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[NSW, VIC, SA] Crucial 8GB (1x8GB) CT8G4SFRA32A 3200MHz DDR4 SODIMM RAM $25 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ MSY


The sky is falling, the earth is flat… Now you don't need to contemplate the meaning of life with only 4gb ram.
Upgrade the ram in your laptop for the price of 4 lattes (3 if you get double shots or flavouring).

This is laptop SODIMM RAM and not desktop RAM.

Generally, yes you can mix and match ram of different sizes and speeds, unless you are a power user.

Crucial 8GB (1x8GB) CT8G4SFRA32A 3200MHz DDR4 SODIMM RAM
MSY $25

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  • Is it a good add-on for Synology DS920+ or is it better to choose another frequency version?

    • Normal RAM can be used for NAS. But it is recommended to use ECC RAM for the NAS unit for the data integrity in the long run.

  • It's showing as $28

  • Any good deal on 32GB sodimm?

  • MSY also have the 16GB for $50 and the 32GB for $97

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