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Telstra Prepaid $30 Sim (Regular and Microsim) Starter Kit for $10 from Harvery Norman (Same as Recent 7 Eleven Deal)


Hi All,

I recently purchased about 10 of the $10 Sim packs ($30 packs) from the 7 Eleven deal, which I will use over the next 10 months for data services. (Hopefully 1 GB Per month)

have just noticed Harvey norman is now offering the same deal which is great for those that missed out on the last deal.

A quick look at Melb CBD shows 3 local stores with Stock

From the site:

Get everything you need to get your pre-paid phone started with this Telstra Pre-Paid $30 Starter Kit. It comes packed with information and utilities you'll need to start using your phone quickly and effectively, including a Sim Card, welcome guide and your new service number. It even comes with $30 of phone credit and the choice of a Pre-Paid recharge offer from Telstra.

Kit Includes

This pre-paid starter kit comes with everything you need to start making calls, including a Telstra Pre-Paid SIM Card, Telstra Pre-Paid Welcome Guide, New service number and $30 of included credit.

Bonus Offers

As an added bonus, each Telstra pre-paid starter kit comes with the choice of a Pre-Paid offer for your recharge. Options include: Telstra Pre-Paid Cap Encore, Text & Data, Talk & Text+, Telstra Pre-Paid Simplicity, Telstra Long Life, Telstra Pre-Paid Data+ Cap and Telstra Pre-Paid Mobile Broadband. *

*Check the Telstra website for more information

Microsim link credit:uccoffee

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Harvey Norman

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    can I use this to recharge my existing pre paid telstra number?


      Ofcourse not.


    I didnt know you could buy more than 1 of these at a time :/

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    I purchased all mine in 1 hit, and wasnt told I couldnt - I am going to register a new service each month and hopefully get 1 GB Credit - other than that you can register a service and user credit me2you service to pass across about $29 of the $30 credit, but depending on how you do this, you may be limited to 15 day expiration on that credit (as opposed to 30 days if you just registered it as a new service) - for a phone this isnt ideal, but for Broadband internet, i dont care what the mobile number is.


      they were so bad, the text & data plan is GONE.

      if you do not need to keep same number / SIM , just register it montly with the prepaid encore cap plan , which has 400Mb + $250 (which = 125Mb)
      , use close to the last cent, but not over, and use the rest of true credit to buy data pack 200Mb & 700Mb .

      total should be 1.3+Gb and can be use over 1 month cos you did not buy the data pack straight on the day you register.


        i tried that last time but i couldn't use the data pack after, because the main credit had expired after 30 days!

        so called and they put $1 on so i can use it. i was thinking of get my telstra friend to credit2me next time before expiry so it doesn't happen again.


          register 1 of the $10 card with long life, then you can have $30 credit to Me2u around for 6 months.


    Can you stack the credit 6x $30 on a single account- and go for a year expiry @ 10/12gb ?


    Wbeer no you cant - i already asked that question of Telstra. When you transfer the credit i believe you get the data rate of the service you were on previsouly, so ifyou did a $180 recharge to get the low data rate - your credits will then be at that same low rate - but if you are like me, you will register 1 in a modem, and then just reregister each month, so you pay top $$ for data, but in my eyes $10 for 1 gb is the same as Optus/Amaysim, so the value is there.


      So this means you can't stack 2 x $30 and get 3Gb for $49 in total. I don't care about the expiry date. I only need it for a week.


    Great. Thanks OP we need something like this for our iPads.

    Forgive my ignorance:

    a) Can you register in the same name each month?

    b) I presume I can use these in my 3g iPad instead of the $39 a month deals (which allow more data).

    c) Is this about the best sort of deal you can expect to run an iPad?


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      I will give you my thoughts on your questions (but i may not be 100% - but have done lots of research).

      A - I am unsure - i think you can as long as you dont have i think 5 or 7 active services at the same time.

      B - Yes you can use this in your ipad, but this is a full size Sim - so you need a sim cutter to make it fit into your iPad - If you register this it gives you 3Gb of data for your iPad but i have been told you need to call Telstra and ask for the Ipad registration as if you do it all on the internet, it wont give you the Ipad pricing

      C - Cant comment on this - I know you can get deals through Virgin and Optus at better pricing (based on the face value of $30) - the fact you are paying $10 for this puts Telstras pricing in line with the other crowds but in my eyes, a much better service.

      I hope that helps.

      Here is the link for the 7-Eleven deal which has lots of postings about what you can do with this service



        Thanks markryan1971, helps a lot!!

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    My microSIM post got deleted, I just want to let you know that MICROSIM one is $10 as well at HN , online only.
    it should not be a duplicate! COLES/WOOLWORTH/7-11 has not done $10 for $30 microSIM starter in the last 7 months.

    • Thanks. Have updated title to mention microsim.


        They have just update the website.
        Limit 1 per customer. While stocks last!


    The $30 telstra prepaid only gives you 700MB data not 1GB!

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      zhenwen, use "cap encore cap" = 400 + 200 + 700 + $250 = more than 1.3Gb
      read my other comment.


    I just transferred my telstra number from plan to long life prepaid. But i havent put any credit in it yet. Was told I need to charge it at least $30 to activate the long life plan.

    1) What is the best way to put $30 credit in my old number that with these sims?

    If I activate one ($30) and transfer to my old number i believe telstra takes a fee from transfers and limit is $10 per transfer? Am I right? This means i need to activate at least two sims and transfer 2x$30 to trigger my long life?

    2) if I dont put any credit in my old number when will It expire? I.e stop receiving calls &sms?


      When I asked Telstra about recharges to do with long life, I was told the relevant recharge HAS to be done in one hit - ie, to qualify for 12 months, it had to be one $60 recharge - it could not be different amounts totalling $60


    limited 2 per custom in store West perth, wa. damn it. Need a bundle of friend to buy it for me.


    dont forget telstra is not as good value as they used to be they are about to start charging in one minute blocks!!! i cant believe telco's are allowed to do that…


    Didn't restrict to one when I collected in o'connor. :)


    Great I am off to HN now


    I've order 4 micro sims across 3 stores. Wonder if I should get more…


    I picked up my online order today from HN. No issue about getting multiples.

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    Bought 10 from HN today. The trick is to buy on a Saturday when the Saturday staff are operating the checkouts. He couldnt figure out why the system wouldnt accept a quantity of 10, so rang one through 10 times.