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OzBargain Birthday Comp 2008 - Win Nintendo Wii and DD Gift Vouchers! (Updated with Winners)



Closing Date 28/11/2008


Description nintendo wii and dd gift vouchers
No. of Prizes 1
Total Prize Pool $399.00

Entry Requirements

Open To Australia-wide
Entry Limit One per person
Entry Methods Facebook, Twitter/X
Prerequisites n/a
Updated — Winners

Competition is now over and picking the winners has not been easy — especially choosing the top entry for the prize of ever-so-desirable Nintendo Wii. At the end it is choosing between the catchy tone (XyleneFree's entry) and Krudd's personal endorsement (Shirr0's entry). Picking one would be unfair to the other — so what the heck, I can afford TWO Wii's!

Now as I've said — there were almsot 40 entries, many of them blog posts and beautiful poetries. Here are the names of winners who have won the $25 Deals Direct Voucher (in alphabetical order):

  • Courtney Hartland (on Facebook)
  • CynC
  • dansor
  • James Hartley Francis Browning (on Facebook)
  • Mark Jeacocke (on Facebook)
  • Pyro
  • Sean Boucher (on Facebook)
  • Sonja Denton (on Facebook)
  • Tameena Jacob (on Facebook)
  • wikiman

For the Nintendo Wii winners, I'll try to email you for the delivery address later tonight. I will then try to find a cheap place online that does Wii delivery and get it sorted out this week — which means you'll probably be able to get it before Christmas!

For Gift Voucher winners, I'll also contact you to get the best email address to send the vouchers to.

Finally — thank you very much for everyone who have entered. I really appreciated all your effort. Now I've got my ego fully charged, more features are planned for next year.



November is a very special month for OzBargain. Two years ago, on Monday 27 November 2006, I launched OzBargain community site after a year of bargain blogging prior to that. That means in less than 3 weeks OzBargain will be turning two years old! It has been an amazing two year, as OzBargain was merely my "hobby site" when it first started, and as of today — although it is still my hobby site — there are now hundreds and thousands of visitors finding bargains here every month!

Here are some stats:

  • December 2006 (first full month of operation)
    • 2,813 unique visitors
    • 5,875 visits
    • 19,476 page views
  • October 2008 (last month)
    • 155,004 unique visitors
    • 454,507 visits
    • 1,252,391 page views

Quite an achievement in my opinion, and thank you all being part of this community and making it grow!

So, to celebrate our 2nd birthday, I am hosting a SPECIAL competition for all OzBargainsts. Let's talk about the prize first.


There will be basically prizes for 11 winners.

  • 1x Nintendo Wii (valued at $399)
  • 10x Deals Direct $25 Gift Vouchers

First of all, I am sorry I cannot sell you a Nintendo Wii for $199. I do not even have 10 Nintendo Wii's in my warehouse. Actually I do not have a warehouse. Hey! I do not even have a Nintendo Wii for myself!! However since it is such a hot item that a $200-off sale crashed someone else's dedicated server in San Antonio, TX…

So I think, well, maybe I will just give one away.

Ninetendo Wii

However, you can't just have one winner — that would just be too boring. Nor can I afford another Wii though. So I am giving out ten Deals Direct $25 gift vouchers instead. That makes total 11 winners — the top winner can bring home a Nintendo Wii for an early Christmas, and the rest can take the gift vouchers.

Deals Direct $25 Voucher

How Do I Win?

No. It is not about posting deals on OzBargain. Nor about making useful comments. They are great for this site, but it's not what this competition is about. Here comes the challenge…

Well. Running OzBargain during my spare time is hard — I spent countless hours writing code, replying comments, moderating comments/deals, fighting spams, optimising the servers, replying emails, resolving conflicts, etc. I am getting depressed!!! I can't concentrate at work. I can't spend enough time with my kids. I can only go to holidays where there are Internet connections… Aargh!! I need some ego booster!

So, as a contestant to enter into the comp, I need you to

  1. Prepare a happy birthday message.
  2. Publish your message on our Facebook Page, on your blogs or on any social media websites.

And after the comp has closed, me and other hard-working moderators will pick the 11 winners.

