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Nope, showing 619 for my local Qld store.
14/03/2015 - 12:36
The first month was good with White Rabbit. But two Matilda Bay beers in a row is a bit average. C'mon Dan, find some better beers!
01/02/2015 - 16:13
Chrome crashes like crazy on my ipad.
05/01/2015 - 10:35
I've had the same issue with cheap hdmi cables. Two <$5 cables failed on me, one straight outta the box, and another after several months....
02/01/2015 - 13:48
My First Choice had them 3 for $9.99 for one day before Christmas too. An early present!
01/01/2015 - 10:58
Use it on one of their 40% off sales and you'll be looking surfy-chic for less!
23/12/2014 - 11:18
I highly recommend this game about a bored dishwasher who sneaks around cleaning people's plates in amazing ways.
22/12/2014 - 11:57
OPO for $337? I've never seen it for less than $400, unless you mean second-hand.
27/11/2014 - 14:22
I think it's because they came with free peptides
26/11/2014 - 21:29
Maybe, but they wouldn't be havaianas
23/11/2014 - 21:55
My local Big W didn't have any S4s.
22/11/2014 - 20:39
Good Guys have taken down the sony Z1 and Z2 phones off their eBay store. Both were there last week.
22/11/2014 - 15:42
No white rabbit at my local DM. But I want a white rabbit!
15/11/2014 - 12:15
My closest one was 100km away for click and collect. Got 4 posted for $4.
11/11/2014 - 16:44
I was in store. So yes, I've had to go and do a click and collect.
09/11/2014 - 18:41
It was all news to my local dan murphys. They didn't have the temporary cards in and told me they were only being trained tomorrow.
09/11/2014 - 18:34
I was hoping phones might make it in...doesn't look like it.
09/11/2014 - 10:11
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01/10/2014 - 17:05
Are they unreliable? I had noticed some good prices on mid range android phones recently.
01/10/2014 - 17:05
Oh bummer...I don't check ozbargain for one day. One day!! Shred well you lucky rocksmithers!
23/07/2014 - 18:42
I'm still rocking one of those too! It's so slow! I'm wondering if a moto x is the way to go, and not another midrange motorola. Don't want...
29/06/2014 - 12:46
I've had swiftkey for about 12 months. It's like my old Nokia phone's GPS directions. Totally bonkers, but sort of endearing. Writing a...
15/06/2014 - 20:57
I got a brand new copy of Rocksmith 1 from EB for the PS3 with the cable for $18 last week in store. You may find your local has a similar...
15/06/2014 - 20:49
I offered a smile, and then they went looking for machines...found a customer at the counter with a machine and no pods...I thought 'uh...
03/06/2014 - 19:39
Found the box of pods...just no machine in store. Lol
03/06/2014 - 19:06
Wow, if it scans at that price, and it's clearly a national promotion, I'd like to hear her reasoning for not letting you buy it. I'd go...
13/03/2014 - 22:08