
  • What's the difference from this to the manshake? Both are wpi.

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      https://shop.themanshake.com.au/the-man-shake (click nutritional info)
      Manshake looks like protein blend, not isolate. Plus a bunch of added stuff, like fibre, vitamins, thickeners, etc. Definitely not just Isolate, the shake is a meal replacement powder.

  • Is this better than Amoniz WPI or the other way around?

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      Other way round. This is soy based, those that know what effects it has on men and want to avoid most of it go with AminoZ, those that don’t care or need a cheaper option should go with this

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        Whats wrong with Soy isnt the whole soy boy think debunked? in saying that I love MUSASHI 100% WHEY Protein Powder but just realized 100% = 100% blend and has soy in it too!

        What should we be looking for in a Protein Powder I loved the fact that Musashi actually listed all the BCAA's on the pack and no longer bother taking them as the BCAA's pre work out powder I was taking turns out has way less then my MUSASHI so I no longer purchase = saving money!

        Would this have the same level as BCAA's as the Musashi just not listed or am I dreaming?:

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        What makes you think it's soy based? I see soy lecithin in the ingredients, but that's just an emulsifying agent. There'd be a few grams per kg max. This is whey protein isolate, it's not soy based.

        • I misspoke with the improper usage of the word “based”. It uses soy lecithin, that’s what I was referring to

          • @ShrewdBargin: Yeah, so even if you have concerns about soy protein and xenoestrogens etc, you'll be safe with this - the lecithin will be a tiny component of the total and anyway, it would would be a highly refined product that wouldn't have any estrogenic effect.

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        Soy based? Are you sure? They have to declare soy as an allergen but it’s used as a functional emulsifier.

        • I misspoke with the improper usage of the word “based”. It uses soy lecithin, that’s what I was referring to

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    cheers op, got 3kg. Had some credit so got is for $85

  • I got the chocolate version when it was on sale from a post on OZB. The taste surprised me, not bad at all.

  • Why does it use Sucralose as the sweetener? Boo

  • I haven't enabled the promotional email from their website so I didn't get it, but the code worked so thanks!

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