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Culinary Co Cast Iron 4.7L Casserole Dish Black $25 (Members Price) + $7.99 Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store/ $100 Order) @ Spotlight


Available in three colours however I was looking specifically at black which has quite green for stock availability around me / in Victoria for click and collect. Free delivery on purchases over $100 so you would want to be buying other stuff if you want it delivered otherwise delivery will kill the deal.

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    2 for $30 with code GH6N7LLM (deal is marked expired, but code still works)

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      doesnt work brah

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        Worked for me. Need to be signed in for VIP offers.

        • Tried just now doesn't work, has run its course.

          BIRTHDAY10 Does still work in case anyone wants to know

          • @Jackson: Still working here.

            If you are copying/pasting the code from the comment above make sure it doesn't have a leading space.

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      Worked for me, Cheers

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      BTW you dont have to order 2 of these, you can add anything on top of this one to get order total to 50
      i added https://www.spotlightstores.com/kitchen/baking/baking-dishes… in matching colour

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      Thanks, works for me + delivery total to $37.99

    • Nice!

    • codes not working for me even though I am signed in. I get the message
      Promo code not applied — invalid code, conditions not met, or your existing price is already lower. Please note, promo codes are case sensitive.

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      Yes, confirmed code is still working. Ordered 2. Now I have to work it out who should get the second as a gift?
      Thanks OP

      • You don't need to order 2 lol. You can order anything else to make it reach minimum of $50 order.

  • Wonder what the koala tee is like?

    • Yea I'm always hesitant with spotlight deals like this

      • had bad experience?

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          $30 for Cassarole, 3 Baking Dishes in Matching colour and a set of 6 Hi-Ball Glasses, even for basic quality its a good deal

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          Had a baking dish which started to show signs of cracking after 2 uses. It wasn't expensive just made me hesitant to contribute to landfill regardless how cheap it is.

          • @Kaise: At the same this this could have been the case (although rare) with a brand new dish from a very reputable brand - so either you're onto something or you just got unlucky.

  • I got a couple of years ago when they had a similar deal - gifted one, kept the other and both work fine to this day.

    Great for slow cook curries etc.

    They were $10 each back then though or $22.99 delivered.

  • This vs aldi?

    • Yes, definitely

    • Probably from the same factory

  • Nice,.perfect timing, my wife just burned the bottom of our aldi cast iron to hell the other day and it had to go in the bin. I got one pot +baking dishes + hand towel + cookie shape cutters to make the $50, -20 coupon = $30 total C&C.

    Order confirmation received!
    Thanks OP!

    • Despite being a better cook, mine also suffers the same affliction of burning the crap out of pans at times, at least she usually takes care of the clean up. For this reason I am looking for something not enamelled on the inside, but there's no pictures of the inside if these so I cant tell. I have pans that aren't enamelled and they are fine so I don't see why I would have an issue with pots

      • Shouldn't use bare cast iron with acidic foods, like tomatoes.

        • Is it bare if you have been using it a long time and it has a nice patina?

    • Should have tried giving it a scrub with some barkeepers friend, usually does the trick for enamelled cast iron.

  • Thanks OP .. i bought some stuff !

  • is this dishwasher friendly? or doesnt really matter , at this print point ?

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      Ours always goes in - no issues after 2 years and probably 80+ washes.

      Always try to use softer utensils e.g. silicon or wood to protect the coating.

      For a pure cast iron pan like a Lodge etc use whatever you like but that's a different use case e.g. pan-searing at mega hot temps with steak, tuna with perhaps some avocado oil for a really high flashpoint. Never put those into a dishwasher, just clean under hot water and oil.

      I use this kind of thing for curries where you might create a curry base/gravy by lightly searing and then simmer for several hours adding whatever you want. Alternatively use as a slow cooker in the over set to 80C etc.

      Whatever, oven mitts are essential - these things transmit heat all over which is a good thing.

      • Thanks pal! cheers

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    use birthday10 code.. to get for 15$

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      Thanks mate. Just to add to this. The code needs to all be in uppercase

  • Great deal - I'm going to pick one up. Have been looking for a good deal for a first cast iron pot.

    Also noticed the Decor Cook Refillable Oil Sprayer is $7 which is a pretty good price too.

  • Will this fit in the baby q?

  • I find slow cooker / pressure cooker much more convenient with better control of temperatures and pressure over food and easier to clean for slow cooking casseroles stews etc.. These cast iron casserole pots take a traditional approach and involve more steps in cleaning and pre seasoning in baking high temp oil into the cast iron.. there is better uses with cast iron i.e. putting crusts on steaks where there's an actual big difference

    • If you're using a slow cooker/pressure cooker you can't sear in the pan before the braise or whatever so you're missing out on some flavour. Also these are enamelled cast iron so no seasoning.

    • This is a coated cast iron, it's enamelled inside and out (according to some of the other commenter). So no worries about seasoning. Personally I would rather and seasoned one, but this will do for some things.

      Edit: And yes should have read the other comment saying the same thing

  • None of the two codes shared by Ozbargainers work!

  • Why "withstands 230 degrees in oven"? I use mine weekly at 260 and haven't seen any problem yet.

    • +1

      Usually it's the seal around the knob on the lid.

      • I wonder if there's a problems using gasket sealer to fix that if it goes?

  • Does it work in induction cooktop?

    • It should do. I use cast iron pans on induction without issue.

    • Yes, induction works off iron, so this is actually one of the best materials to use on induction, being practically all iron

  • Thanks OP
    Worked for me, Cheers !

  • Anyone still manage to get any of the codes to work ?

    • +1

      Yes, BIRTHDAY10 worked for me to bring the price down to $15

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