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$250/$500 IGA Tasmania or EFTPOS Gift Card with New Single/Family Eligible Hospital + Extras Insurance Policy @ St Lukes


I've never been a customer of St Lukes, but they seem to be a "premium" private health insurance provider - providing more benefits and having less exclusions for hospital and extras cover than the majors, but at a higher cost. They are offering a $250/$500 gift card for Tasmanians and $250/$500 eftpos gift card for other eligible Australians.

Eligible cover means any combined hospital and extras product available in your state of residence excluding:

  • Bronze Hospital 250 and Starter Extras
  • Bronze Plus Hospital 500 and Budget Extras
  • Bronze Plus Hospital 750 and Budget Extras
  • Bronze Plus Hospital 500 and Starter Extras
  • Bronze Hospital 500 and Starter Extras
  • Bronze Plus Hospital 750 and Starter Extras
  • Bronze Hospital 750 and Starter Extras
  • Basic Plus Hospital 500 and Starter Extras

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    Free IGA Tasmania Gift Card

    To gift to sister or mom on your aniversary

  • whats the profit margin?

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      30 days of membership to be eligible then up to 14 days for them to send out, looks like around $100 a fortnight depending on rebates.. so -$50 + 6 weeks insurance .. can we get new glasses in that 6 weeks 😅?

      • Depending on where you go but you should be able to find some places that can get you sorted in 2-3 weeks.

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          Easy. You can also elect (or be required) to pay for the glasses upfront.

  • isnt medibank better ? 4 weeks free 250 or 500 gc and waive 2 & 6 months


    • Im already on that and ready to churn soon.
      Already got an extra 5000+ live better points so total 300 gift card

      • Likewise, though I still have some way to go before I exhaust my 6 weeks free and am yet to receive the promotional points.

        If the points aren't paid in accordance with the terms, I will still leave after the 6 weeks free. The points can be addressed via the complaint process.

        • How did you get 6 weeks for free? I thought the offer was for 4 weeks.

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            @Notatightass: Apologies. Yes, it was 4 weeks free. I posted without checking the details. As many of these promotions are 6 weeks, I posted that.

            As an aside, note that Medibank and Bupa (unlike many of the smaller insurers) sometimes have multiple promotions running concurrently, depending on where you click-through from.

      • How long did it take from the sign up date for you to receive your points?

      • Is it easy to churn health insurance?

  • when do their limits reset? July or January?

    • AFAIK only Peoplecare, OneMediFund, Defence and Navy Health, and AHM reset in July.

      I would lean towards Peoplecare churn before 30th june as they have 6 weeks free after 4 week paid cover and $300 optical @ 100% with highest cover

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        Just be careful with Peoplecare promos. Peoplecare seems to require members to be completely new to be eligible for most promos.

        Other funds sensibly define that 'new' means something like 'has not been a member within the last 6 months' (or similar).

        As a returning member, I sometimes join just after 1 July, claim my glasses, then leave within the month. I'd stay longer if it leaved the promotions available to me.

        As for St Lukes, I wouldn't characterise it as a 'premium' provider. It is a member-owned fund. Member-owned funds tend to return a greater percentage of the premiums paid as rebates than for-profit funds.

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          To be an Eligible Customer, all of the following conditions must be met:

          The person joining is either:
          A new Peoplecare member; or
          A former Peoplecare member who left the fund more than 12 months before the offer period commenced.

          • @baron33: Beautiful — thanks.

            I had previously provided feedback to Peoplecare, so I am glad it is now being clear about what a 'new member' means.

            • @YesPleaseThankYou: This change to the terms also means that I can now consider Peoplecare when churning.

              Indeed, the timing is right for the next churn and new glasses in July.

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