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Apple TV 4K Wi-Fi 64GB (3rd Gen) $189.99 Delivered (eBay Plus $179.99, Targeted $174.99) @ Mobileciti eBay


A bit cheaper than this deal if you have eBay Plus.

MCSAVE10 is a stackable code so you can combine it with PLUSITUP for a total of $20 discount or SMSMD4… for a total of $25 discount.

Original eBay Plus Coupon Deal — expires 30/4/2023
Original Targeted Coupon Deal

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    If you care about Ethernet and Thread, the 2nd Gen 4K 32GB from JB HiFi for $155 is a better deal IMO: https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/apple-tv-4k-32gb-2021

    I bought the 32GB 2nd gen instead of the 3rd gen recently, and no regrets. It’s still made in 2021, so many years of updates to come, and it does pretty much everything 3rd gen does minus a few small features (eg Karaoke mode in Apple Music). With no storage of media files on device, even 32GB seems overkill - no need for 64 or 128.

    Having it as the Home Hub for automation is awesome compared to our old iPad, and Thread support will be useful in coming years.

    They really shouldn’t have taken out Ethernet + Thread from the 3rd gen 64GB!

    128GB 3rd gen > 32GB 2nd gen > 64GB 3rd gen

    • What is the benefit of Thread?

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        Apple TV Thread is a new feature introduced in the latest Apple TV 4K and Apple TV HD models. Thread is a wireless communication protocol that allows smart home devices to connect and communicate with each other over a mesh network. Thread is designed to be secure, low-power, and reliable, making it an ideal protocol for smart home devices.

        With Apple TV Thread, your Apple TV can act as a Thread Border Router, allowing Thread-enabled devices to connect to your home network and communicate with each other. This means that you can control your smart home devices using your Apple TV as a hub, even if you don't have an additional smart home hub.

        Some of the benefits of using Apple TV Thread include:

        • Low power consumption: Thread is designed to be energy-efficient, so your devices can run on batteries for longer periods of time.

        • Secure communication: Thread uses encryption to ensure that your smart home devices are communicating securely.

        • Easy setup: Apple TV Thread allows you to easily set up your smart home devices using the Home app on your iPhone or iPad.

        Overall, Apple TV Thread is a great way to connect and control your smart home devices using your Apple TV as a hub.

    • Thank you for pointing this out. I got a 2nd gen 32gb from JB.

  • This ones not eligible for home kit right? Says you need Gen 4, but this seems expensive if its an old model

    • Afaik this is the latest model. Not sure about home kit though.

      • Yeah just confusing because on the home app it says "Make Apple TV (4th generation or later) or HomePod the centre of your home"

        But then @Doy claims it works with his Gen 2 model???

        • 4th Gen would probably be referring to the HD models. There are only 3 4K Generations - released 2017, 2021 and 2022.

          So yes, this is fine for HomeKit, but misses out on Thread (which will be increasingly useful in coming years) and Ethernet. As stated, that’s why I think the 32GB 2nd Gen is a better buy if you’re interested in HomeKit.

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    50$ and i am in

  • Can Apple TV be used like NVIDIA Shield as a media player?

    • Plex, emby, infuse, etc on this play videos.My fave is infuse.

  • +2

    Mind ended up $169.

  • Comes to $174.79 for me using SAVB8 and MCSAVE10

    • Correction - SAVB8 now expired, but SAVA8 works.
      Just paid $174.79.

  • Just bought for $165.59 using codes MCPICKUP and SAVA8

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