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Zody Chair by Haworth $664.20 ($0 Pickup Sydney/Melbourne, $125 Delivery to Metro Areas) @ StylecraftOUTLET


Brand new in box, Zody is a high-performing chair by Haworth, blending science-based wellness and comfort with sustainability and international design.

  • 4D armrests with soft caps.
  • Adjustable lumbar support.
  • Synchronised tilt mechanism with back stop and forward tilt.
  • Sliding high density foam seat.
  • 5-way nylon castor base with hard castors.
  • 12 year warranty.

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  • Where can we try them out for comfort?

    • I think you were meant to type:

      Where can we try them out for comfort?

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    Great chair, had mine for about 8 months with no dramas.

    @now Semi-related, but do you guys sell the 4D arms for the Zody? I have the one from Officeworks with the metal base but regular up and down arms, wondering if you sell the 4D arms.

    • @Daemonic we might be able to help you out with that, please feel free to reach out to us via our contact form.

  • They are good, I have 6 such chairs (7 years old). All of the arm rests, made of rubber or silicone, have spitted and need replacement. 2 of the up and down hydraulic could suddenly collapse on you when sitting. I am only 70kg. Not sure how to fix that issue.

    • +4

      They are good


      suddenly collapse on you when sitting


    • +3

      Only 7 years old and it's doing that :O . On their website, it says 12 years warranty though. Price is quite steep so it should last longer. Hope store rep will help you out with these esp having 6 of these chairs.

      • I am not the original owner :). I don't have receipts.

  • @jv we have showrooms in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide and Perth. You are more than welcome to come try them out :)

    • Where is the pickup point in Sydney - Woolloomooloo store?

      • @Jef Tino Click & Collect is available from our warehouse located in Alexandria, Sydney or Kensington, Melbourne.

        • Couls you do free pickup in adelaide?

  • $364.77 shipping.

  • I have had mine for 6 months and definitely much more comfortable than Ikea Renbengert chair but I have to put a back cushion as I am finding the lumbar support to be a bit painful.

    Seems like it is quite common for this chair's arm rests to require replacement after a few years, not sure why?

  • I've had one for 12+ years, still pretty much as new. Only problem was I had to replace the armrests at ~8 years because they had split, but the replacements were $20 or something (non-genuine off ebay).

  • I bought new armrests for around $55 (delivered) by contacting Haworth directly. Although it may be a bit of a hit or a miss. One person said they don't sell the armrests, but another transferred me to their Australian team and they were able to get me the armrests for the price mentioned prior.

    • Were they 4D arm rests, or regular?

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        Do they use different arm rest pads? If so, it was for the regular height adjustable ones.

  • can anyone compare this with a Hermann Miller Aeron? I'm not sure I can sit on anything else for long hours.

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      Aeron is better IMO I’ve owned both. More comfortable, adjustable and the mesh is better for breathability and not feeling hot while sitting. Therefore you don’t keep leaning forward or adjusting to relieve a hot back and defeat the purpose of the chair.

      That being said the Zody is still a great chair. But I sold my Zody and kept my Aeron.

      • +1

        I thought Zody was mesh? I have one at work and it’s pretty good!

        • It is on the back but not the bottom. Still good to have it on the back though!

  • Strange, this was listed for $1015 until yesterday.

  • How does this compare with Steelcase Series 2? Thanks.

    • I personally found it way better than Series 2 during my testing. But then what I feel about a chair could be extremely different than how you and your body will perceive it.
      Had almost bought this until I tried the Fern, that thing was on whole different level for what I was looking for.

      • Thank you.. That's a good chair to have.. But the budget constraints.. :(

  • Great chairs, normally around $900+ second hand market for these are $250 to $300 each for a 5+ year old chair. Only thing is the lumbar adjustment pad tends to break easily and can be brittle.

  • Any insight in this vs Steelcase Gesture?
    Was about to buy one from the 30% off sale but now this has popped up.

