This was posted 11 years 11 months 29 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

  • expired

FREE Regular Chips from Red Rooster


Receive one complimentary Regular Chips upon presentation of voucher from Red Rooster.

I responded to a Club Red survey and this was the reward.

  • Hand voucher to Service Assistant when placing order. Limited at one per person per transaction.
  • No further discounts apply. Offer valid only at participating restaurants.
  • Offer ends 01/08/12.

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  • -5

    I got the same reward,
    wish they gave something better, say 2 combo for the price of 1.

    • +21

      so you want something better then free?

      I can't see why you should expect more.

    • +10

      "wish they gave something better"

      a voucher to the nearest Thai restaurant or Subway :)

      • +4

        Can you post it up?

        • -6

          Yeah hold on

        • +2

          ooh looking forward to this one zzz! :)

        • Why are we waiting? Slowly salivating…

        • +4

          Editing takes time :P

        • +15

          Successful troll is successful

        • +4

          zzz will surely deliver….

      • post it up plzzzzzzzzzzzzz

      • +1

        he's trolling guys

      • +1

        This user has lied a few times before.

        • yes. yes i have.

  • +3

    Damn, just came here to post exactly the same thing. Well played, bel13884!

    • +5

      Tis the Seasoning!

  • +6

    print, yes.. number of copies, 20… mmmmmmm

  • +3

    nice deal shame red roosters are so far away

  • +1

    2nd Prize TWO large red rooster chips.

  • Great….but still can't beat Coles Circle (aka TPG) voucher ! :)

    • What do you mean Coles Circle?
      Join them you get free gift?

  • thanks! cheap pizza and ice cream and now free chips!

    • -2


  • -1

    Mmmm..chippies…Ta muchly!

  • +1

    no barcode or anything? hope it wont be cancelled once ozbargained like that wollies airwick =)

  • +19

    so much fast food!

    need a fruit shop to give away free fruit!

  • +2

    which ones are the participating store btw?

    • I know this deal is legit but which red rooster would possibly accept this voucher after 20 uni students in a row start free loading?

      I really hope at least one franchise honours this.

  • +2

    Can someone make a pdf with 10 of these?

    • +25

      Here you go, 10 vouchers in single page pdf

      • +2

        2 times a day until the end of july

      • +1


      • -2

        Can't print it without facebook, is there a way around that???

        • +6

          Nonscence. OPs link isn't even a Facebook link.

        • +1

          He/she was replying to the person posting a Scribd link (also, there's no c in nonsense).

          There is a way around it, under the Facebook log in link, there's an "I don't have a Facebook account" link. Click that and you can sign up for a Scribd account. From the looks of it, there's no email verification, so you can just use a throwaway address if you like.

        • +4

          Thanks, gilbarc you are right there is no email verification, make up anything and it lets you download straight away. But to the people who negged my comment - read what I was replying to!

  • Thanks OP. No need to do the survey now.

  • +4

    great deal mate.

    And thanks to Mindsweeper for the lovely 10-vouchers-in-a-page pdf :)

  • Do we just print this off and show it at the store ?

  • +1

    Everyone just better wait and see what Postulative says about this before getting too carried away.

    • +8

      Who the hell is that?
      Does he offer free chips too?

      • +1

        No, he loves spitting chips ( Aussie slang)

  • Why aren't there more of these in sydney?

  • +1

    bel3884 giveth, Postulative taketh away.

    • +12

      How to wreck the deal. Use it normally and it will be OK. Go overboard and it will be wrecked for everyone.

      • Exactly. A lose lose for everyone. Is it that hard to understand?

    • What school are you because my school is also next to red rooster.

      • +14

        His is the special school

        • +1


  • +3

    Do you have to make a purchase to use this voucher? Or can you just show the voucher and get a free medium chips without buying anything else?

    • +6

      i got mine without buying anything

      • Can we order in drive thru ?

  • why are there only 2 red roosters in the city (melb) both at southern cross :(

    • I thought there's one on Bourke St?

  • Offer valid only at participating restaurants - which ones?

    • Ferntree gully worked for me with the Hawaiian pack last time

    • no idea but i think it might just be the standalone stores and not the ones in shopping centre food courts.

      i'll try a food court RR tomorrow :)

      • works at morley galleria (wa) foodcourt

  • +2

    Where is the free chicken???

    • it got removed for some reason?

      Comment unpublished. (Inappropriate)

      • +3

        Yes, it was removed. The chicken was photoshopped over the image of the chips with text edited out. Not only this is potentially committing fraud, but it may also land this site in trouble land.

        • -2

          I didn't think it'd be an issue seeing as last year i posted a link to a $2 whopper voucher that had been edited to be a double whopper..

        • +10

          It was most likely missed by the mods and no one reported it. I've removed that too.

          Note that one of the reasons all McD deals were previously banned from here was due to someone doing something similar. Surely we don't want to scrutinise future good deals such as this, don't you think?

        • -3

          Yep fair enough.

        • -2


        • -1


  • +1

    can you just ask for the free chips or do you need to buy something?> if so do they have any cheap $1 or $2 products on the menu? can you show your student edge card and get a further 10% off?

  • +4

    Looks like the offer is finished now?

    Edit: Aah, the scribd link above, thanks!

  • expired - pdf changed

    edit: sorry other means to get it :P

  • I got it by doing my survey last night…
    Can I still claim it?

  • The coupon is undated and unattributed…I wouldn't even bother doing the survey, just front up with the coupon and claim your chippies. The idea that the offer has expired is a furphy… (for what its worth I did the survey yesterday and have a 'legitimate' coupon, although I don't know how you'd tell the difference!!!)

    • -2

      They are dated, offer ends 1st of August.

      Kinda useless, you have a whole week to use them.

  • +2

    No muck about direct PDF download 10x vouchers:


    • Thanks. Didn't wanted to sign up so I thought I will miss this deal. But you have saved me :)

      Anybody got a link of the participating stores?

  • Can someone change expiry to August 1?

    • As mentioned above its likely fraud so don't bother

  • +1

    Why is this expired? it's only 26th July

  • can anyone confirm that you can still use the vouchers 1st of August or does it have to before that date>?

    • I used one today (1st August)

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