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DoorDash - $1 (Selected) Menu Items + Delivery & Service Fees / Pick up (2pm-5pm AEST)


DoorDash: $1 menu items this weekend only.* From Friday 26 May – Sunday 28 May between 2pm – 5pm, you can enjoy fan fave menu items from top restaurants for just $1*.

With $1 items at over 1,800 merchants from across the country, there’s something for everyone. The offer is available to new and existing DoorDash customers. Some of the highlights include:

Max Brenner
Noodle Box
Crust Pizza
Pie Face

New and existing DoorDash customers who order via the app from selected eateries between 2-5pm on Friday 26th to Sunday 28th May can claim $1 menu items* via the DoorDash app!
Redeeming your $1 meal* is easy: Simply use the unique promo code for each day at
checkout: Friday 26th - FRISAVINGS, Saturday 27th - SATSAVINGS and Sunday 28th -

Referral Links

Referral: random (760)

Referee gets $5-15 off first 1 or 2 orders over $15/$20. Referrer gets $5-$45 credit once referee places an order over $20.

Check the web page heading before joining as there are multiple sign up offers.


$400 Bonus for referrer and referee if referee does a certain amount of deliveries.

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  • +1

    Check your account for a Dashpass offer for $4.99 for the first month instead of $9.99. I noticed it on the last promo.

    Monthly Plan
    $4.99/month x 1, then $9.99

    You need to spend $20 to get free delivery with it, but it might work out cheaper than paying the delivery fee if you are going to order anyway.

    • I had that deal + 40% off next 3 orders capped at a $15 discount.

      Couldn't say no to that deal and stacked it with $30 off $100 afterpay purchase ($100 door dash gift card)

      • for that 40% off next 3 orders, is there a coupon attached?

    • I signed up to the DashPass free trial and now the $1 offer has disappeared.

      • It is back btw.

  • +43

    this is great, rideshare/food delivery apps are at their best when burning through venture capital funds.

    • +17

      From the wallet of US venture capitalists to our struggling restaurants and gig workers. Modern day Robin Hood.

      • If you can buy it stacked 20%-30% cheaper stacker than the restaurant prices. Most that offer no discount they have me :)
        Robin Hood can try to steal somewhere else than my wallet hehe .

        • +8

          Just had an aneurysm trying to read that, cheers

    • Seriously have they ever turned a profit….

      • -1

        Saw an article just the other day where they took almost 50% of a restaurant's revenue for fees. They make bank.

        • https://get.doordash.com/en-au?&utm_ad_group_id=137016870715…

          Rinse and repeat
          Someone should put it up as a deal .
          It might get a vote .

        • +1

          50% doesn't seem to be true, restaurants have very small profit margins, they wouldn't be making any money. I've heard they take 15% on average which seems more plausible as restaurants tend to jack up their prices by that much. Then you have to pay your drivers usually $8-10 per delivery. I don't think they are making bank if anything breaking even or loss.

          • +2

            @umoddbro: I agree. Most orders are low value. Drivers take around $10 of that which means most orders are loss making for the delivery company.

            So order up people. The money will run out eventually and then the party will end.

          • @umoddbro: 15% is way too cheap for delivery commission. It's more like ~30%.

            30% Delivery commission


            30% Uber Delivery option


          • @umoddbro: I work in the industry, they take around 30% from small restaurants.

            Small businesses have no choice but to pass that cost onto customers by increasing pricing on their DoorDash account by 33%.

            I bet the big franchises have negotiated smaller commission fees from DoorDash.

        • +1

          As others have said, this is not true. Doordash, like most food delivery outlets, is bleeding money and survives on venture capitalist money. It lost USD$2.6b in the twelve months ending March 31 2023. These deals are funded using that VC money on the promise that someday they will actually be profitable.

        • +2

          I've heard uber takes 30%. They spend more on Kardashians than bargains and that's how they lose money. I don't give a shit what jendall brenner eats with her salad but I quite like these deals.

          Either way, VC kids trying to get a monopoly and it sees more losers than winners.

        • Well it's 30% commission plus the whole delivery and service fees go to them. Probably not far off.

      • its about social good

    • Absolutely.

  • Drivers stay away from these stores from Friday

  • I wonder if pick up is available with this promo?

    • -1

      Maybe wait somewhere close to the restaurant to minimise the fee?

  • Thanks OP.

  • Don’t expect your order to come before 2 hours. These promos make deliveries go from hard to impossible. I’ve never had a good experience with one of these promos

    • Ordered a burger for $3 and got it in 20 minutes.

  • +3

    Some restaurants offer $0 delivery which is good but prices seem to have been inflated more or less + 12% service fee + under $15 order fee

    • The service fees on DD and Uber Eats in addition to higher item prices on delivery kills it. There shouldn't be a need for higher item prices and a fee surcharge.

