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Western Digital WD 20TB Elements Desktop External Hard Drive, USB 3.0 $480.19 Delivered @ Amazon US via AU

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To whom it may concern. $24/TB.

Max 5 items, this makes it real deal. No worries about packaging, Elements are drop-proof.

About this item

  • High-capacity add-on storage
  • Fast data transfers
  • Plug-and-play ready for Windows PCs
  • WD quality inside and out
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  • How fast is the data transfer?

    • +1

      ~ 200-230 MB/s

  • $24 per gig, pretty good… TY

    • What, lol
      I had $24/TB in title, mods removed it, so I put it in description.

      • +3

        Oops, typo, lol, GB/TB, too many wines…

  • +1

    Can I shuck it and use for my desktop?

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    • +4

      you'll need to cover one of the power pins though - see here https://www.instructables.com/How-to-Fix-the-33V-Pin-Issue-i… - if you use in a NAS, this isn't required.

      If you want to open the case easy without destroying it, use thick guitar picks :)

      • +8

        You may get lucky. I bought 4 of these and didn’t need to cover any pins. I used an old credit card cut into 4 pieces and wedged each piece against each of the inner tabs. The case popped off the inner catches and slid right off. I followed this video https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=QApvLyorr3g Jump to 4mins for the actual shucking technique.

      • Not necessarily, depends on your power supply. If you have 5 pin SATA then yes. If you have 4 pins then no. Usually only older, lesser PSUs that have 5 anyway. Some have a mixture of both

      • +1

        Inconsistently supporting the newer SATA 3.3 standard for P3 3.3V PWDIS power disable!


      • Why is it not required when using a NAS? Considering a NAS is also just a PC (sometimes smaller form factor, sometimes a full ATX beast).

        • +1

          Synology NASes (or many of the other NASes) usually don't populate 3V3 rail on SATA connector at all so no problem. However the WD external HDD control board uses that pin for its power button and internal spin-down logics.

          The problem here is that these drives will not spin up when PWDIS pin is pulled up (i.e. there's 3.3V on the pin, that's by design - a new SATA standard) but normal PSUs which supplies 3V3 would simply provide power on all 3x of the 3V3 pins without knowledge of the PWDIS pin's existence.

    • +26

      I want what you're smoking

    • +14
      • arch.iso 400MB
      • debian-netinst.iso 400MB
      • aoe2.iso 700MB
      • family-photos.zip 200MB
      • stuff.zip 19998GB

      Seems fine?

      • +2

        Your aoe2 is an ISO? Mine has a ".cereal" extension

      • +2

        mv stuff.zip pr0n.zip

    • +1

      Omg this is gold 😂😂😂😂

    • -1

      I want to know what you smoking, so I can avoid as I got more than 5 items to put.

  • Anyone knows if it's CMR or SMR?

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  • +1

    It add an import tax if you spend over $1k.

    • +2

      Do multiple orders

      • +1

        That changes nothing if customs adds up your packages and charges you duty.

        • Technically true. Use different names?

        • they wont if they get split by Amazon - with the last 20Tb, I did 2 separate orders, with 2 drives via my wife's account and 2 drive via my account. Amazon sent the 2 ordered on my wife's account together, but split my order in two (one was sent from UK and one from Germany) - both orders were placed with Amazon.de via Amazon.com.au. The 2 packages that have arrived so far (the order on my wife's account and the one sent from mine from the UK) have cleared Customs with no extra charges.

  • +12

    Damn, it's like it would be really useful to have a hard drive of this capacity, but I have a hard time spending $500 in this economy.

  • I'm a little troubled by the description: "Hard Drive Interface ‎USB 1.1 "
    Can anyone shed light on this?

    • "Full-Speed" USB

      You're welcome


      Amazon product info dodgy again

      Expect it to be the USB 3.0 interface for WD Elements

      with Amazon you could potentially receive a 10TB drive with a 20TB barcode stuck on, though, if extremely unfortunate!

  • Is there anything bigger than this or is this currently the biggest already for an external single drive HDD?

    • +3

      There are 22tb drives but they're substantially more expensive. E.g. $700+

      • +1

        Thanks, I wish they'd start rolling out 30TB drives soon. Doesn't take long to fill 20TB drives.

  • Thanks for the deal OP

    Sounds like it comes with a US plug power supply, does anyone have experience contacting WD to obtain an Aus plug as the amazon Q&A suggests?

    • +1

      See similar deal with comments re: requesting an Aus plug from WD: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/741054

      • +2

        I had my personal data leaked while dealing with WD support getting an AU plug. A dodgy party contacted me complete with my case number and all of my details asking for bank acc details to reimburse me for a plug given shipping constraints….
        I complained to WD and never heard back.

    • +2

      yep, I've done it no issues - they don't charge you, either. I did it a couple years back when I got 4x10Tb Elements Drives - the same powersupply works in the 20Tb Elements Drives (I'm currently in the process of doing Extended Diagnostics via WD Dashboard on each drive before I shuck them - takes about 28 hours per drive)

      • thanks guys

      • This is the way

      • Or use Hard Disk Sentinel, there has been few post on here for free version, and run a read/write surface test before you shuck it.

      • You should run diagnostics on them after the diagnostics.

  • Wasn’t drop proof for me. I managed to destroy a 14tb dropping it

    • in the packaging? Bare drive? Turned on? More info needed.

      • Not in packaging, not shucked and not turned on. Just dropped it and it would no longer work

  • Are they good for NAS set-up? 24/7 active?

    • +1

      yep, that's what I use them for (once shucked from external enclosure) - I currently have 3 Synology 4 bay NAS with 14Tb and 10Tb white drives in two of them.

    • +1

      Got 8x 12TB running for about 2.5 years by now 24/7. No issues nor signs of issue.

      They're binned-down enterprise He drives with a slower firmware anyway.

    • +1

      Keep them cool with stable power and they'll love you long time…

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