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XFX Speedster Merc319 Radeon 6950 XT 16GB Graphics Card US$629.99 + US$23.83 Delivery + US$65.38 GST (~A$1097.06) @ Amazon US

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Just saw a cheap RX6950XT deal for those interested.
"No Import Fees Deposit & $36.49 Shipping to Australia Details"

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  • +6

    Idk why but I really love the look of the merc319 (have the 6900xt variant)

  • +12

    As mentioned in similar recent deals around this price, a bit of a tough sell against e.g., RTX 4070 Ti for an extra hundred-ish bucks: slightly better performance but much better power efficiency and extras (CUDA, AV1 NVENC, better RT, etc).

    • +6

      Hopefully some of us are happy to give Jensen the middle finger by now

      • +5

        Lol tbh he doesnt care consumer cards are not making the most money for him.

      • +21

        AMD being a paragon of pro-consumer behaviour and never ever doing anything bad or price gouging when they can.

        Just buy the better product (which at current prices is usually the 4070 Ti ~$1k AUD) without needlessly assigning loyalty to these companies that will never repay that loyalty back to you. Nvidia isn't your friend. AMD isn't your friend either.

        • +1

          Spot on mate

        • +1

          Wait where can i find a 4070ti for $1000? I'll buy one right now!

          • +1

            @CheapDateChamp: "~$1k" as in: "around the $1k price point". Wait a bit and there should be more stock for $1000-1100.

            • +1

              @MHLoppy: Ah i see. Well hopefully prime day gives out some good deals because im building my new rig soon.

        • Yep this is exactly right
          We all just need to act like informed consumers and get what is the right product that meets our needs for the lowest price possible.
          Wherever that lies. Brand loyalty only serves to raise prices and reduce healthy competition.

      • -1

        The fact you think the gaming market at all matters to nvidia,shows how little you know about PC hardware

        They have become a trillion dollar market cap almost solely on the back of their server grade components and deep learning products

        geforce division is 18 percent of nvidias revenue,they don't care if we don't buy the cards

        It's shit we are paying so much and greed,but when the NVIDIA product is franky slightly better than current AMD gpus,then they can charge what they want

        • +7

          They will only charge what fools will pay. Never lose sight of that. You simply can’t use ‘they will charge whatever they want’ to justify any price. They are only one half of the transaction, they need us to complete it.

          By the way, 18% of company revenue is huge, and not just in absolute dollar terms.

          If enough ppl step up Nvidia will listen.

          • +1

            @Lps: 100% agreed.
            As much as I understand nVidia makes a faster product, I voted with my wallet, went AMD for my video card.
            Hopefully it'll last another 3-4 years.
            I'm happy to not have the latest n greatest as long as the games run on medium settings, I'm good with it !
            Edit: bought a 6700XT. Cannot justify spending more than $500 on a video card, no matter what it does..

    • +5

      Bought 6700 xt instead of 3060ti due to extra vram. Was not disappointed. Same thing will apply to these two GPUs in future.

      Also you are better off buying 4060 12 GB instead of paying over $1000 for 12gb GPU in 2023.

      • +4

        12GB is fine for most usage and for most users who are just using GPUs for games https://www.techspot.com/article/2670-vram-use-games/

        Someone trying to eke out max performance for 4K shouldn't be buying a 4070 Ti, a 4060 (!), or a 6950 XT because none of these cards is well-suited for high performance 4K gaming.

        • Except 12gb is the new minimum for a lot of games at 1440p

          • @reactor-au: I look forward to seeing your well-sourced data supporting that theory, with a long list of games confirmed as genuinely using (and not simply allocating) 12GB of VRAM even at 1440p. Sharing it will help myself and others to make better purchasing decisions.

            • +1

              @MHLoppy: Its been covered plenty by hardware unboxed.


              • @reactor-au: Quoting from the written version of the first video: https://www.techspot.com/article/2661-vram-8gb-vs-16gb/

                After today's testing we believe this is definitive proof that 8GB of VRAM is no longer sufficient for high-end gaming. To be clear, we're not talking about a single outlier in The Last of Us Part 1, but there are a number of new AAA titles that will break 8GB graphics cards, and you can expect many more before year's end, and of course, into the future.

                we expect [a] 12GB buffer to age much better.

                So they think 8GB is no longer good enough for "high-end gaming" but 12GB should still be fine. They sign off by saying that future cards should start getting more VRAM. This is absolutely not the same as what you just claimed, and their data doesn't support your specific claim for current-gen cards and games.

                • +2

                  @MHLoppy: There are outliers like hogwarts legacy, so it seems absurd to spend $1000 on something with 12GB VRAM. But each to his own.

                  • -1

                    @reactor-au: Even with any outliers where hitting the VRAM limit bumps performance down, the average result still strongly favors the 4070 Ti strongly over the 6950 XT. If you'd prefer to spend extra money, power consumption, and heat to deal with unlikely edge cases, you're of course welcome to if doing so genuinely aligns with your personal preferences.

                    The Hogwarts data (even as an outlier!) also does not support an argument that the 4070 Ti is a worse buy than a 6950 XT. If you check the graphs in the 4060 Ti video / article, the 4070 Ti is close to 6950 XT performance at 1440p (both are 101FPS, but lows are 64 vs 73 in favor of the 6950 XT) - and Hogwarts is basically the worst case scenario for lower VRAM. It seems crazy to me that you want to have 5-10% better performance in ~1% of games at the cost of being 10-20% worse in ~99% of games.

                    I strongly stand by my prior statement, as supported by all data presented in the conversation: 12GB is fine for most usage and for most users who are just using GPUs for games. In a generation or two, sure, you probably want your new card $1k card to not still be 12GB, but at current pricing the 4070 Ti still the best choice for today, both for current and expected future titles.

                    (I can't believe you made me spend time defending the purchase of nvidia cards fml)

                    • -1

                      @MHLoppy: You should be ashamed haha

                      • @reactor-au: 12GB is good for max 1440p for another year or so. I have a 3080ti. But locking me out of the new features on the 4000 series mean it's that 4070 will age better even if my card is beating it now. 4070ti. Hats off to Nvidia. Kama sutra experts.

        • Just to clarify my point little further, I am not saying any of these current gen cards will have issues playing games at 1440p or even 4k for next 2-3 years. Hence I used the word 'future' in my previous post. Just hoping that by posting my past experience here, I might be able to stop someone spending over $1000 and replacing card in few years to play new games at that time at high settings.

          In my case bought 6700 xt at the end of 2021 which turned out to be better choice than 3060ti and should last few more years due to 12 GB vram.

    • -1

      EOFY as well,so likely to see that come down 50-100 for the sales too

  • +6

    Missing GST, correct delivered price is US$719.20 (~A$1067.97)

  • +4

    It may be a good price for the 6950XT, but it's so very close in price to either the 4070Ti or 7900XT I just don't see the merit in this last gen bohemoth. I'd happily pay ~$100-200 more, perhaps less on special for one of the current gen cards.

  • +2

    I am not seeing this as a bargain…
    7900xt and 4070Ti can be had for this very near to this price and are better performers.
    I might be cheap compared to other 6950's but I am thinking that makes it a bargain.

  • +2

    Any legit reasons picking this over a 7900XT?

    • +3

      None I can think of !
      I have no idea why this is getting upvoted as a bargain …
      I think mispriced last gen cards are kept on the market purely to make current gen look reasonable.
      They dont actually expect anyone to buy them.

  • +2

    technically a deal - but as ppl have said here I would go for the RX 7900 at this price.

  • Not sure if worth posting as a deal, but $1,082.40 at NewEgg

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