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70% off Fishing Essential Tools Bucket - $29.99 (Club Price, Was $99) - Click & Collect Only @ BCF


The 17 Piece Fishing Essentials Bucket is packed with tools and accessories for your fishing and even gaming adventures. Prepping bait & line will be easy with a 12-in-1 multitool, 7" split ring pliers, stainless steel braid scissors and a 4" bait knife with plastic sheath. Keep your bait fish looking healthy with the 10 litre bucket & the 2 speed aerator (batteries not included). Landing fish will be no problem with the compact mini lip grip, hook remover and 5LED headlamp (batteries not included). Even gutting your catch is easy with the fish scaler, 6" fillet knife with plastic sheath, filleting glove, folding bait board and plastic knife sharpener. All while sipping your drink from your Pryml drink mug and cooler! What more could you need for a great day out?

Organised bait management with the 10 litre bucket, aerator, bait knife & bait board
Safely land & unhook your fish with the mini lip grip, pliers and hook remover
Prepare & clean your fish with 6 inch fillet knife, scaler & fillet glove
All the accessories that make fishing easy including 12 in 1 multi tool, knife sharpener,
Line scissors, headlamp, drink mug and cooler & Small tackle tray

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BCF - Boating, Camping, Fishing

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    it has been this price for the last probably 2 years?! always on sale for this price. bought mine for this price i think 6 months ago and everytime i go there it is still there.

    but it is really a good deal.

  • +1

    These are pretty much always this price, they always say they're on discount from $70, $80, $99 etc over the years. Dodgy marketing by BCF like a lot of their stuff. So hard to track when something is actually a decent price.

  • +1

    Regardless of price, i grabbed one for one of the neighbourhood kids who loves fishing.

    10% off via giftcard and 7% cashback through smartspending

    • -4

      Did you rock up in your van and call him over when you gave it to him?

      • Bruh

  • +1

    Bought one maybe 18 months ago for this price too, good value, one day in the next 20 years I’m going to need that head lamp for something … I just know it !!!!

    • +1

      The headlamp is pretty crap but overall the kit is great value. It's better than having nothing but I keep it as a backup

  • +1

    Good value. The only thing I'd upgrade is the scissors if using PE line as it's just so thin.

    The bucket alone would be worth $10 in this economy.

    • The bucket alone would be worth $10 in this economy.

      I'd imagine the tools are pretty crappy then. Unless BCF is giving things away.

      • +3

        using them for 6 months, not that crappy, a decent deal for the price.

      • I imagine the pliars will rust at the first scent of salt water along with the scissors - coat them with Inox mx3 continually!! They won't cut braid without fraying, even the BCF prymal ones won't cut braid along with Mustad ones. Finding GOOD scissors is hard! I use these:

        Dr slicks do good scissors or Shimano braid scissors ($40) some use nail clippers!
        It's definitely the most important tool in this bucket along with gloves:


        Filleting knives can be expensive!! Easily $70 each for good ones but a sharp knife is a safe knife.

        As for a tape measure just get a free fisheries sticker. The rest isn't needed in the bucket.

        • +1

          I suggest you grab one of these and try the items as I pretty much disagree with your whole statement except when it comes to salt water but that can be prevented. Pretty much everything in this kit can be upgraded but I wouldn't consider any of it crap from my personal experience with most of the stuff in this.

          I think I paid $39 for one like three years ago all the items look to be the same except it had a blue lid

        • for braid I use cheapy ebay pliers like these ones lol


          Never found actual braid scissors to work all that well, I've been through a few of these now and they cut through braid without issue time and time again.

          • @GUYANDSON: There is braid and then there is braid.. Pentagram, Gosen 8 ply, torzay etc. Generally braid which is rated in PE not Lbs. It's super thin but extremely strong!

            If using J-braid etc then anything will cut that. The thickness of J braid diameter in 6lb would be about an equivalent of 80lb in Gosen etc.

            The best scissors I own are the Shimano ones you can even take off 1mm segments cleanly.

            • @neofelis: well aware lol, I've got a mix of tasline elite and ygk super castman/jigman on my reels and those cheap pliers cuts through them just the same as the cheaper stuff.

  • just the aerator alone is 15 at kmart, and all the others things for 15 is a good deal. just bought one

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