    • If you were considering Gesture like I was, I strongly would recommend Haworth Fern. I found it to be better for me than Zody.

  • $613.14 shipping to tas?

    • Our shipping rates outside of metro areas are calculated automatically by our third party shipping provided Shippit. We are currently investigating other providers, feel free to reach out to us via our enquiry form.

  • I've had this chair since start of Covid.

    Partner loves hers, I've adjusted mine heap but still find I end up leaning over etc. Looking at gesture or aeron

  • Do the ones classified as new have the full manufacturer's warranty?

    • @grumbly yes, new stock comes with full 12 years manufactures warranty.

  • Is the deal still active? I cannot see price 664.20 $.
    The link takes me to the page where it is listed for 1107$

    • +1

      Please apply the OUTLET40 discount code at the checkout page ;)

  • +1

    Been looking to buy this chair for a few weeks.

    I was very tempted but shipping + being in used condition (concerned about returns etc) killed the deal for me. Officeworks also carries it (for a few hundred more, but somewhat offset by it being new condition + shipping rate here) and I think it'd be easier to deal with them if something goes wrong.

    • @pzex We sell both new and ex-display stock. The above deal links directly to our brand new, in a box stock. New stock comes with a 12-year manufacturer's warranty.

  • Thanks for the suggestion. I'm looking to buy…, and on the page it doesn't say any word about wether this chair is new or used. Could you please advise how can I be sure that once I'he bought it is a brand NEW chair ?

    • @kenhas this one is new stock in box. All of our products are graded. You can find the product grading in the product specifications section……below the Item No. and colour.

      • Awesome! Thanks for the info.

      • And lastly is this chair available for a pick-up in Melbourne or delivery is the only option?

        • @kenhas all items on StylecraftOUTLET are available to Click & Collect for free from our warehouse located in Alexandria, Sydney or Kensington, Melbourne. Alternatively, delivery options are available.

          • @StylecraftOUTLET: Thanks again. All is clear to order the chair.

          • @StylecraftOUTLET: Sorry, to bother you. I'm having an issue nn the "Checkout" page . It keeps showing Please read and accept the Terms and Conditions of Zody Ergonmic Task Chair, although I have ticked all the required fields.

  • When does this deal finish?

    • 28th February, whilst stock lasts.

  • Can I buy a headrest with the chair?

    • Hi @JensenHuangAndHis this is a different version of the chair. The headrest can't be retrofitted to the Fern chair, it would need to be configured from factory.

      • No worries mate, thanks for the reply. One more question, does the $1650 Fern come pre-built or is it brand new untouched?

        • @JensenHuangAndHis our Ferns are new and come fully assembled in box from factory.

  • I ordered 6 days ago and received the "order is prepared, we will be in touch" does that mean I can collect it from the melb warehouse or?

    • @datruepker our operations team will contact you directly with details once your order has arrived from our Sydney warehouse. Feel free to PM your order number and I can check.

  • Hi. How can I check if my order is ready for pickup in Melbourne? I have ordered chair at 10th February and was given estimated delivery date as of February 20. Although, i have received confirmation email and the invoice, I was not contacted yet.

    • @kenhas can you please PM me your order number. If you haven't already collected it, it will be available to collect from today.

  • Hi, just wanted to see if this deal has expired? I tried using the code and it didn’t work… :(

    • Hi @bunnybunny can you please check and try again.

      • Thanks, I was able to order today but somehow I selected I wanted a tax invoice but the confirmation email says ‘no’ under ‘please send me a tax invoice.’ Are you able to assist? Would you know when the product is available for pickup? Thanks.

        • @Bunnbunny please contact us directly using our contact form and include your order number. Depending on where you are located Sydney is within 5 business days, Melbourne 5-10 business days as stock needs to be transferred from our Sydney warehouse.

          • @StylecraftOUTLET: Thanks, I have completed a contact form. Are you able to assist with the tax invoice? Thanks

            • @bunnybunny: @bunnybunny You'll receive the tax invoice once your order has been processed through our system :)

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