      • They'll end up like Deliveroo if they don't do it.

  • +3

    Noticed OP has been deactivated. Was it a DoorDash employee?

    • +7

      Their name was doordashau and marked as rep which is probs why they got banned. Doordash is banned from rep posts.

      • +7

        lol why

        • +1


          This store is currently BANNED from store representative posts.
          Reason: Sockpuppeting (Rep only)
          Expiry: permanent

          • +6

            @aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa: WTF it's legit deal and they declare themselves as associated.
            I don't see why it's wrong

            • @OzBestDeal: Because they didn't in the past and resulted in permanent ban from rep post.

              If you have an issue with it, you can contact mods via TWAM.

            • -1


              and they declare themselves as associated.

              Actually they didn't. The mods did that when they deactivated them.

              • -1

                @pennypincher98: I think with a name like “doordashau” that they did indeed declare themselves as associated 😂

                • -3

                  @Atlantictaiwan: Uhh no they just made it easy to tell they were sockpuppeting. God let's hope you never are a moderator.

                  • +2

                    @pennypincher98: Classic stickler for the rules, and lacking a magnitude of common sense. The purpose of the associated tag is so that people can’t come on here and advertise without declaring their conflicts of interest. Just because this person didn’t press the “associated button”, doesn’t mean that they didn’t declare their conflict of interest. I would say that it’s highly plausible that in THIS CASE (I’m not commenting on precious cases because I don’t know the info), the OP probably just didn’t know/forgot to mark themselves as associates, seeing as it was so obvious to everybody that they were associated with DoorDash.

                    • -1

                      @Atlantictaiwan: Moderators have to stick to the rules they moderate content by otherwise what is the purpose of having moderators or rules? A lasting ban for multiple store reps not declaring association is exactly that. It's just like in a workplace, you have multiple chances and if you blow them you're gone.

                      It doesn't have to be fair and I'm not even saying it's right, but that's how life works. The sooner you stop crying about it the sooner you can do other things like eat $1 food items.

                      You want to cry some more, TWAM is available.

                    • @Atlantictaiwan: Just to clarify what happened:

                      (1) The user tried to post whilst declaring association, but they weren't able to as Doordash has been banned from posting rep deals on OzBargain since 2022 due to multiple prior sockpuppeting offences.

                      (2) The user then decided to post without declaring association, to bypass the ban.

                      (3) Mods added the association after the post, see revision, but did not remove the deal as it appeared popular.

                      (4) The user was temporarily banned by mods for sockpuppeting, but they (not mods) then deactivated their account.

                      In response to comments below. @Fat Horny Ghost - Rewarding stores who sockpuppet, by unbanning them, because of a good deal, is not an appropriate response. Reps from banned stores can already send us deals so mods can post or we can put it in the anonymous deal thread for someone else to post. Furthermore regular users would still share this deal, had the rep not done it early on, this deal was not created for OzBargain and this deal would have existed with or without OzBargain or the post on OzBargain, it also would have been shared by the community with or without the rep post, just at a later date. Anyone can post deals on OzBargain, we just ask them to declare association.

                      • @hamza23:

                        (4) The user was temporarily banned by mods for sockpuppeting, but they (not mods) then deactivated their account

                        OP username checks out

  • Anyone able to figure out yet if this is applicable on Pick-Up orders?
    * sets reminder *

    • +4

      Works for pick up order, I just pre-ordered for 12:30pm today.

      Code can be used once per account.

      • -1

        A delivery service allows for pick up. Doesn't make sense haha. I missed today. Will try it out tomorrow

      • Once per day or just once per the period?

  • +1

    I selected pickup and then applied $1 promo and it worked just fine, showed I can pickup and total cost was $1. Although, haven't yet placed an order. Will check back in sometime.

    • Placed a pickup order for later, paid a dollar

    • If you had added Zip payment you would have gotten $4 cashback as well.

  • +2

    Only 1x $1 item per cart
    But does it means we can order multiple carts?

    • +3

      No, 1 code per account. I tried to order 2 and it said I have reached max redemption for this code.

  • +1

    Did they put this offer up too early?
    Had the banner on my homepage and was able to use to promo code (though never ordered), now banner is gone and when entering the promo code I get the error message ‘unfortunately, this promotion is not currently available’. Have the maxed out on uses now or will it work again at 2?

    • +1

      Same, wondering if the redemptions are exhausted, or will the offer be back by 2PM.

    • I thought this starts at 2pm

      Edit: I saw the banner earlier today, but now it's gone…
      Developers activate it early to test it?

  • Heads up, $1 deals are up again!

    • +1

      And now the $1 items are gone again.

