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FALHOLMEN Outdoor Table + 4 Chairs with Armrests $229 (Was $409) + Delivery ($5 C&C/ $0 in-Store) @ IKEA


Seems like a good price for an outdoor table set.

IKEA members can save $10 using code: QREW$6hxX+ ($50 minimum spend)

You can also buy the chair seperately for $35 each, but the chair is not available for delivery, Click & Collect only.

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    • Ain't nobody got time for that

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      It takes like 30 mins to assemble.

      WTF you on about 3-4 days?

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        Short hands? Username checks out if so

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      How bad at diy are you that putting together a flat pack takes 3 days?

      You could build a flat pack kitchen in 3 days.

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    Would look good wooden tit

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      That's standard for all wood exposed to sun/rain, even decking wood that you walk on - can't avoid it, unfortunately, even with hardwood

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      Maintenance applies to many things . Leather couches , cars , computers , even knives need maintenance .

      Geez you going to pass on everything that needs maintenance now ?

      You do know it's a common thing to do maintenance to keep things looking good and last longer.

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      Stupid IKEA, not using magic wood

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      Not sure why so many negs, having to restain every 6 months is a large maintenance ask for a piece of furniture. Yes, maybe unavoidable with outdoor wood furniture, but wood isn't the only material that exists.

      • Don’t maintain it then, let it rot away and then buy a new one to replace it


        • Or buy a plastic table and chairs instead

      • Or put a cover on it when it's not being used it.

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    Surprised by click and collect fee…

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      Same here. 2 chairs in trolley but it adds $5 collect fee.

      How do they justify this fee? Can I assume they don’t want you to shop online? So making it more expensive?

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        Razor thin margins plus in store shopping designed for you to spend more, makes sense to pass on the cost to get a TM to deliver it to your car

        • +10

          Their margins aren't razor thin lol, they sell flat pack furniture for not much cheaper than real furniture. Much more expensive than other flat pack furniture. Granted they are by far the best quality flat pack stuff but it's primarily in the design which is a cost then spread out over millions of units globally.

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            @CheapBrah: They also don't pay tax in a lot of places.

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    Armrest looks bit uncomfortable!

  • Anyone find a foldable outdoor table but not the portable plastic kind?

    Would love to have an outdoor set that I can store in my garage during winter / off season.

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    Just bought a set and put it together.

    Easy to assemble and feels solid.

    But the finish of the timber is really rough.
    Will be much better with a bit of sanding and a coat of sealer.

    • Would this all fit in a sedan boot with chairs down? I live within cooee of Ikea so could do multiple trips if required.

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        I took all home in a Mazda 3 hatch. table+4 chairs.

        • Hatch is different than a sedan. Where the boot connects to the rear seat it curves in a lot more than Hatch.

          So what you need to do is measure the gap in that section and check the dimensions of the flat pack to see if it will fit

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    No stock in Perth of any variants, delivery or pick up.

    Shame, the set actually looks quite nice.

  • -5

    Thanks mate, bought 16

    • This joke is so boring

      • -4

        you’re boring

      • If used correctly in Ozbargain it can be quite funny. Unfortunately, this was not one of those times.

  • THanks for the share bought one! Looks to have sold out of chairs although the table is widely avaliable.

  • Would this last in uncovered area's? I just need chairs for the fire pit. Will put an mdf sheet on the table and use it in the garage.

  • What kind of timber is that? Is that a kind of weak timber that I often see with Ikea furniture?

    • Acacia.

      I find Ikea acacia performs well but outside furniture takes a beating and requires care.

      What are your experiences?

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