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Durex Pleasure Me Condoms Regular Fit, Pack of 30 $9.99 ($8.99 S&S) + Delivery ($0 Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU

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Another month, another condom deal.

Can combine with some K-Y for condoms on S&S as well for extra value …

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +34

    Mother's day gift sorted

  • +1

    Here for the comments!

    • +10

      Thanks for letting us know about your sexual life lol

    • Comments are here for you

  • +9

    whats the expiry date? that will last me 30 years thanks

    • +1

      One for every Christmas?

      • +1

        nah birthday

        • What about EOFY?

          • +2

            @M00Cow: Around these parts, he's known as the write-off.

          • +1

            @M00Cow: my birthday is on the same week, so no to doing it twice a week

  • +1

    Any XS available?

    • Only micro size

    • You could fold it in half

    • True Ozbargainers need XXXXXL

    • You forgot to mention you are asking for a friend

  • +4

    Grabs popcorn

  • OP, there’s a coupon for extra 10% off for the first S&S

    • +1

      And another 5% for extra small!

  • Came for comments

  • That's 30c each for 1 vs 0c for 1 you never have.
    this is not the ozbargain way.

    • Or the alternative is Child Support for 18 years…

  • +2


  • +1

    True Ozbargainers don't use condoms.

    • +5

      the opposite.
      kids are expensive
      just think of investing on this C, so you have more $ to buy gadgets in long term

      • +1

        true, will be more expensive if you divorce with kids

    • +2

      To save money, reuse them

      • Wash with soap and then air dry in the sun?

      • Turn them inside out like your undies. Whoops not good idea

    • Is that because they don't have sex?

    • Ozbargainer just times it well :)

    • Only Victorians…

  • +2

    Regular Fit, Pack of 30 $9.99


    These are 500 for $6 and you're not restricted to regular fit

  • Love when they crack jokes but it's all true, unlucky oh el janna

  • -1

    Which ethnicity is the regular fit for?

    • human

    • +1

      regular folk

    • -7

      Small: Asian/indian
      Regular fit: caucasian
      Large to XXL: black
      XXXL: Arab (only because we over exagerate things)
      Zan man downstairz iz bigger zan za donkey one

      • Since when has India separated from Asia? 🤔

      • -1

        Sounds like you are much experienced trying every size from various Asians

      • -2

        4 people who neg ya have no sense of humour. Or the truth hurts ouch I gave ya a plus

        • -1

          Throw this one onto the pile of common misconceptions and/or racism - Size and Race.

          • -1

            @ihfree: Damn you., Neg because you made me look at dick pics.

            • +1

              @SpeedRunnerLink: And the disturbing thing is you liked it

            • @SpeedRunnerLink: That's on you for scrolling and hunting for more information. My link is direct to the relevant section and free of pics.

              Anyway, hope you learned enough to squash a lame and common misconception.

        • -1

          Maybe because EC haz a XXXL , more giant zan za horsy 🤣🤣

    • Homoerectus

  • +1

    Shame I still have these from the very first deal ever posted on OzBargain related to condoms. :(

  • Pleasure ME!!!!

  • +7

    What happened when the Irishman put it on back to front………he went!!!

  • Good price, got these for $12.45 from Amazon last week :(

  • most of us here will be blowing bubbles with them

  • Thanks OP, just set up a weekly S&S on these.

  • point ——> it says Pleasure Me
    why would I need rubber for ?

  • Thanks OP. Was running out of balloons.

  • Good deal. There's an additional 10% discount on top of the regular 10% for S&S

  • Just bought a lifetime supply for $6.99 - 10% discount plus also subscribe and save

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