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[NSW] Adopt-a-Stray for Half Price - $50 Desexing, Vaccination, Microchipping @ Cat Protection Society of NSW


This is a great offer to get your cat fixed and microchipped. Depending on your area, desexing a cat can cost over $200 (especially for female cats).

As others in the comments have mentioned, please remember that pets are for life – oldest cat lived up to 38 years old! I took in two cats who were born in a barn and they've been a wonderful addition to my family and I wouldn't trade them for anything in the world.

Regarding eligibility, I gave them a call and it sounded like the eligibility is dependant on whether they have a partner vet that can service you in your area or close by.

From the Cat Protection Society website:


Book in by March 10 to get your new forever friend:
🐾 desexed & vaccinated
🐾 microchipped & registered


Please call us on 02 9557 4818 (Monday to Friday, 10am to 5pm) to see if you’re eligible and get in quick to take advantage of this ameowzing offer!

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    Remember - a pet is for life. Not for Easter.

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    Can they also do humans?

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      You might want to look up the difference between desexing and a vasectomy before considering this.

      • Why'd this get downvoted..? If it's any consolation, I thought what you said was funny 😭

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      I reckon it's free to FIX humans, best place to start is drinking tap water, free vaccination, nicely sprayed and antibiotics in food, watch news full of fear to get the chemical running in our bodies, Netflix and medicine subscription is not free but i think it's more convenient than going to a wet.

      Besides I think cats can not be "fixed".

      • So … you vaxxed?

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    Any deals on dogs

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      Probably not from CATprotection.org.au

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    For anyone interested in adopting an animal, please understand that you're adopting a friend for life not for a season. Care for that animal like you would your own child. They provide unrelenting love to you and deserve the best in return.

    If you're ever in a circumstance where you can't care for them anymore then please understand that it's never ok to abandon the animal when there are better and more appropriate ways to surrender an animal.

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      Cats become fat when you feed them too much.

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      Cats become dead after being drowned in a river. Pick one.

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    I see the post, and just feel sad animals are stranded like that. Others see the post and say, dogs are better or cats get fat after desexing… what a world

    • more then half of cats that end up dehomed end up being euthanised

      • There was a cat I was about to foster, but because he had FIV+ I couldn't take him home (I have cats of my own). Nobody could take him in the short notice given so the vet had to put him to sleep :(

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    Comments on here are honestly pathetic. Some real degenerates in this community

  • Surprised it took so long for idiots to make a cat meat "joke"

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    it’s also $50 to your own cat desexed , microchipped and vax plus registration that’s a bargain

  • Wonder what the eligibility criteria is

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    I’m feeling a bit bad. Got an 8 year old cat 3.5 years ago. (So, it’s 11.5 years old now; totally indoor). It’s been great. But it’s killing my allergies. I know because when I go away I have way less symptoms.

    But, I think I’m gunna have to let him go.

    I’ve been sussing out friends and relatives at the moment.

    So,yer, choose carefully. As buyers regret when it comes to pets may last you a lifetime.

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      should done research if cat can causing allergies ? or maybe play with friend's cat first to see ?

    • Have you seen the new hypoallergenic kibble thats available? Might be something to consider

    • I had a similar experience with a foster Manx cat, had to return her to the shelter. Never had issues with Tonkinese, Burmese and British shorthair. You might just need to find the right breed. Fostering is a good way to test your allergies and you might just fall in love with the little one and adopt them.

    • Negged.


    • try bathing him, im the same but our cat never gave me allergies and was indoor only too.

      cat sat mums cat which is in/out and started sneezing on the way home, got home a bit late to bath her but the next day after I washed her I was fine. The next day I woke up and lold, she was sleeping on my SO's pillow wrapped around her head. My laughing woke out cat up who realized and started hissing then the SO woke up.

      Dander/pollen/dust sticks to their fur easily

      I still get allergies even though both cats have moved on, I use rhinocort, 1 spray per day if I remember

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  • We have been fostering 2 cats since last June. They started off very timid and scared but they have completely been domesticated.

    Please let me know if anyone in Melbourne is interested in adopting them

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    Just gave them a call to book in my Kitten. The criteria they required was pretty much that 1. She was found as a stray and 2. She wasn't microchipped. Then they grab your details and send an adoption form via email for you to fill and book you in to the nearest 3 vets that's partnered with them

    • Yep. I microchipped my kitten a month ago and was going to get him desexed under this promo…unfortunately because he’s already microchipped I couldn’t get it under the adopt a stray program and she instead referred me to my nearest vet at a discounted rate ($99 for desexing).

  • do they have this for humans as well? with desexing and micro chipping?

    • Call and ask 🤷‍♂️

    • I'm sure the government has thought about it once or twice…. the microchipping and desexing human's part.

  • Are they only in Sydney or do they do regional NSW as well?

    • There's only 3 participating vets at the moment and they're all Sydney based - North Strathfield, Newtown, or Abbotsbury. If you're happy to drive they essentially give you a voucher code once the $50 has been made to book it in with any of the 3 above

      • Thanks for this, Sydney is a day's drive so probably no good for me.

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