More details:

  • This competition is judged by content and creativity — so get ready to impress us!
  • Your happy birthday message MUST include, hmm, wish OzBargain having a happy birthday. Obviously bonus message also gets bonus score, like how much you enjoyed OzBargain, it's the best website on the net, how awesome our moderators are, etc.
  • Your message can be presented as a text message. Or a picture. Or a photo. Or a video. Or an MP3 sound track. Whatever takes your fancy.
  • Make sure you include your OzBargain username somewhere in your message, otherwise we will not be able to track down who to give the prize to. Also make sure that those who receive the message would know that it's a happy birthday message for OzBargain. I know some of you guys are very artistic. Sorry I am not and excuse me if I "missed it".
  • The best way is to post them on our Facebook Page. Not a fan yet?! Sign up and be our fans! Alternatively you can post them on your own blogs. Or other social websites. Tweet it (although I am sure 140 characters will not be enough for your praises on OzBargain). Good thing about Facebook is that it's easier for us to track. If you are posting your message elsewhere, make sure you let us know using the contact form.

A few rules:

  • OzBargain is a family-friendly website (I hope), so make sure you also keep your message G-rated. Okay. PG will be fine too.
  • Only one entry per person. If you submitted multiple entries, then the older entries will be discarded and will not be part of the competition.
  • The OzBargain birthday comp starts effectively NOW.
  • Entry closes at 11:59pm on Friday, 28th of November 2008.

Have fun!

Please post your questions in the comments. I will update this post as well as in the comments.

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  • +1

    good comp scotty. long live ozbargain

  • Awesome comp Scotty!

    Just a note though, Whirlpool should be off limits. COTD tried this a while a go and WP permanently banned linking to their site.

    • Agree. What you can do on Whirlpool is also very limited, i.e. it would be text-only, and probably will only be there for 5 seconds before a mod pulls it down (which they are rightfully doing so).

  • I feel a bit silly asking this, but how do you post a response on Facebook? I get as far as the security check but then it just says "Posting…"

    • Are you trying to post on the OzBargain page on Facebook? First of all you need to be a "fan" first, and then you should be able to add photos, videos or wall messages onto that page.

      • Yes, I'm going to the OzBargain page on Facebook. I am already a 'fan'. When I try to post a wall message it says "Posting…" and then gives me a captcha. It makes no difference if I enter the correct answer, or the wrong answer, it just says "Posting…" again, but does not post my message.

        I feel a little less silly now that I've discovered that other people are having similar issues. http://www.facebook.com/topic.php?uid=2425101550&topic=5036 but I've already tried disbling my firewall, and I'm running the latest version of Flash.

  • Great Comp idea Scotty

  • hey scotty how much dough are you pulling in from advertising man?

    • Ha! Are you thinking of giving OzBargain some extra birthday present? No — we are doing fine. You don't have to be so generous to concern about our financial situation :)

    • You can always help the cause and click on a few Viagra ads every now and then too :p

  • Why is everyone trying to make me create a bloody Facebook account?

    I must resist … not a massive fan of putting my personal details on the net.
    I choose to avoid sharing my entire life with everyone and wasting countless hours on a personal blog.

    "Here somebody please steal my identity, open a few loans and while you are at it register a few credit cards in my name"

    • the only required personal info really is your name only. and you can give a fake one at that.

    • Wow…..You have some issues. I don't think anyone here is MAKING you create a Facebook Account. Your choice!! Unless of course, if the whole world is trying to conspire against you. BTW: You do not have to share your life with everyone. You could just share it only with your friends.

    • And like Scratch2k's example you too can submit your entry in other places that do not compromise your identity! I do have to find out your name and address though, if you happen to win the Wii. And I promise I won't use it to open loan accounts and apply credit cards :)

  • I blogged your birthday!


    (I also posted this on facebook but forgot to include my username so here it is)

  • +2

    I uploaded a video for Ozbargain's Birthday at link. hope you all like it!

    • Great! This one is gold. Thanks!

  • Thanks Ozbargains, I think I helped down the San Antonia server. What? I have an 11 yo, a borrowed Wii and I bought Guitar Hero III. I neeeeeded that Wii. I will wish you a happy birthday from my site blog. I think I have already spammed everyone I know about your site.

  • +1

    Stop the Presses, my Ode to OzBargain is on YouTube…


    You live in Oz
    You want a bargain?
    Put two together
    What you get?
    You get ozbargain!

    Check it out! http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=3ixBT5TLoog

    • That's awesome! Very catchy tune.

