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Sunlight Commercial Rinse Aid 5L $16 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU

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Just rinse aid for dishwashers, work out to be about $1.60 per 500ml

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    Thanks grabbed one.

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    Do you still a rinse aid even if you’re using an all in one tablet? They come out ok. I haven’t really noticed any difference with or without it. My concern is, will it harm the dishwasher if u don’t use rinse aids?

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      there are no rinse aid in those tablet. I think we just assumed but no where in their marketing said there are.

      Beside rinse aid need to be in the last cycle, the tablet all dissolves in wash cycle. Rinse aid just help drying the dishes, wont affect the dishwasher.


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      Rinse aid stops you getting those weird marks on metal and glass.

      • Cheaper finish tablets leave marks while quantum and above dont

        • I'm finding the Aldi tablets, the cheaper ones, don't always get things clean. And noticed some forks rusting. Could just be cheap forks that don't have the inside of the prongs polished. But meh, the tablets are so cheap I'll just run the dirty ones again.

          • @AustriaBargain: I used to buy Logix Platinum @$0.19 but I reckon they changed the composition and now they're rubbish. Maybe I should go back because they could have fixed them? Hard these days to get under $0.20 per load

            • @sumyungguy: Aldi have some slightly more expensive ones, maybe I should try those. Maybe I shouldn't have bought three boxes of the very cheap ones. I have been using them to clean my sink drains after seeing a TikTok hack of putting it on the drain and pouring boiling water over it. Seems to work.

              • @AustriaBargain: This from Choice (a year ago): ALDI came out on top with the Logix Platinum 18 In 1 scoring first place with an overall score of 78 per cent

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    I’m tempted, but that’s like a five year supply for our home 😂

    • Wait I need is a five year supply of dishwasher salt.

      • I don’t know anyone that uses salt but I know in theory we should due to our hard water. Help teach me your ways.

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          I know I need it to get the salt light to turn off.

          • @AustriaBargain: Just adding this for future readers (hello 2028 google search result). I’ve done some reading and in the context of dishwashers throwing salt in doesn’t do anything to soften the water…… adding salt to a machine is to refresh the softening device IF fitted.

            • @DingoBlue: I don't throw it in. There's a cap at the bottom of the machine, when the salt light comes on I open the cap, fit the salt funnel, keep pouring salt in (it can take a lot of salt) until water spills up, then close the cap, run the machine on an empty cycle, then keep using as normal until the salt light comes on again.

              • @AustriaBargain: Yep 100%! I was moreso correcting my erroneously general comment "we should due to our hard water".

                • @DingoBlue: I don't think the water is even that hard, but the machine gets what it wants or the light will drive me crazy. Although the kettle is kind of all crusted over with minerals. But I use RO water in the coffee maker and it seems as clean as when it was new.

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    reviews aren't the best

  • It was $12 most of Sept and Oct last year…

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    isn't Aldi price close to this?

    • Aldi doesn't list all their lines on their website but I think theirs is $1.99 for 250mL, so double the cost of this.

      (Also, Coles is $1.50 for 250mL)

      • im pretty sure its 500ml for $2.
        It'd be $20 to match with this deal, but you get 10 bottles. Bad for environment, but don't need to waste time pouring and spilling bottle liquid.

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    The rinse aid I use is my wife……oww that hurt!

  • What is the regular price for this.

  • I think in Officeworks for Northfolk dishwashing liquid 5L cost $16.98

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      Dishwashing liquid isn’t rinse aid

  • Rinse aid is the best stuff to clean glass pool fencing

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    Is rinse aid harmful to your health?

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      "Research found that the gut epithelial barrier can be damaged by dishwasher detergents and rinse aids"

      "Cell damage seen from exposure to professional rinse aids for 24 to 72 hours.
      Rinse aid residue in meaningful quantities seen on porcelain after washing."

      Could explain why we see so many with gut problems in first world countries. Anyway, I stopped using rinse aid lately because seeing a few articles popup about its harmful effects and the cost/benefit isn't there.. Yeah glass don't come out sparkling clean, but I save money each year and less likely to ruin my family's gut.

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        Interesting. Thanks for the share

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          Couldn't agree more. Was discussing this with my son but he keeps moving and I never know which head I'm addressing.

    • If you read ingredients list at the back of any rinseaid, i would be surprised if it in not harmful.
      Quantum and above dont need rinseaid as it does not leave stains on SSteel etc like the cheaper ones.

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    Rinse aids are super useless. They are as good as water lol.

    They are all 99.5% water anyway

  • You can also use the cheap Woolworths/Coles brand white vinegar as rinse aid.

    To me doesn't really make much of a difference using rinse aid or not except making the wash times shorter when it detects liquid in the dishwashers rinse aid tank.

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      vinegar erode rubber seal and overtime will cause leakage. rinse aid is optional, will not affect washing time or cycle.

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        Bosch dishwasher has a 5 minute longer cycle time if it detects empty rinse aid.

      • if you dilute the vinegar, it will be the same effect.

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    Thanks OP, my DW is set on 2mL per load so I’m good for at least 6.8 years

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