  • Which outlets are having 1$ ? In sydney

    • There will be a banner in the app where you can click on to see the stores

  • +1

    Just picked up my early lunch, thanks OP

  • It was on my app this morning, now it's gone from the banner, maybe they fix it for 2pm starts

  • Thanks OP just ordered a drink for $1 pick up later! (machi machi)

  • Thanks OP, $1 burger scheduled for pickup :)
    Gives me a chance to try out a local eatery too

  • +3

    Is anyone getting "Whoops : To use this promotion, make sure your cart contains the required items" ?

    • Yes. Two stores I tried. 🙄

    • Make sure you are not selecting a $40+ item.. some of the items are labelled $1 but are not eligible.

    • Same here. Even though some food is only $10ish and still not eligible.

  • Thanks got a burger!

  • Max $20 item only.

    • It is selected items from eligible restaurants.

      • +1

        selected items from eligible restaurant max $20 item - you can add stuffs like extra pickle for a burger etc but the coupon won't work if the grand total for the item exceed $20.

        • +2

          Thanks, didnt know you can add extra on top to maximum $20!

          Good to know for Sat/Sun deal :)

        • Thanks, will this for my Sat & Sun order.

        • Doesn't seem to work (at least not any more) :(

    • +1

      Max $20 item only

      Not true, depends on what's near you

      • +1

        even if some store has like $30 item in the list, it won't work right away.
        I tried $20.11 and bounced, $19.xx worked so i'm just posting my test results not the T&C level deal.
        This might will get fixed later on but for now, this is the invisible limit they set.

        • I ordered an item for $23 and it worked no problem, entire amount discounted to $1.

          Other users have reported it working on even more expensive items than that.

    • Nope got a $26 pizza for 1 buck

  • +1

    Local Kebab shop offers $1 kebab but no option to buy it as a single and you need to get it as a meal.
    At the checkout it decreased the price of the entire order to $1 WINNING!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Could you share what was the Discount amount in your order detail?

  • +2

    Thanks. Found a $0 delivery restaurant and got fish & chips delivered for $2.92 ($16 - $15 + $1.92 Service Fee)

    • Didn't it charge you a $3 small order fee or was that negated because it was originally $15+?

      • I specifically ordered a food item over $15 to avoid the small order fee.

        I believe you might be able to pick up instead to avoid the small order fee.

        • That's a great workaround. Yeah I picked up but delivery is certainly easier haha

          .. actually on second thoughts maybe not lol I'm having flashbacks to the time I waited 2.5 hours with a HJs promo

    • Food took over an hour to arrive.

      Cold and looks nothing like the image. Image has 2 fish, chips and a side of salad but received 1 fish and cold chips.

      • Same here, but I heated up my burger and it was still surprisingly good.

        I believe it's doordash's fault? Since my driver picked up another order after mine.

        Can some drivers chime in?

        • I believe mine was most likely the restaurants fault.

          Driver actually messaged me in the app to keep me updated on my order. He arrived at the restaurant but was asked to wait 30min for them to cook the fish and chip (which took longer than 30min)…

          • @RichardL: My driver picked up another order along the way, but not sure if that's their decision or not. Sounds complicated either way, I don't want to give them 1 star because likely not their fault

  • +2

    Shhhh guys about this one . I want to get as fat as a pig .

  • +1

    Burrito Bar Menu item: Chilli Con Carne (1947 kJ)
    Signature Gourmet Ground Beef and Red Kidney Beans on a bed of White Rice, topped with Jalapenos and served with a side of Corn Chips.

    RRP (Doordash) $15.95
    Discount $14.95
    Paid: $1.00 (Pickup)


  • +2

    Damn some of the deals are insane not sure if price error or not but some meals on here are rrp $60 for $1 (Asian food chain quality is questionable) but comes with 3 mains 3 sides and 1.25l drink. Lol

    • Would be smart for a business to put a $20 item at $60 for the sake of this promo ngl

      • Haven't ordered but seems like alot of food for that price even at $20!

    • Yeah I sawed that one as well, plant based for the meat though.

      • Yeh you're right, I guess good if your vegetarian/vegan…

      • +1

        Just had it for dinner. I was worried about the plant based aspect, but it was honestly really good. Wouldn't have realized it wasn't real chicken and beef if I didn't know. I didn't tell my wife, and she didn't realize.

        In short, taste was just a good as any other non-vegetarian noodles.

    • I ordered that and they cancelled my order when the driver got there… but the order used my coupon for the day. Doordash sorted it out though and were very helpful.

      • Oh no. I just ordered this one too. I guess we'll see if it arrives. If they were aware yesterday, you'd think they could have fixed it by now! Order went through etc.

        • +1

          The order did eventually arrive, just FYI for anyone considering ordering

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