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$10 off Lunch (10AM - 4PM) and Late Night (9:30PM - 5:00AM) with Minimum $15 Spend (Delivery Only) @ Menulog


Same as the previous deal which just expired. New codes.

  • $10 Off Lunch: MIDDAY10

Lunch doesn’t get better than this… Grab $10 off* when you spend $15 or more from 10am-4pm. Come back on 07/04/23 for another code!

Voucher only valid with delivery orders from 10am-3.59pm at participating venues until 06/04/23. $15 min. spend. Not valid with orders from Hungry Jack’s, KFC, McDonald's. Single redemption. CC payments only.

  • $10 Off Late Night: MIDNIGHT10

Give into those late night cravings with $10 off* when you spend $15 or more from 9:30pm-5am. Come back on 07/04/23 for another code!

Voucher only valid with delivery orders from 9.30pm-4.59am at participating venues until 07/04/23. $15 min. spend. Single redemption. CC payments only.

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Referee gets $50 after completing 25 deliveries. Referrer gets $100. Courier/Driver Signup

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  • +2

    Not vaild for this postcode (wa) anyway around it?

    • Use the mobile app on Android / iOS - set your postcode to a Victorian postcode - it will go through. No errors, it will still get the correct location for the driver. As an additional safety net, I like to repeat my address again with the proper postcode in the Delivery Notes.

      • Where in the app do you set post code?

      • what post code works?

        • Used 2009 post code last time.
          Just changed first post code number to a 2

          • @s66: Where do you do that though? If I change it in the delivery details section it says restaurant doesn't deliver to that address

            • @sub102: After I click what i want and go to checkout i get a screen, "Confirm your delivery details", change post code here,

              • @s66: That is where I tried too but can't go past that if I enter a far away post code as it says restaurant doesn't deliver to that

      • +1

        I get 'sorry the restaurant doesn't deliver to your address'

      • This stopped working for me, the app just assigns a driver for hours until the restaurant closes or the order gets cancelled

  • I'm assuming it expires at the end of the month?

  • Voucher can not be used with this postcode

  • How many uses?

  • Can’t use this code at this time. Even though I’ve put in pick up time after 9:30pm

  • Doesn't work for WA maybe you update the title or put in description

  • Says minimum spend not reached when my order is $20

  • Worked fine for me in Queensland

  • Thanks OP, meals planned when I’m in office

  • I got 10% off pickup and groceries 🤷‍♂️

  • This voucher can’t be used at this time, sorry

  • Hope Menulog keep being awesome with these deals. I never use Uber Eats or Door Dash cause they’re greedy and never offer any decent discounts

  • +1

    Menulog been killing it. I ditched my uber pass and dashpass cause they literally offered NOTHING.

  • +3

    When I change to a different postcode/ address at the start it doesn't bring up the restaurant I want to order from. If I put my correct address I get ' Voucher is not valid for this postcode'. If I try to leave the correct address and only change the postcode I get 'Sorry - the restaurant doesn't deliver to your address'.

    • +1

      Yep. First time I'd used Menulog in three years. Pushed dinner back to 9:30PM only to be told LOL JOKES WE LIED.

      Guess I should delete my account. It was a complete waste of time putting in a custom order. Would literally have been quicker to cook.

      • +1

        Same here. Vouchers are not postcode-dependent. Screw Menulog.

  • Worked for me tonight

  • Coffee and brekky from a new local cafe sorted for a Monday morning!

  • If theres no where to enter code does that mean its not eligible

    • During checkout there's a promo box

      • I cant find it on the mobile app

        • It's at the end after you select payment type, "I have a voucher"

  • FYI: You can schedule your order and keep the discount, so for example you can use the midday code at 10am and have it delivered at 10pm.

  • Any codes for today?

  • +1


  • Our lunch saver has gone

  • Anyone know the dinner code??

  • +2


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