      • Thanks Neil, we've been singing it at our house all week!

    • Good one! Hope you win :)

      • Thanks POWERevolution, it was a lot of fun making it.

    • Great song, love the lyrics!

      • Thank you Lacerta, it was originally going to be about all the times I check ozbargain during the day (I wake up, I check ozbargain, At morning tea, I check ozbargain) but then I decided to see how many things you can get on ozbargain that rhyme - and then squeeze in a few of the 'classic' ozbargain episodes…Like the 199 Wii and the condoms, and the cheap jam!

  • Thanks!!

    Now 24 hours to go — keep the entries coming!

  • +2

    Hi Scotty. Happy birthday. My family got together to greet you on this very special day. Enjoy our video at http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=lDp02uXGKak

    • Thank you for getting your entire family to come and sing the song! Hmm. How should I describe it — it feels more "personal" as I can put names and faces together. Although not sure how "legal" it is to sing Happy Birthday in public though :P

  • +1

    Hi Scotty!

    I've got something for ya!

    I didn't have the best microphone, but I think you will like it. Some in-jokes in there for those of us who are on OzBargains all the time.

    I hope you guys like it!


    • Shirr0, love your post!

      man, got to say that there are a lot of high calibre submission this time.. :)

      • Hey elcheapo! Thanks a lot, I'm really stoked you like it!

    • +1!! Very very nice. Now it's really making picking the top winner tough.

  • My entry. http://ozbargainbirthday.wordpress.com/. It's shamefully understated but I do like the site and wanted to say so in a more personal way cos I don't have facebook (ie, I don't exist!)

    Congrats to all the great entries.

    Thanks Scotty not just for this site, but for the competition. I hope your head won't fit through the door tomorrow!!!!

  • +1

    Once upon a time, so begins this rhyme,
    The Bargain Blog awakened, which every browser opened.
    Deals were aplenty, freebies appeared occasionally.
    As bargains came on display, the minions demanded a say,
    The floodgates were opened, the horde awakened,
    And so came the day, OzBargain was here to stay.

    Updated by the horde, who work for no reward,
    Cheap tickets and little keepsakes, Borders discounts and Dell's mistakes,
    USB drives that never arrive, cheap hosting, 90% off for life,
    Affordable GPS and flights, so many highlights.
    So many deals, so many steals.

    One fine day, the Wii came on display,
    One ninety nine and it would be mine,
    So thought every nerd who heard the word.
    The clock ticks past seven, and chaos begins to awaken.
    The horde went insane, the servers under strain.
    The hour passes by, the Wii says goodbye,
    Nothing could contain, everyone's disdain.
    Was there even one? Or were there always none?
    To everyone's dismay, thus ended the day.

    And so ends another year, since OzBargain's premiere
    Two years have passed, it seems so fast
    Every saving we accrue, we owe it all to you.
    Happy birthday Ozbargain, we thank you in return.
    Happy birthday, we all say,
    Happy birthday, never go away.

    -CynC ( Character limit on Facebook =[ )

    • +1

      Very nice CynC :)

      Edit: You've done well to know so much with 0 posts, a member since 14hrs ago, and that being your first comment too :P

      • +1

        Lurking in the shadows before the beginning of time =)

  • +1

    Well. I have to say that I am really impressed! That would definitely give me and the mods some work to do picking and choosing the winners.

    Unfortunately I did not bring my main computer home this weekend (went to the company Christmas party on Friday night so left it locked at work), so I can't quite enjoy all the youtube videos yet (they don't run that well on my 1st gen ASUS Eee PC). I might delay the announcement by one day (Monday 1 December) when I can get my notebook back…

    • Haha mate, no need to watch it just announce them as the winner! It's awesome :D

  • I think Shirro's video is by far the very best. He's put clips from many sources and he's also good a great choice of background music with great lyrics as well. Shirro's the best Ive seen so far.

  • +1

    Good luck to all the entrants. Some great entries and a tough decision ahead. Glad i'm not making it!

  • +1

    Trying to go through the list now. Believe me — it's very hard to narrow down to 11 winners…

    • Haha no worries scotty we'll just sit here on this chair and wait till you're done glares at scotty

  • +1

    how many entries were recieved in totally scotty?

    • Almost 40…

      • oh my!

  • Good luck ALL!
    Scott, 1 simple solution to solve your headache is to buy another 10 Wii :)

  • Hi all. I have just updated the post with the names of the winners. Thank you all! It's a blast!

  • Congratulations everyone! Especially to the lucky TWO main winners.

    Great prizes and comp scotty.

    Happy Bday to OzBargain too.

  • +1


    Thanks so much to Scotty, and everyone who gave me some comments about my entry. I haven't really won anything major before so I'm really, really happy about all this and can't stop smiling. Thanks so much!

    I think Scotty deserves some Kudos here. Not only did he run a great competition, it was very generous of him to give two Wiis. He had no obligation to do so, however he did it because he felt it was the fair thing to do and I think that's very commendable.

    You run an excellent website Scotty, the only one I go to on a daily basis. I can only imagine how you manage to juggle the site along with your everyday life, but I hope this competition has recharged your batteries for the next year. Keep up the excellent work, I hope the site grows and grows for many years to come.

    Congrats XyleneFree, I really liked your entry as well. It was a damn catchy tune, I was even singing it the car this morning (I was pretty embarassed when my passenger friend asked me what song I was singing when I sung the line "and 50 condoms").

    Thanks once again everyone!

  • +1

    Wow! Two Wii winners! You are certainly in a generous mood, Scotty. :)

    Thank you to Scotty for running OzBargain and this competition, as well as to everyone who entered. I enjoyed reading and watching all the entries.

    Special congratulations to both Shirr0 and XyleneFree!

  • Wow Scotty, 2 Wiis!!

    Well done to Shirr0 (I can imagine the work that went into your entry - I'm sure it's the only time Rudd, Bush and MC Hammer have agreed on anything!) And to all the other winners - there's so much ozbargain poetry we could publish an anthology…

    We really do love the site, and the community that lives on here. There has been a lot of jumping around here over the last few minutes!

    Three cheers for Scotty and ozbargain!!!

    "….and 50 condoms!"

  • Congratulations to 2 lucky winners XyleneFree & Shirr0
    Good on ya for giving out 2 Wiis Scott.
    Happy Birthday OZBargain!!!

  • Wow, congrats to the very deserving winners! Scotty, amazing prizes, absolutely incredible, you are a top bloke! Viva la OzBargain!

    P.S Thanks for the voucher too, i'll get a couple of chrissy presents from it :D

  • Ahh congrats everyone, and good on ya Scotty!!!

  • Here are some updates…

    @Shirr0 — I've already ordered the Wii after you sent in your address last night. "Hopefully" you'll get it within the next couple of days.

    @XyleneFree — Got the address from you this morning, went to the shop that I ordered for Shirr0 last night and they went Out of Stock (that's why I double-quoted "hopefully" that Shirr0 will receive his above)! Went to another online shop, and they asked for the phone number for delivery. I got the number from you now — will try to order again tonight.

    @Deals Direct voucher winners — I have got all but 1 responses back. Will order tonight.

  • HAHaha I love that ODE to OZbargain! Congratz for the winners that was top effort and creativity!

    And cheers for Scotty for giving out two Wii despite you've been wanting 1 yourself for a while. I hope Santa brought you another Wii for Christmas. LOL

    • No wonder Nintendo are #1.
      Scotty bought 3 of them this christmas :-)

  • Congratulations to XyleneFree & Shirr0 for winning the Nintendo Wii's (lucky people) & to Courtney Hartland, CynC, dansor, James Hartley Francis Browning, Mark Jeacocke, Pyro, Sean Boucher, Sonja Denton, Tameena Jacob & wikiman for winning the Deals Direct gift vouchers!

    Also, well done on everyone who entered the competition - there were many great entries! (I hope Scotty & the other mods don't mind me sharing this), the moderators had a really hard time picking the Wii winners - both XyleneFree & Shirr0's were both really creative & it all came down to basically, which one was better connected (visuals & lyrics).

    That was until Scotty checked his PayPal account & decided to be generous - the rest is history…

  • How about we all chip in and buy scotty a Wii for christmas? Anyone interested?

    • No thanks :) It would be a waste (seriously).

      I have to say that I am a typical gen X in his 30's — relatively wealthy but time poor. I probably won't even have time to play a Wii. Maybe I'll get one when I am hitting my mid-life crisis :)

  • Thanks Scotty.
    Great competition. Congratulations to Shirr0 and Xylenefree. you both deserve it.

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